John Wilson on The Gospel of Judas

John Wilson on The Gospel of Judas April 18, 2006

John Wilson of Books and Culture has just posted a few thoughts on The Gospel of Judas.

Last week, as we have done for many years, our small group met for a seder in Holy Week. One of my friends asked me about the Gospel of Jesus, whether it is the sort of thing that is likely to challenge the faith of many people. The best response for anyone who wonders about it is to read The Gospel of Judas and Robinson’s book, too. (The stories about the Gospel of Judas don’t begin to capture its essential weirdness. You have to experience it firsthand.) Both books are quite short. Then read the familiar accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. And if you are motivated, finish up with a book recently published by Eerdmans, Paul Barnett’s The Birth of Christianity: The First Twenty Years.

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  • RC

    i really hope this movie ends up being interesting, it looks like it has potential, but it also could have potential to end up being fairly flat as well.

    –RC of

  • RC

    I actually read a large chunk of the gospel of Judas the other day…it’s pretty crazy…but not surprising…I imagine in the next couple years will see more “gospels” as well.

    –RC of

  • Matt Page

    Mike Leary’s Ekthesis blog has a load of info about the Gospel of Judas – or GJudas as he’s calling it.