Happy My Birthday to YOU – Want to Win This Book?

Happy My Birthday to YOU – Want to Win This Book? May 23, 2016
This is the actual copy of the book that you may win!

As is my personal tradition, for my birthday I will be GIVING a gift (or more than one maybe) in celebration of the abundance in my life. This year I will be choosing someone at random from my electronic mailing list to WIN A COPY OF JAILBREAKING THE GODDESS!

Happy my birthday to YOU!

I will personalize the book for the winner and everything! And they will likely be the first person aside from me and the publishers to have a copy in hand, as I will send it out priority mail ASAP and you may have the copy in hand by Friday, or maybe even sooner.

It’s so easy: Sign up for my newsletter mailing list to qualify for the drawing! In addition to a chance to win this book, you will have chances to win other gifts now and in the future, and you will get quality content from me. Thank you for reading!


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