Prayer Life An Afterthought? Don’t Be Afraid To Be Human

Prayer Life An Afterthought? Don’t Be Afraid To Be Human June 24, 2016

we need to learn to make all of the little gestures we do throughout the day our prayer. Is your coworker wrestling with a difficult project? Bring coffee. Is the copy machine out of paper? Fill it without grumbling. Do your children cancel dinner at home to visit friends? Accept graciously. Get an unexpected bill in the mail? Thank God for your job and know that God has your back.

When that extra support comes from friends or family members that have been generous already, take a deep breath and push aside the embarrassment. In humility, accept their gesture because your situation is helping them to learn selflessness too.

This type of demeanor, when lived honestly, shows a willingness to die to self and that is the greatest prayer of all.

So if today is a difficult day for you, try to remind yourself that even if you don’t know it or can’t figure it out – God really does have a plan for you. And the best thing we all can do until that plan unfolds in a way we can understand it, is work to be the best Catholics we can be. What are some ways that help you keep your prayer focus when times are tough?

Heather Voccola is a new contributor to A Million Unheard souls, and brings to us more of that hard-earned wisdom that comes with surviving divorce and succeeding as a single mother. Heather is author of the book, Contrition, and you can find out more by visiting her website, HeatherVoccola.Com.

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