KP Yohannan: Allow God to Do His Work in You

KP Yohannan: Allow God to Do His Work in You May 29, 2024

WILLS POINT, TX — Amid the sorrow of millions of believers around the world after it was announced that K.P. Yohannan departed in the presence of God, we wanted to repost these thoughts from our founder, originally written in 2022 in response to a news media filled with heartbreak and uncertainty. Our prayer remains that his legacy will continue to inspire the Church to continue on according to the Great Commission we have received, being faithful to bring the Gospel to our generation, just as Metropolitan K.P. continuously urged.


One of the struggles we sometimes face as followers of Christ is seeing where we want to be in our walk with God in contrast with where we currently find ourselves.

When we look back over this year, this month or even just today, we often have regrets. We resolve to do better in the future, yet we can quickly find ourselves right back where we started.

CS of wheat on stalk.There are all kinds of reminders around us to tell us of our fallen nature and the spiritual maturity we have not yet attained. The Enemy is an accuser of the brethren, and he actively takes every opportunity he can to accuse us (see Revelation 12:10). His accusations leave us despairing and hopeless. Sometimes we just don’t want to try anymore, and we are ready to give up.

If we turn to Christ in those times instead of lingering on the Enemy’s words to us, we’ll hear another story. Christ causes us to look up and to stop thinking of ourselves. He draws us to repentance and encourages us to believe Him for a greater work through our lives. With Him, there is hope and a brighter tomorrow.

Let us also have patience—with ourselves as well as with others. God is much more concerned about our honesty before Him and our attitude of grace and mercy toward others than He is about us doing everything correctly.

So let us remember: It takes time for God to do His work. We do not have to lose heart because of any spiritual lack we discover in ourselves. Whatever happens, we can embrace the truth that God is sovereign and is faithful to complete what He started.

Commit your way to the LORD,” Psalm 37:5 encourages us. “Trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.” The Almighty God is at work in our lives. We can certainly trust Him for the journey He has set for us!

He is completing His work in you. Believe Him!

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