More Constantine ramblings up at Paste Magazine

More Constantine ramblings up at Paste Magazine February 22, 2005

Yet another magazine has seen fit to let me ramble on about Constantine. This time, it’s Paste.

In this piece, I focused on some comments by Gavin Rossdale, the lead singer of Bush and the husband of Gwen Stefani, who plays a demon in the film.

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  • Darren

    Keep a close eye on the ads, Jeffrey. Although I’ve never used them, I believe Google allows you some input in the types of ads it generates. For example, I was just reading one of your posts and noticed that all of the Google ads were for “marriage anulment” services, which seems somewhat contrary to the general tone of your site.

  • jasdye

    I don’t know about Google ads, but usually when the g-meisters do something like that, it’s based on actual word-age that is used on the page itself, like in the sides of gmail messages or the hit-ups at Google itself.

    Of course I think it’s funny that the ad to the side when I read this post was for weight-loss products. Cuz us being movie-lovers, we’re fatter than John Popper.

  • Chris Durnell

    I only know that Google Ads only pay revenue based on actual hits/purchases through your site. If so, can you decide what sort of ads to carry? You obviously want something that relates most to the types of people who visit your site – presumably cinemaphiles or Christian themed products. Hopefully someone more knowledgable than me can tell you more.