January 4, 2019

There is a distinct call into full-time ministry. All throughout the Bible, we see those who were called by God for specific purposes. In Exodus 3–4:17, we see how Moses did not appoint himself to lead the children of Israel; the Lord called him. The prophet Amos is another example. He was just a simple farmer, with no one in his family ever having served the Lord. When those God sent him questioned what he was doing, he defended himself,… Read more

January 2, 2019

Many people who have been serving with a ministry since its inception can recall the vibrancy and passion they and their fellow workers once had to bring God’s love to the world; they remember the group’s enthusiasm to serve one another, the love and family atmosphere they enjoyed, and the unity they experienced. But all those blessings now seem to be just a memory. If that describes us, how can we come back to the place of revival that once… Read more

December 31, 2018

by Gisela Yohannan I would like to share with you a few thoughts about the coming of our Savior. Perhaps you may want to reflect on it during your personal time with the Lord. Ever since the fall of man, people have waited and longed for the coming of the promised Savior. Separated from the living God, mankind was ravaged by the devil and the consequences of sin. Sickness, suffering, destruction and death had replaced the peace, joy and fellowship… Read more

December 24, 2018

By Gisela Yohannan Before I started writing this letter to you, I opened my Bible and read the Christmas story in Luke 2 . . . Each time we celebrate the birth of Jesus our Savior, we are reminded afresh of the amazing love God has for this world and for each one of us. I would like to encourage you to take time this Christmas to learn more about God’s love, which is the very reason for our salvation…. Read more

December 21, 2018

By Gisela Yohannan I am excited about the month of December. First of all, it’s Christmas—and I love to celebrate the birth of Jesus together with our family and God’s people around the world. . . . Because it will be Christmas soon, I want to share with you a little about the gift of God we have received in Jesus. His name is wonderful. Just before I sat down to write this letter, I listened to a beautiful Gospel… Read more

December 20, 2018

I will never forget one dear retired widow’s sacrifice whom I met on a speaking tour. Excited about how much she still could do even though she wasn’t working, she pledged to help sponsor a missionary out of her tiny Social Security check. After six months I received a very sad letter from her. “K.P.,” she wrote, “I am so privileged to be supporting a missionary. I’m living all alone now on only a fixed income. I know when I… Read more

December 18, 2018

Imagine the implications of being involved in bringing the love of God to those who have never known it, and of getting your church and family to join with you too.Picture this very possible scene. You finish your life on this earth. You arrive in heaven. There, enthroned in all His glory, is our Lord Jesus Christ. The other saints and martyrs you have read about are there: Abraham, Moses, Peter and Paul, plus great leaders from more recent times…. Read more

December 14, 2018

Many of our brothers and sisters serving the Lord in Asia pay a very high price to serve Him. After attending Bible college, one brother named Dayal had prayed about where the Lord was calling him to serve. When his leader suggested one particular region, he was dismayed, but he agreed to pray about it. Soon, he had confirmation that this was God’s choice for him. He did not have to cross any national borders to get to this new… Read more

December 12, 2018

What do we do when our life and ministry are in need of revival? How do we recover God’s original plan for us? What must we do?Karl Marx once said, “Philosophers have only interpreted the world differently. The point is to change it.” So, how do I effect change in the people I lead and serve with? It has to do with a deliberate decision on my part, as an individual, to change. Thinking about change only produces new philosophies,… Read more

December 6, 2018

When we look back at the history of many Christian organizations, we often find that they began with great dreams and ambitions. But as they grew older, they stagnated in the rules and regulations that were meant to help them move forward. That is why I believe it is good for us to continually look to the Scriptures. From Scripture we can see how God called people and empowered them, how they succeeded, how they failed and how they returned… Read more

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