Your Chance to Be a Mysterious Stranger

Your Chance to Be a Mysterious Stranger May 17, 2004

I stumbled across this quip by a friend of mine, Jessica Poundstone, in her blog, and I can’t get the idea out of my head. It’s got a sort of Amelie-esque appeal to it…

I recently discovered’s “Wish Lists.” I haven’t made one yet, but I find it strange and fascinating that I could buy and send a longed-for book to a complete stranger.

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  • Martin

    Did you catch this quote from Ron Howard? “Tom is an exciting actor to watch thinking.”

    Gee, Ron, I don’t think people go to movies to watch actors think.

  • sg

    Even worse…I named my son Silas, you know, after Silas and Timothy…unfortunately I found out that Silas is the terrorist albino monk from hell in this film…

  • lore

    I’m sure the movie will run even further than the book, making it over the top and completely ridiculous.

  • Joel

    It’s such a great tool to keep track of stuff you’ve been meaning to check out!
    I think it would be great to organize an exchange of some kind with an online community…kind of a “secret santa” with people anonymously buying stuff for each other from Amazon.

    -(don’t believe we’ve internet-met yet, but i recently joined the arts and faith board and am actually a co-conspirator w/you in the next IMAGE — i wrote on pop music.)