“Personally Speaking” with Jim Lisante, Karen Peris, and… Me?!

“Personally Speaking” with Jim Lisante, Karen Peris, and… Me?! March 12, 2007

As a huge fan of The Innocence Mission, I must say I am freaking out a little bit.

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Monsignor Jim Lisante for a program called “Personally Speaking.”

That program is now online. We had a wonderful conversation about movies and faith. You should check it out.

But what’s this? The *other* guest on the program was… Karen Peris of The Innocence Mission??!


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  • mollychristina

    Wow…that is cool. I love the way the audience oohs and aahs through the presentation. And that the guy presenting this in front of all those people is unshaven and wearing a t-shirt with an ice cream cone on it. Who needs to dress up when you’re showing something this neato.

  • I think copyright is going to die in many ways. The generation coming up now (my students) seem to have no grasp of it…and I’m not sure if that’s necessarily bad.

    They don’t see that sharing files or information with everyone is a problem. But that is a discussion for another time and place.

    I think the Creative Commons licensing structure that someone at flickr set up is going to be the future as far as copyright is concerned.

    This software/program is amazing! The potential is off the hook. It makes me think of the synthesis of Google Maps with the Google World hybrid features (in a very limited sense).

    I didn’t understand everything that was being said, but it seems to have amazing potential.

    My head hurts too. Too many cool things.

    Thanks for posting, Jeffrey.

  • i4detail

    Also, the fact that it is drawing from people’s flickr pictures leads to some real interesting discussions about copyright….

  • i4detail

    Yeah, I heard about this a couple months ago on This Week in Media. It sounded impressive, but watching it was even more so. Of course, because it comes out of Redmond, anyone who is not on XP or Vista (about 10% of the population with computers, or about 50% of the population period) won’t be able to experience this….at least for now. And that would include me.

    You can go play with some of this stuff on the Microsoft Live Page. If you are compatible.

  • Cpt Casual-T

    Well articulated, Jeffrey. Great content. I especially appreciate your call for grace as we approach the work of artists who don’t profess to believe.

    The Karen Peris interview makes me realize I shouldn’t take for granted that someone so gentle has the courage to sing for us.

  • SolShine7

    The link to faith and film critic circle isn’t working.

  • Alex Vitus

    Wow! Thanks for the link.