Republican Election Officials Being Accused of Election Fraud

Republican Election Officials Being Accused of Election Fraud May 13, 2022

Ever since Joe Biden won the presidential election in November, 2020, former President Donald Trump has been totally obsessed with his claim that the election was a fraud, that he really won, and so his reelection as president was stolen from him. But for every American who doesn’t live under a rock or in a cave somewhere, all of us voters who are not deceived by Trump’s lies KNOW that he is DEAD WRONG! Republicans even brought 60 lawsuits alleging election fraud, and all of them proved nil, zero, no fraud!

Now, certain Republicans who were election officials in various states are being accused of trying to manipulate the voting machines of those elections or falsely claiming that they were manipulated. So, rather than Trump being defrauded of reelection, it is turning out just the opposite–that some of his supporters who were election officials have been doing some perhaps illegal activity to change Biden votes to Trump votes via those election machines.

Furthermore, many of those election machines were produced by Dominion Voting Systems. It now has multi-billion dollar lawsuits against various Republican leaders who allegedly harmed Dominion’s commercial reputation with false slander.

A WAPO article today is entitled “Georgia county under scrutiny after claim of post-election breach.” When I first saw that title, I thought it was about the investigation by Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney Fanni Willis into President Donald Trump’s phone call to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to overturn the election results. But no, it’s about Coffee County elections supervisor Misty Hampton admitting to The Washington Post that “she opened her offices to a businessman active in the election-denier movement to help investigate results she did not trust in the weeks after President Donald Trump’s 2020 defeat.” She allowed Scott Hall, who has a jail bonds business, to inspect the county’s Dominion Voting Systems machines.

She’s not the only one. The article further states, “Suspected or attempted breaches have spurred law enforcement investigations in Colorado, Michigan and Ohio. One such case has already led to criminal charges. Tina Peters, an elections official in Mesa County, Colo., was indicted in March on charges stemming from her alleged efforts to secretly copy a Dominion Voting Systems server last year.”

The article continues, “Hampton told The Post she was unaware of guidance the Georgia secretary of state’s office had sent to county election administrators saying that voting equipment and software must not be released to the public absent a court order. And she questioned why access should be so restricted.

“‘I don’t see why anything that is dealing with elections is not open to the public,” Hampton said. ‘Why would you want to hide anything?'” Ah, lady, how about just protecting the results of the election. The article provides many other such improprieties having been carried out by election officials who believed Trump’s lie that the election was a fraud and thus his reelection was stolen from him.

In less than a month, televised hearings will begin, on June 9th, conducted by the special House committee investigation the Capitol riot on January 6, 2020, which President Trump incited with an 80-minute speech delivered that noon about a mile from the Capitol, telling attendees to march on the Capitol and “fight like hell” to “get your country back” by overturning the election results that all 535 members of Congress were gathered there to officially certify under the leadership of Vice President Mike Pence, whom Trump had called out to refuse to certify those results. These hearings will provide many witnesses and shocking information that could lead to a criminal indictment of Trump by the Department of Justice.

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