NINE. October 5, 2005

Anne and I were married nine years ago today.


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  • Joel Buursma

    Re: the Wheaton prof, apparently he thought he could still sign the statement of faith (including saying the Bible was the supreme authority) & Dr. Liftin thought he couldn’t if he was really Catholic. I had an online discussion with a die-hard Catholic who said that he would not agree with that wording b/c there is no mention of interpretive tradition. So that whole situation is a bit messy.

    But then there’s the issue of whether Wheaton should be exclusive in their hires (or maintain evangelical distinctiveness to use Dr. Litfin’s language), or inclusive like a secular college, or have a declared preference like Baylor apparently does (e.g., “First we look for evangelicals, then other Protestants, than Catholics, etc.”).

  • Ryan Yates

    As a recent Wheaton graduate I have sympathy for the position that the College takes. From my perspective it would be very difficult to be a Catholic faculty member and maintain your integrity to the doctrines of the Catholic Church. How could you teach to students under the presumed context that the community at Wheaton is in “communion”, when your church says that you are not (at least at some level)? If you deny the church’s doctrine then are you really being faithful to the context of your church (Rom 14?). I don’t think it is an easy question to answer and perhaps Wheaton has it wrong, but I think they are right in thinking that it would put that professor in a irreconcilable position.

    The official response from Wheaton is here:

  • Gary Scott

    Congratulations! It was great being there. Marriage, like wine, should improve with age, and I am certain you would agree that yours has. God is very good and it has been wonderful to see you two blossom in His garden.

    Our anniversary (24) was Monday and I can only tell you that it keeps getting better! You have everything to look forward to, especially the Great Marriage Feast. Enjoy each moment together!