Look at the Birds

Look at the Birds August 20, 2018

Look at the birds. Look at the lilies. Jesus meant what He said: Look, actually look.

Look in order to address anxiety about food, clothing, shelter, and other necessities of life. When you look at the birds, you realize that God provides food. When you look at the lilies, you know that God will dress you in glory.

Jesus encourages a lesser-to-greater movement of reasoning: If God feeds birds and clothes grass, which are of little value, then He will feed and clothe you, of much greater value.

Birds and lilies teach lessons about God’s provision.

Is that it? Is creation there to provide pious lessons? Is this all there is to our encounters with creation?

Not according to Jesus. The premise of Jesus’ instruction is that the Father feeds birds, the Father cares for grass, the Father values the little things He has made.

We can draw lessons from birds and lilies because God loves them. He loves the birds so much that He opens His hands to satisfy their desires and delights in their songs. He loves the grass so much that He clothes them like royalty.

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