The New York Times’ Stephen Holden praises "Sophie Scholl: The Final Days"

The New York Times’ Stephen Holden praises "Sophie Scholl: The Final Days" February 18, 2006

The film has opened in New York, and Stephen Holden is impressed.

Even the Village Voice admits it’s an admirable achievement.

And now, Steven D. Greydanus is sounding the trumpets and heralding Sophie Scholl: The Final Days as an A+ motion picture. He calls it:

…one of a very few films that accomplishes one of the rarest and most valuable of cinematic achievements: It makes heroic goodness not just admirable, but attractive and interesting.

I’m telling you… Sophie Scholl is the smartest Christian female hero to ever grace the silver screen. If you can name a better one, tell us.

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4 responses to “The New York Times’ Stephen Holden praises "Sophie Scholl: The Final Days"”

  1. Othercotting, beyond the vulgarity of the neologism, is a lamebrain idea: Christians unite and go to bad movies to protest bad movies! I have to see Over the Hedge to show my indignation at the way Christ is blasphemed on the big screen? Ummm… I can think of a million other, more productive ways for Christians to praise and worship God that don’t involve throwing away money at the multiplex. How about a good game of backgammon? The concessions are cheaper.

  2. And one more thing-don’t visit my blog. Judging by the links you have on the side there, you might be offended by its contents. I figured it was only right to give a fair warning.

  3. Jeffrey, if Sophie ever shows up at a theater anywhere NEAR me, I’ll go see it. As things stand on the website right now, it’s not going to. It may be the greatest movie in the world, but if it’s not in theaters… no one will see it.

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