My wife and I missed church last Sunday! Our exceptional pastor was giving his third sermon in a special series about the Holy Spirit. But our middle of nine grandchildren was graduating from high school, and the Sunday-morning 11:00 high school ceremony made it impossible to be in both places at the same time. I remember back when the family questioned whether Elias, who is autistic, would make it through high school. How proud of him we now were that… Read more

In the early years of my ministry, I spoke according to my own ability and cleverness. Though people were impressed, inside I was drying up. I struggled without any overcoming life in me. I carried a lot of information in my head, but I was like a chandelier with the switch turned off. It looks nice, the bulbs are brand-new, the electrical cord intact, but the power needed to light it is missing. One evening, before I was to speak… Read more

We all have expectations for ourselves. We all have ways we would like to be different. Perhaps we would like to be more patient or less prone to anger. When we do not measure up to the standards we have set for ourselves we become discouraged. But you have to realize that God is not discouraged with you. He never gives up on us. He never stops working with us. Balance is needed between knowing our sins and insufficiency and knowing… Read more

Vital to the servant of God’s life and ministry is self-discipline. No matter how able, educated or gifted a person is, he will never fulfill the call of God on his life, or reach your goal, without self-discipline. It is interesting that Paul addresses this issue of self-discipline early on in his last words to Timothy, reminding him that God has given us “a spirit of . . . self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7, NLT). He knew that in order to… Read more

The power of the Holy Spirit is one of those subjects that people in many parachurch or non-denominational organizations tend to avoid, often because of the extremism found in some sections of Christianity and their teaching on the Holy Spirit. Emotional upheaval and radical manifestations have caused many evangelicals to shy away from the balanced teaching of Scripture on this crucial subject. But we must never forget that even the Lord Jesus Christ—God in flesh and the perfect, sinless Savior—had… Read more

When you read about Paul, Peter, Philip and others in the book of Acts, you see how their lives were marked by passion. They were full of zeal, enthusiasm and excitement, red-hot in following the Lord. . . . I believe the Lord desires for us to be the same way today. Even Jesus . . . focused on what His Father required of Him. And so must we—but not at the expense of wisdom. As somebody once said, “We… Read more

King David prayed: “Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my anxieties; and see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting” (Psalm 139:23–24). When we think about everlasting life, our minds automatically fast forward to the day we die, enter heaven and live with the Lord forever. David’s request to “lead me in the way everlasting” does not speak about his future life in heaven but the… Read more

We are at a crossroads. The Lord has entrusted us with many souls who need to hear of His love. Let us then have ears to hear the plea of the Holy Spirit to live differently, keep eternity in mind, divorce ourselves from the world, guard what has been entrusted to us, work hard, teach others, endure hardship, stay pure, remain faithful and fulfill the ministry. In essence, we must be men and women of godly character, who, in the… Read more

In the four Gospels, Jesus talks about forsaking all, giving up everything, not laying up treasures on earth and being willing to walk away from even your own life. First Corinthians 13:3 says, “And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing.” Unless the motivation behind the sacrifices we make is love—unselfish and genuinely motivated by God and His grace—our sacrifice… Read more

By Dr. KP Yohannan, Founder and Director, Gospel for Asia One person. It only takes one person to rout the spiritual forces of darkness and establish a testimony for the glory of God. History bears witness to this truth as it reminds us of individuals—Saint Benedict, Adoniram Judson, Pandita Ramabai, Sadhu Sundar Singh, Moses, Elijah. The list could go on and on. In every generation, there are the individuals who chose to: Rise above the easy norm  Set their face… Read more

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