I am done mollycoddling the willfully ignorant

For as long as I’ve been writing this blog, I have been asked by readers, both supporters and detractors “why you gotta be so mean sometimes?”I hear regular challenges to my voice, from both sides of the aisle, that read a little something like “why can’t we Christians all just get along, you know, because Jesus??”Or better yet, the condescending scoldings..."if you had offered your critique of his antisemitic post in a kinder and gentler way, he might have been able to hear it."O … [Read More...]

Trump alone cannot overturn marriage equality, but that is not the point

Okay y'all, please listen to me.Yes, it is true that in order to overturn marriage equality, Scalia's seat needs to be filled with a conservative judge (which it will be) and another seat would likely need to be filled similarly and the SCOTUS would need to agree to hear a case.That is not entirely the point, so please do not tell me to "not worry" as I make wedding plans for March of 2017.Ask yourself this - how many Kim Davises are there out there who will be emboldened to break … [Read More...]

Nasty women in the bible, I love you

Here is a partial list of nasty women in the Bible. Please feel free to add the names and stories of other such nasty women of faith. Shiphrah and Puah Midwives committing acts of civil disobedienceDeborah Judge, warrior and prophet you predicted the defeat of the Canaanites - by one nasty as hell woman, Jael.Huldah Prophet comfortable speaking truth directly to the religious authorities of the day.Ruth Left her own people, lost everything, loyal even when … [Read More...]

I really don’t understand how anyone can see Trump as presidential

I am going to try and phrase this as respectfully and a sincerely as possible. Let's all take a deep breath, turn down the volume on our own fear, anger, frustration and snarkiness and try and figure something out here. I've been watching and listening very carefully to as much of this presidential race as I possibly can, as I imagine many of you have. What I keep asking myself and others is, how anyone can observe Donald Trump as he presents himself - his own words, tone, posture, … [Read More...]

A lesbian walks into a garage, oil and minds are changed

Friends, I would like to introduce you to my partner Betsy. She has a great story to share with us today and I am immensely grateful that she agreed to be a guest blogger on my crazy little blog. On my way home from school this afternoon I stopped to collect the tic-tac, our nickname for Kim’s little, white car. The secretary, a soft, smiling woman I see every 3,000 miles but whose name I've yet to learn, handed me the bill. "Your car’s ready.” I smile, "thanks, it’s actually my… … [Read More...]

If watching TV can turn your kids gay, why am I not straight?

The conversation went a little like this.Person Close to Me: “The way media popularizes being gay is disgusting! We just really want to protect our children from thinking that lifestyle is okay." Me: Blink, blink.   It has taken me more than a minute to even begin to understand how to respond, but I think I have it now. Unfortunately, Person Close to Me has not the ears to hear, so I guess I will share it with y’all here. Maybe you can share it with a Person Close to You who may need … [Read More...]

The beautiful and terrified heart of one lesbian’s mama

It’s been almost six years since mama died and it has taken me nearly twice that long to understand her beautiful, terrified heart. By all accounts, Beverly was a loving wife and mother. To my father she was devoted and true, to her daughters, a constant presence of self-sacrifice. Life with mama was golden... ...and rocky.For most of my childhood, mom stayed home and made sure we had the best of meals, the cleanest of clothes and every toy our hearts desired and daddy’s hard-earned pay … [Read More...]

Homosexual lifestyle engagement photos

B and I are getting hitched and we couldn't be more in love or excited about our dreamy future! Since engagement photos are all the rage (and we want to do this whole gettin' gay married thing right!) we just had to have our very own engagement photo shoot.Content warning: if seeing depictions of lesbians frolicking in their natural habitat and celebrating their intentions to destroy the sanctity of marriage offends you, look away now.   … [Read More...]

More Beautiful Than the Comments Section

A phenomenal post from a friend floated across my field of vision on Facebook and I just had to share it with y'all here.Karen is a minister and friend from back in the day at Kirkwood UCC in Atlanta. She happens to be a lesbian and damn fine theologian now living the life of a farmer with her partner, children, bunnies, goats and pigs in the beautiful state of Virginia. She has a word or two to say about some recent Rush Limbaugh shenanigans that I thought y'all might want to hear. … [Read More...]

How “Left Behind” prepares us for Trump’s America

For some time now, moderate and progressive Christians have been wondering aloud how evangelical Christians can support Donald Trump in all his obvious clash with Christian values - xenophobic, materialistic, fear-mongering bloviating. What's the question again caller? It recently occurred to me that NO greater clue exists for this apparent disconnect than a linchpin in the billion dollar industry that is evangelicalism - the Left Behind media empire.Let me back up, here are the Cliff’s N … [Read More...]