Ask a Jesus-loving lesbian blogger

Hi there friends, I am writing today to admit I have hit a bit of a creative frustration wall in my blogging life.I am overwhelmed with both the good news of more and more states striking down bans on same-sex marriage (way to go South Carolina and Montana!) and mortally stupefying news such as: Baby-Swaggart Asshat's claim that are of the same heart as ISIS..."the only difference between them and ISIS, those thugs in Iraq, is those here cannot chop our heads off. That's the … [Read More...]


A word or three about commenting on my big ole lesbian blog

Apparently very few people bother to click the cute little tab up there called Comment Covenant so it is time to share it right out loud as a blog post. The following description of how I pray discourse unfolds on my blog is drawn from Parker Palmer’s Book Healing the Heart of Democracy.  I invite you into conversation that draws upon these instincts and capacities.  If your comments routinely disregard these tenets and blatantly use such language as to cause pain in others then I will ask you t … [Read More...]


Faithful Internet: a Net Neutrality webinar Nov. 24, 2014

Today, the Internet is a place where all Americans have an equal voice—no matter the color of our skin, size of our wallets, or content of our beliefs. Right now, a proposal in Washington would end the Internet as we know it. It will create fast lanes for those who pay—and slow lanes for the rest of us. We will no longer have an equal chance to express ourselves, connect with one another, and stand against injustice as our faiths teach us. The basic operations of our faith institutions will also … [Read More...]


God is not your cosmic vending machine

I have seen an inordinate amount of holier-than-thou hijinks in my social media feed lately and really needed to revisit some theological touch points that keep me walking on the weird and wonderful Way.Stomach turning shenanigans like "just pray, pray real hard and trust that God will save you from the sin of  homosexuality" or "No matter who wins in 2015 U.S. Election, Lord Jesus is still in charge and in control of the Universe!" are not related, what-so-ever, to the theology of God reveal … [Read More...]


The Jesus you conjure when you say “love the sinner, hate the sin”

  … [Read More...]


The church is killing her gay children

It happens every day, "good Christians" pierce the hearts, minds and souls of the children who they promised at birth and baptism to love as Christ has first loved us. Churches willfully slaughter their own when they choose to read the bible through the eyes of self-righteous, deadly legalism rather than radical, live-giving love. Jesus had a great deal to say about that until the legalistic religious authorities, in collusion with the state, hung him on a cross.  It it my ardent and earnest pra … [Read More...]


There is a Third Way but it’s not what you think – Jesus’ third way for gays

Christians of every ilk seem to have something to say about the mythical "Third Way" for faithful folks to remain in covenantal community even as the body of Christ deeply disagrees about same-sex marriage. On one side you have good and faithful folks like Ken Wilson (the Senior Pastor at the evangelical Vineyard Church in Ann Arbor, MI)  and Pastor Danny Cortez (pastor of a small Southern Baptist Church in La Mirada, CA) who are calling us to stay in community and work to find unity in diver … [Read More...]


Good God, Gay is Good

This one is rolled especially for my LGBT sisters an brothers. Allies, sing along if you know the tune.God is good. All the time. God is good.I write a lot of soap-box diatribes. Don't get me wrong, they are good and necessary in the face of the deadly, blasphemous vitriol that jams the airwaves with the lie that being queer is an abomination. But right now I want y'all to put down all that thinkin'. I want y'all to lay down all that pain. I want y'all to read these words then turn up … [Read More...]


I’m not your rainbow doormat

For as long as I've been tending the weedy garden of this blog I have been asked by theological horticulturalists, from hobbyist to professional, "why you gotta be so mean?"Ok, maybe not exactly like that but I definitely hear regular challenges to my voice, from both sides of the aisle, that read a little something like "why can't we Christians all just get along, you know, because Jesus??"So I thought it might be a good idea to create this little posty-wosty that I can refer to every … [Read More...]


Baptist theology is so queer, y’all.

I was just 13 when I stepped out of my ratty flip flops and down into the baptismal pool at Confederate Avenue Baptist Church in downtown Atlanta. As I waded over to Pastor R, the white robe covering my one-piece swim suit floated up around my knobby knees. There was a coarse cinder block in the bottom of the painted pool for the young'uns to stand on so the faithful could clearly see our pimply faces from the burgundy carpeted sanctuary. I stepped up on the block in all my gangly glory and e … [Read More...]