Between You and God: The Spinning Wheel of Death | A guest post by Cheryl A. Leanza

I am so grateful to Kimberly for offering a chance to guest blog here.  As I am sure many of you do, I admire Kimberly's writing so much -- she brings the real struggle that we all experience to life in her posts -- giving me energy to face my own struggles.  I work for the UCC's media justice ministry, and for me Kimberly's work is such a great example of how the online world is as much a real community as any community I have in person.  Today is a great day for me to post because this week is … [Read More...]


An open letter to Roy Moore: my rights unalienable

Dear Roy,I am grateful for the lawmakers in states around this beautiful and broken country who have the compassion and courage to lift up legislation that recognizes my LGBT sisters and brothers as full citizens in the land we share. I am prayerful that more states, like my own sweet Georgia will soon see the light of love filter in through the fragmented and cracked windows of justice. I am especially thankful for those men and women of faith who raise their voice every day, and hopefully t … [Read More...]


A Christian woman worthy of marriage?

So I've generally ignored the kerfuffle around a theologically, psychologically and sociologically ignorant little post called "10 Women Christian Men Should Not Marry" by Dr. Kim. Recently there have been some really good responses that finally got to me.I feel all the feels about this sharp response by the witty Catholic blogger Calah Alexander.Then there is this one by the incomparable Reba Riley who cogently and faithfully takes umbrage with each point. It is upon her suggestion to ad … [Read More...]


Equal rights for LGBT people are not last rites for Christians

This week I've seen three news pieces and read scads of comments regurgitating the crazy notion that granting equal rights to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people denies rights to Christians.Rep. Vito Barbieri (R-Dalton Gardens) said he was worried extending protections to the LGBT community would strip "people of faith" of their rights. "It's impossible to ignore that there are many whether in that community or otherwise that have an agenda in this proposed policy that is dangerous … [Read More...]


My homosexual agenda for 2015

Here we are nearly at the end of January and I am finally getting around to setting my lesbionic goals for the new year. What with trying to wreck all the marriages and destroy all the civilizations I've been a scosh busy. Now that I've caught my breath from all  my wanton debauchery I've had a chance to write down a few really gay things I plan to do this year. Content advisory: the word sex appears once. Oh wait, now twice. Does that make it NSFW? I will start each and every day wi … [Read More...]


Prayers from Matelot

On Sunday morning I woke at 6 a.m. to the distant but unmistakable sound of "Amazing Grace" off in the distance - in Matelot, Trinidad. I am traveling with a group of students who are on a Global Awareness trip to explore issues of gender and community development in Trinidad and Tobago. My job is to document the trip through photography and blogging to share with our wider college community.  How the hell did I get picked to live this amazing life?!?After our four … [Read More...]


Why this Christian will never celebrate gay celibacy

There is a poorly thought-out article in the Washington Post from December 2014 that, well this: "Celibate Christian LGBT people are stepping out into the open for the same reason LGBT people in general are: Society has become so much more accepting, including in religious circles. But among conservative Christians, efforts toward more acceptance have collided with the basic teaching that sex belongs only among married men and women. The celibacy movement helps reconcile those concerns."  No, n … [Read More...]


My top 5 posts of 2014

It's been a wild ride this year, y'all and I am thoroughly astonished and wildly grateful for each and every one of you who've hung in here with me. I have had the incredible opportunity to experience so much this year the good, the bad and the ugly. Most importantly I have had the painful pleasure of witnessing my crooked and ragged growth. Thanks be to God. My blogging has been all over the map (of my heart) and looking back I am proud of handful of posts and wince a little when re-reading … [Read More...]


When Tim asked “How the fuck did we get here?”

So a couple of weeks ago (yes, well over a month ago, geeze) I invited y'all to submit questions that I would do my dead-level best to answer. First, your questions are far better my responses, thank goodness we're all in this together. Second, there are no answers, only responses. I have this weird little hang-up about using the word "answer".  Response leaves the door open for dialogue where "answer" just sounds so definitive and final and really, who the hell am I to think I have a … [Read More...]


The drive

As I gingerly glide along the gentle curves that rise and fall beneath me, my fingers laced in and around the steering wheel,the rough-hewn country roads vibrate through my core and a vision of delicious perfection undulates palpably in my imagination.I'm slipping down the road driving faster and faster, listening to the road grind and moan as I press deeper and deeper south.What sweet relief it will be to delight in sliding my key in the lock, opening her w … [Read More...]