A Recipe for Spiritual But Not Religious

This evening I am introducing a new series - my contribution to the "Meet the Nones" meme out there .  I have been mulling over (uh, stewing furtively about) an in-depth response to a particular author/pastor from within my own tradition for quite a while.  Back in 2011 Lillian Daniel posted  "Spiritual but Not Religious? Please Stop Boring Me" on Huffington Post and I was shocked, dismayed and saddened by how utterly un-pastoral and alienating this post was. Rather than demonstrating a s … [Read More...]


An unhinged heart in an f’d up world

Some of y'all know that I lead a weekly, online spiritual practice as the Minister of Digital Community with Extravagance UCC.  A couple of you even know that I've been leading online worship in one form or another for about 8 years now.Often, as we settle in for our time of worship, I will lift up the same prayer.Gracious and loving God, oil the hinges of our hearts' doors that they may swing gently and widely to welcome you.Apparently God was a little heavy handed with the dam … [Read More...]


Mamma, why you gotta be so gay on Facebook?

We had just lit a candle, said a blessing and were passing around the broken bread for all at the table to share when we began talking about our respective days. The kids had been about the business of getting the most out of the last days of their summer vacation (we go back to school sinfully early in Georgia) and I had been engaged in the regular ins and outs of working for the college I love, writing for the blog I adore, posting on Facebook frequently (the kids say obsessively) everything … [Read More...]


Bible Character Bingo!

So one of those inane "which type of underwear are you?" quizzes floated across my radar the other day and finally caught my attention. Although I've passed up the scintillating "Which Disney Prince Would Be Your One True Love?" and the self abusive "Which Wedding Dress Style is Right for You", I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to find out Which Bible Character I Am. After taking the 8-question quiz from folks at QuizSocial it was determined that I am Jonah.  Along with the name I was … [Read More...]


10 Ways MY religious freedom is under attack

My religious freedom to love my neighbor is under attack by your religious freedom to despise him.My religious freedom to welcome the stranger is under attack by your religious freedom to deny them.My religious freedom to alleviate suffering is under attack by your religious freedom to create it.My religious freedom to be led by a woman is under attack by your religious freedom to silence her.My religious freedom to protect creation is under attack by your religious freedom to … [Read More...]


“Christian right” – are you ready to put your money where your faith is?

On July 21, President Obama signed an executive order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees. The order amends existing non-discrimination executive orders to include sexual orientation and gender identity. The order contains no additional religious exemptions beyond those already contained in existing executive orders.And of course the power brokers of the Christian right, represented and whipped into a frenzy by the Fox (NOT)News goobers are hollering, … [Read More...]

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Expelled for getting married?

Christian Minard says she received a letter from Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, Okla., notifying her of her expulsion after marrying her partner, Kadyn Parks, in Albuquerque, N.M., earlier this year.The school, which is affiliated with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, forbids “homosexual behavior” as part of its covenant, which Minard signed. Other offenses listed in the school’s code include harassment, sexual misconduct, and use of alcohol, tobacco and porno … [Read More...]


A few words for my critics

Wow y'all, I am just stunned by the great fortune of having my last post picked up and run over here on  I am immensely grateful for the opportunity for my voice, as unwieldily as it tis at times, to reach more people than ever before!But with bright light there must also be a few shadows so I wanted to take a moment to share a few words with those who have critical of my "harsh tone" in my most recent post.1. I invite you to read more than a single post of mine and try to get t … [Read More...]


5 things you REALLY mean when you say “I don’t approve of your homosexual lifestyle”

The phrase "homosexual lifestyle" gets thrown around a lot by conservatives when jockeying for political power or popularity points. Sadly it seems it gets used even more so by otherwise nice enough people when they want to claim how much they love gay people, they  just "don't approve of their lifestyle."UGH!Please, God, please - know that when you word vomit this phrase, you are painting with a wide brush that does not depict the picture you think it does. Frankly, honey, you sound … [Read More...]


Fundies just love the gays to death

Matthew Paul Turner wrote this kick-ass post rounding up all the shards from the evanglisphere that have pierced my heart these past two weeks. Earlier this week I sat my fanny down to try to pull all these hateful shenanigans together into a single post of my own but it was far too painful to keep reading over all the vitriol so I took the easy way out and posted a thin, snarky (but true) piece about the damn Duck "Bible".After sharing a list of the heart-breaking cray-cray that he … [Read More...]