Mercir is Big News!

Mercir is Big News! March 3, 2006

One of my favorite earthlings, my co-worker Rachel Eby, is an uncommonly joyful person. And she has some good reasons to be joyful.

Not only is she savoring the mystery of not knowing whether she’s about to have a boy or a girl in May…

But her husband’s band Mercir is now a cover-story band in The Seattle Times’ Ticket.

And they deserve it. I’ve been enjoying Mercir’s new EP, “Windchimes and Landmines,” and their previous album,”As Small as the Center,” in recent days. Fans of Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie, and The Postal Service should definitely check them out.

Congratulations, Joel and Mercir, for making such a splash with this new release!

And hold on, Rachel. The congratulations for YOUR big production are just around the corner.

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  • Anonymous

    I saw this a few months ago. I was laughing for daaays. (still am.)

  • SZPT

    Why do I get the feeling that Siskel was serious and Ebert was just egging him on, having fun with Siskel’s terrible sense of humor?