Catholic Priest Watches Movies with Muslim Imam!

Catholic Priest Watches Movies with Muslim Imam! March 26, 2006

I believe that the lion will lie down with the lamb, but this… this is remarkable!

LISBON, Portugal — The Muslim imam and the Roman Catholic priest watch movies together at each other’s homes. The Adventist nun reads the imam’s mail for him because he can’t read Portuguese. And the three congregations sometimes hold joint prayers for world peace.

While Islamic outrage over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad has brought mob rampages to many countries across the globe, members of a tight-knit community of Muslims, Catholics and Adventists in Portugal say they are determined to live in peace.

The three faiths share a basement for their religious ceremonies in a housing project in the Sacavem suburb of Lisbon. Only a thin wall separates the mosque from a room where the Catholic and Adventist communities hold their rituals.

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  • Brian Friesen

    Not to throw anymore wood on the conspiracy fire, but in light of Jeff’s questions, I thought it might be worth posting a link to a chart depicting how much of the media we consume is controlled by so few media conglomerates. It’s information compiled by “The Nation,” and an expansion of research they conducted ten years ago. No commentary. Just a chart. Worth consideration.

  • RC

    these are really good questions…i like your investigation…

    kind of disappointing to see that they’re not playing by the rules b/c i like and value the rules.

    –RC of

  • Bryan Zug

    One other note — given the studio’s Da Vinci campaign, it is interesting to see that HJ’s lead review is called the Da Vinci disapointment

    I’m sure HJ was courted on this one and yet they still had an honest review as their lead.

    (Full disclosure — Gunn, who did the review, is a good friend of mine)

  • Bryan Zug

    Hadn’t seen the new look, but after clicking over would have to come in less on the side of conspiracy than anything else.

    Having spoken at the HJ conference last winter and gotten to know a lot of the folks involved there, I was impressed with the high level of integrity of the reviewers there — lot more thougthful criticism in the room than I expected (Peter C was also there — he may have impressions as well).

    I do get the feeling that they have been courted heavily from the studios via GH, but would tend to say that the kinks you are seeing have more to do with a small infuential community site finding out how to navigate it’s way in the big city.

  • wngl

    The name should be changed. Some ideas for how to rename the outfit:

    1. We’re Not Jesus
    2. Willem Defoe
    3. The Passion Players
    4. Jesus is a Friend of Ours
    5. Not Quite Church
    6. Buddy Jesus Inc
    7. Jesus: Movie Critic

  • Ellen Collison

    It took me a while to figure it out, too, although it was clear that it wasn’t meant literally.

    Sometimes I wish writing could convey tone of voice – but then again, not…!

  • Anna

    My boyfriend showed me this post and asked me if I thought you were being serious or not. Apparently I am the expert on Overstreet sarcasm since I “have been reading Looking Closer blog longer”, according to him.

    So my point is… the internet can be a difficult medium in which to convey sarcasm.

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    I don’t. I find it encouraging. I was being sarcastic, but I guess it didn’t come across.

  • -B

    Still haven’t quite figured out why you find this outrageous.