Abraham Myth Revisited

Abraham Myth Revisited July 14, 2015

It took a parody.

I devoted a section of a chapter in Deep Exegesis to Peter Enns’s work, I’ve critiqued him on my blog here and here and here, as well as the similar work of John Walton, here and here. To my knowledge, neither Enns nor Walton took note. Enns did, however, answer my parody article, “The Abraham Myth” on his own blog at Patheos.

It’s good to be noticed. If I want to interact with Enns again, I’ll remember: Parody opens a direct line of communication.

Enns’s response gives me the opportunity to summarize my objections to his project and others like it. They are three: methodological, hermeneutical, and theological.

Read more at the Theopolis Institute’s web site.

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