There is a Third Way but it’s not what you think – Jesus’ third way for gays

Christians of every ilk seem to have something to say about the mythical "Third Way" for faithful folks to remain in covenantal community even as the body of Christ deeply disagrees about same-sex marriage. On one side you have good and faithful folks like Ken Wilson (the Senior Pastor at the evangelical Vineyard Church in Ann Arbor, MI)  and Pastor Danny Cortez (pastor of a small Southern Baptist Church in La Mirada, CA) who are calling us to stay in community and work to find unity in diver … [Read More...]


Good God, Gay is Good

This one is rolled especially for my LGBT sisters an brothers. Allies, sing along if you know the tune.God is good. All the time. God is good.I write a lot of soap-box diatribes. Don't get me wrong, they are good and necessary in the face of the deadly, blasphemous vitriol that jams the airwaves with the lie that being queer is an abomination. But right now I want y'all to put down all that thinkin'. I want y'all to lay down all that pain. I want y'all to read these words then turn up … [Read More...]


I’m not your rainbow doormat

For as long as I've been tending the weedy garden of this blog I have been asked by theological horticulturalists, from hobbyist to professional, "why you gotta be so mean?"Ok, maybe not exactly like that but I definitely hear regular challenges to my voice, from both sides of the aisle, that read a little something like "why can't we Christians all just get along, you know, because Jesus??"So I thought it might be a good idea to create this little posty-wosty that I can refer to every … [Read More...]


Baptist theology is so queer, y’all.

I was just 13 when I stepped out of my ratty flip flops and down into the baptismal pool at Confederate Avenue Baptist Church in downtown Atlanta. As I waded over to Pastor R, the white robe covering my one-piece swim suit floated up around my knobby knees. There was a coarse cinder block in the bottom of the painted pool for the young'uns to stand on so the faithful could clearly see our pimply faces from the burgundy carpeted sanctuary. I stepped up on the block in all my gangly glory and e … [Read More...]

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Troll by Shane Koyczan

If you have ever been bullied, turn down the volume of the soundtrack of internalized self-loathing, and listen instead to the Song of compassion and love that seeks you, ceaselessly.If you have ever been a bully, turn down the volume of the soundtrack of externalized self-loathing, and listen the Song of compassion and love that seeks us all, ceaselessly.If you have ever witnessed bullying and done nothing, turn up the volume of the soundtrack of compassion and love, and act - cease … [Read More...]


Until We Could by Richard Blanco

The next two weeks my mind will be awash in all things Pride as we prepare to do down south what folks around the country did back in June.Claim how far we come. Create opportunities for more people to know they are beautiful and beloved. Celebrate who we are.On Sunday, October 5 I have the honor of speaking at Tennessee Valley Pride in Chattanooga. The following weekend is the 44th Atlanta Pride Festival, the largest Pride event in the southeast and the largest event in the country to co … [Read More...]


Christian, Post-Christian – A book I think you’ll like

Sometime this past April I told you that I can no longer comfortably call myself a Christian. "...I am tired. I am tired of begging for scraps from the table. I am tired of begging to borrow an ounce of grace from the money changers in the temple.  I am tired of being a pawn in the Christian culture wars. I believe in grace and I have faith in the Incarnation but I need to step away from the riot gear clad protectors of the faith who are pretending to be mediators of truth.  It is time. … [Read More...]


The blasphemy of a homophobic Jesus

Well my goodness, it would seem that yet another "pastor" in yet another "Christian" church has found his 15 minutes of fame on the interwebs by intentionally whipping up theologically inaccurate, fear based, power hungry homophobia. Get a load of this little diddy as reported by Raw Story A pastor of a large Southern Baptist church near Chattanooga, Tennessee said this week that Christians would never repent for discriminating against gay people like they had for racism because … [Read More...]


My life is not a rumspringa for your heterosexual lifestyle

Ugh, dating is weird.Sharing it with y'all is even weirder, I know. But if Anne Lamott can blog about her year on then I suppose it's fair game for any goober running her mouth out here to explore some of the funkier parts of this stage of life. That and I imagine, in my ridiculously idealistic head, that in our kinship we have something to learn from the foibles of our freakier friends and family. (<---me)In the nine months since the collapse of my marriage I've had the o … [Read More...]


10 things NOT on my homosexual agenda

There are many things on my big ole queer agenda this week, things like -  waking up at stupid o'clock every day, reading in the wee small hours, writing until time to get ready for work, working at a job I love, helping kids with homework, walking my dog, folding laundry, washing dishes, making mistakes, saying sorry when I screw up, praying, going to church, maybe drink a couple ice coffees and grab a dinner with friends.  But just to be clear, there are a few things NOT on my homosexual a … [Read More...]