Seven Simple Acts that will Reignite Romance and Passion in Your Relationship

Seven Simple Acts that will Reignite Romance and Passion in Your Relationship February 10, 2016

From time to time the home-fires cool. Here are some sure-fire ways to raise the temperature in your temple of love.

We all love to loved. We love to be appreciated, showered in praise, listened to, noticed. We love being recognized and worshiped in little and big ways, quiet and out-loud. Here are some simple acts that will fill your beloved with sweet desire and deep gratitude. Valentine’s Day or any day, integrate these ideas into the flow of daily life, and watch the love, passion, and pleasure shared by you and your beloved grow stronger, more vibrant, more joyful, and more integrated.

hands group baking together1. Slow Down

Take time to notice the little things that your love does every day. The things you love. Bring a rosy blush to their cheeks. Make them grin over an everyday job well-done. Noticing the little things in life with gratitude and devotion will lead to a big sense of acknowledgement, respect, love and joy.

2. Be Present

Listen deeply. Look intently. Touch intimately. These moments of full presence make up for the hours of busy-with-life that happen in the flow of the day.

3. Touch More

There’s always time for a deep kiss and a full hug on the way out the door, or even passing one another in the kitchen. If there not enough time for touch, it’s for sure time to examine your priorities.

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4. Write Love Notes

Write love notes and leave them everywhere. Stick them in purses, eyeglass cases, briefcases. Put them under or on pillows, in pockets, post them on your love’s profile page!

5. Leave Trinkets and Tokens

Like love notes, everywhere is the right place to put trinkets and little gifts. Whether a deeply significant momento, a gift that reminds you of your beloved, or your love’s favorite treat, a little gesture goes a long way.

maxresdefault6. Tell Your Your Love What You Love

Tell them you love it when they hold your hand. Tell them you love it when they kiss you on a street corner. Tell them you love it when they wear that. Tell them you love it “…right…THE

RE!” Tell them you love it when they touch you “just…like…that!”

7. If You Practice Sex Magick or Sacred Sex, Make The Time to Practice it Together

Come to the temple. With consciousness and intent witness and honor one another as consort, priest/ess, divine incarnate. Dedicate your touch, love, pleasure, and ecstasy to The Beloved, and to your love. Worship in this way is both an invocation of greater love, and the practice of it.

These little steps will bring you home to the heart of your deep and abiding commitment to one another, and center the joy of connection. Blessed be your love.

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