A puzzled life

A puzzled life December 27, 2014

Before me is a puzzle
of a sunset sliding
into the Okeefenokee.

Some parts of my picture have
seemingly assembled themselves
before I even touched the tabs.

Still others remain unfinished far too long
after a clumsy try here and an awkward attempt there
where I was sure the pieces fit together.

As my fingers gently turn
each piece over and around
searching for the sunlight
bouncing off the tip of the blue heron’s bill

hope flickers and fades
and flickers and fades again.

As I am about to push away from the table altogether
thinkin’ I’ll never find that piece

a hint of light catches my eye
and the piece I knew was existed,
but until this moment remained invisible,
slips neatly into place
snugly resting where it was created to be.


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