Byrne Wowed by Sufjan

Byrne Wowed by Sufjan October 11, 2006

The great rock-and-roll pioneer David Byrne attended a Sufjan Stevens concert this month.

What did he think?

Here’s his report.

Thanks to Darren Hughes for the link.

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6 responses to “Byrne Wowed by Sufjan”

  1. You Can Count On Me is a wonderful movie. I saw it for the second time while showing it to friends last night. I think they were blown away by the emotional depth and maybe a bit unsettled by the lack of closure. Anyway, I wanted to comment on your point about the priest being portrayed well. I am undecided about that. At best, I think he is portrayed as earnest and caring. But there are also scenes that highlight the fact that he has little to offer, and he comes off as rather wimpy and wishy-washy. Like when he encourages Terry to believe his life is important without having to accept God; or when he refuses to agree with Sammy that adultery is a serious sin. Remember, Sammy is trying to convince Terry the drifter that he needs an anchor in his life. Terry ends up saying that he doesn’t want to believe in something just to relieve him from feeling bad, but because it is true. Interestingly (I thought), at the end of the movie, Terry says he’s going to Alaska because it is beautiful there, and that makes him feel good.

  2. I did a script analysis on this film for my screenwriting class. I really enjoyed the project and the movie. This is Mark Ruffalo’s best performance so far. He’s suc a cutie too.

  3. Wow! That *was* a lot of info!

    And thank you! Now I’m looking forward to The Starry Messenger!

  4. This is one of my most favorite movies – in part because it captures something about an older sister/younger brother relationship that really resonated with me (being an older sister to a younger brother).

    I tracked down some info on “Margaret” from the Fox Searchlight Web site – looks like it’s set for a 2007 release, though it didn’t give a month.

    Here’s something for folks that need a Lonergan fix before “Margaret” is released: A couple of years ago I too grew curious about what Mr. Lonergan was up to. I ended up reading the scripts of two plays he’s written “Lobby Hero,” (2001) and “This Is Our Youth,” (1999). (Interesting sidenote: Ruffalo and Lonergan got to know each other during the production of “Youth” – Ruffalo played one of the main characters.) My local library now also has the screenplay for a play Lonergan wrote in 2000 called “The Waverley Gallery,” which I’ll be checking out. Can’t wait to see what “Margaret” is like – the cast looks amazing.

    P.S. Lonergan will also be directing a play he’s written on Broadway starting (supposedly) in April 2007: “The Starry Messenger,” will star Matthew Broderick. A fantastic reason to take a trip to NYC….AND, according to a press release from the Tribeca Film Festival, Lonergan will be adapting that play for the big screen as well!

    Wow. That was a lot of info.