When Tim asked “How the fuck did we get here?”

So a couple of weeks ago (yes, well over a month ago, geeze) I invited y'all to submit questions that I would do my dead-level best to answer. First, your questions are far better my responses, thank goodness we're all in this together. Second, there are no answers, only responses. I have this weird little hang-up about using the word "answer".  Response leaves the door open for dialogue where "answer" just sounds so definitive and final and really, who the hell am I to think I have a … [Read More...]


The drive

As I gingerly glide along the gentle curves that rise and fall beneath me, my fingers laced in and around the steering wheel,the rough-hewn country roads vibrate through my core and a vision of delicious perfection undulates palpably in my imagination.I'm slipping down the road driving faster and faster, listening to the road grind and moan as I press deeper and deeper south.What sweet relief it will be to delight in sliding my key in the lock, opening her w … [Read More...]


A puzzled life

Before me is a puzzle of a sunset sliding into the Okeefenokee.Some parts of my picture have seemingly assembled themselves before I even touched the tabs.Still others remain unfinished far too long after a clumsy try here and an awkward attempt there where I was sure the pieces fit together.As my fingers gently turn each piece over and around searching for the sunlight bouncing off the tip of the blue heron's billhope flickers and fades and flickers and fades ag … [Read More...]


Merry Christmas Eve from Kimberly’s homosexual lifestyle!

Merry Christmas Eve from Kimberly's homosexual lifestyle! I've awoken unduly excited that it's Christmas Eve considering: Thing 1 is out of town (having an AMAZING trip - thank you Kari) I will get to see Thing 2 for only a couple of hours (every moment is awesome) My home is quiet (but all spiffed up for Christmas) I have a boring old cold (I'm not dead yet!) It is gray and rainy (but toasty warm inside) I miss my mamma, daddy (and a host of people no longer in my … [Read More...]


When the happiest time of year is not that damn happy.

As some of you know I have the honor of facilitating an online community of spiritual practice and fellowship. I know it seems like just a silly, online gimmick but I have come to know this time and "place" as quite real and deeply moving. Friends, it seems that we are indeed in a dark valley. We gather tonight not to pretend the darkness is not real but to acknowledge the depth of our struggle and to hope in community for the coming light. If you are feeling lonely, lost, hopeless or hurting, … [Read More...]



Tonight we light the third candle representing joy. And so I pause. One year ago today I awoke for the first time in my life under a roof that I put over my own head. Joy, oh joy seemed so reluctant, resentful and recalcitrant but I knew, we both knew, that it was no longer to be found in one another. To find my own I had to release her to find hers, and she to mine. This awakening to joy continues a year later as I put one foot in front of the other - weeping with those in anguish, rejoicing … [Read More...]

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Patron of Defense Against the Dark Arts?

Blogging at Patheos for nearly two years has been an amazing, life changing experience. I am so grateful to have the privilege of lifting up a voice of progressive faith against the dark arts of willful ignorance, dangerous vitriol and general asshattery of those who teach the faithless lie that LGBT people are not of sacred worth. I really don't know any other way to be in the world than to share the amazing, extravagant, radical truth that nothing, nothing, nothing can separate us from the … [Read More...]


All he wants for Christmas is a hippo…no wait, dead “homos”

There is a rabid flurry of posts, tweets and shares about a man who happens to have charge of a small congregation in Arizona who said in a video-taped tirade in front of a small room of people, "Because if you executed the homos like God recommends, you wouldn’t have all this AIDS running rampant.”I have felt all the feels about his words and the incessant posts about Steven Anderson's hate speech. To even write his name is incredibly grave for me because to do so I fear I am contributing to … [Read More...]


Ask a Jesus-loving lesbian blogger

Hi there friends, I am writing today to admit I have hit a bit of a creative frustration wall in my blogging life.I am overwhelmed with both the good news of more and more states striking down bans on same-sex marriage (way to go South Carolina and Montana!) and mortally stupefying news such as: Baby-Swaggart Asshat's claim that are of the same heart as ISIS..."the only difference between them and ISIS, those thugs in Iraq, is those here cannot chop our heads off. That's the … [Read More...]


A word or three about commenting on my big ole lesbian blog

Apparently very few people bother to click the cute little tab up there called Comment Covenant so it is time to share it right out loud as a blog post. The following description of how I pray discourse unfolds on my blog is drawn from Parker Palmer’s Book Healing the Heart of Democracy.  I invite you into conversation that draws upon these instincts and capacities.  If your comments routinely disregard these tenets and blatantly use such language as to cause pain in others then I will ask you t … [Read More...]