Spielberg Attacks "Extremist" Munich Critics

Spielberg Attacks "Extremist" Munich Critics January 23, 2006

Spielberg defends his movie…

“Munich” was blasted by some US Jewish commentators who accused Spielberg of equating the Israeli assassins with the Palestinian militants.

Spielberg dismissed the charges as “nonsense”.

“These critics are acting as if we were all missing a moral compass. Of course it is a horrible, abominable crime when people are taken hostage and killed like in Munich,” he said.

“But it does not excuse the act when you ask what the motives of the perpetrators were and show that they were also individuals with families and a history…. Understanding does not mean forgiving. Understanding does not mean being soft, it is a courageous and strong stance.”

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  • Gene Branaman

    I simply had to stop watching at the close-up of Black’s left nipple, dusted in talc, being delicately trimmed by the waxing technician. (Or would that be technologist?)

    And what’s witht the perm & ‘stash? He looks like he could have played Robert Reed’s brother on The Brady Bunch!

  • CTDelude

    Well considering I haven’t blogged with any consistency in over a year I guess I’ve been having a bad blogging year.

    What’s worse is that I keep posting that I’m coming back. I’m a liar too if I keep this up.

    So I’ll give you a break today. ;)