10 Ways MY religious freedom is under attack

My religious freedom to love my neighbor is under attack by your religious freedom to despise him.My religious freedom to welcome the stranger is under attack by your religious freedom to deny them.My religious freedom to alleviate suffering is under attack by your religious freedom to create it.My religious freedom to be led by a woman is under attack by your religious freedom to silence her.My religious freedom to protect creation is under attack by your religious freedom to … [Read More...]


“Christian right” – are you ready to put your money where your faith is?

On July 21, President Obama signed an executive order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees. The order amends existing non-discrimination executive orders to include sexual orientation and gender identity. The order contains no additional religious exemptions beyond those already contained in existing executive orders.And of course the power brokers of the Christian right, represented and whipped into a frenzy by the Fox (NOT)News goobers are hollering, … [Read More...]

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Expelled for getting married?

Christian Minard says she received a letter from Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, Okla., notifying her of her expulsion after marrying her partner, Kadyn Parks, in Albuquerque, N.M., earlier this year.The school, which is affiliated with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, forbids “homosexual behavior” as part of its covenant, which Minard signed. Other offenses listed in the school’s code include harassment, sexual misconduct, and use of alcohol, tobacco and porno … [Read More...]


A few words for my critics

Wow y'all, I am just stunned by the great fortune of having my last post picked up and run over here on  I am immensely grateful for the opportunity for my voice, as unwieldily as it tis at times, to reach more people than ever before!But with bright light there must also be a few shadows so I wanted to take a moment to share a few words with those who have critical of my "harsh tone" in my most recent post.1. I invite you to read more than a single post of mine and try to get t … [Read More...]


5 things you REALLY mean when you say “I don’t approve of your homosexual lifestyle”

The phrase "homosexual lifestyle" gets thrown around a lot by conservatives when jockeying for political power or popularity points. Sadly it seems it gets used even more so by otherwise nice enough people when they want to claim how much they love gay people, they  just "don't approve of their lifestyle."UGH!Please, God, please - know that when you word vomit this phrase, you are painting with a wide brush that does not depict the picture you think it does. Frankly, honey, you sound … [Read More...]


Fundies just love the gays to death

Matthew Paul Turner wrote this kick-ass post rounding up all the shards from the evanglisphere that have pierced my heart these past two weeks. Earlier this week I sat my fanny down to try to pull all these hateful shenanigans together into a single post of my own but it was far too painful to keep reading over all the vitriol so I took the easy way out and posted a thin, snarky (but true) piece about the damn Duck "Bible".After sharing a list of the heart-breaking cray-cray that he … [Read More...]


Ducked-Up Bibles and Blood Money

This post really just wrote itself, y'all. All I had to do was just sit still for a while, try to keep my head from exploding, heart from breaking and pull together some rancid nuggets from the interwebs.We've learned recently that Thomas Nelson publishers are planning to release a Duck Dynasty branded Bible in late October.  This "Word of God" will include 52 Bible-reading plans from Phil and Al Robertson of the wildly popular show Duck Dynasty (though rumors have it that ratings are … [Read More...]

First Gay Wedding Show In Paris

Gay marriage causes harm…how?

I heard today that Florida  is up to her tricks again and just can't quite figure out how to looking intelligent, sane or compassionate in the 21st century (bless her heart). TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - The attorney general of Florida says in court documents that recognizing same sex marriages performed in other states would "impose significant public harm."Eight gay couples and the American Civil Liberties Union have sued the state in federal court. The lawsuit argues Florida is … [Read More...]


That Holy Spirit, She so Cray-Cray

Once upon a time in Las Vegas I learned the hard way that roller coasters are just not for me anymore.  There was a time in my youth when I was thrilled by careening around crazy curves, screaming down insanely steep hills and hurtling through maniacal loops.  But just over 10 years ago, much to little Z's dismay we both learned that mamma's tummy just ain't up to those shenanigans anymore.But as it turns out, life is full of terrifying roller coasters and from out here on this hair pin turn … [Read More...]

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Forge meaning and build identity

The season of LGBT Pride is just around the corner and today I watched a TED Talk by Andrew Solomon that I just had to share with you here. The entire talk is deeply inspiring and I have included a portion of the transcript here that resonated deeply with me."We don't seek the painful experiences that hew our identities, but we seek our identities in the wake of painful experiences."  "I would have had an easier life if I were straight, but I would not be me, and I now like bein … [Read More...]