Fight Sexism: Get Out the Vote

Fight Sexism: Get Out the Vote November 7, 2016

IMG_2954Eight years ago I spent days on the phone with GOTV projects for Barack. Four years ago I did it too. I haven’t done that for Hill. And I’m not even sure why. I mean, I’m busy, but that is not an adequate excuse. We make time for important things.

I am honestly excited about having a women POTUS. VERY. It’s been a long time coming. And she is, all faults accounted for, the most qualified for the job. The job of POTUS – which is an imperialist, colonialist position.

My own sexist attitudes that hold women to a higher level of perfection than men may be to blame. In my heart of hearts, I believe we are collectively – and personally – holding Rodham Clinton to a purity expectation that we never have – and likely never will – held a male candidate to.

When Rodham Clinton wins I will cry tears of victory, just like I did when Obama won. Electing the first woman president of the US is a victory, after all. An uneven, imperfect one. A victory, as has been point out by friends who are Women of Color, that is first and foremost for white women.

But, if we’re being honest, almost all truly are imperfect victories.

So I will cry and celebrate. And then get to work on holding her accountable.

May our internalized sexism make us better, more engaged citizens. And may her ways, and the ways of women (and I do not mean that in any essentialist sense – I believe the ways of women are probably inculcated – that said, they have differences from the ways of men), make our input more welcome than it has been before. May her listening and her orientation toward positive collaboration and integration of feedback be a hallmark of her presidency.

Now, I gotta get some work done, and then volunteer to GOTV.

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