Ian McEwan’s “Atonement” – The Trailer

Ian McEwan’s “Atonement” – The Trailer April 17, 2007

EmpireOnline has the trailer for Atonement, one of the films I’m most eager to see this coming Oscar season.

It stars Mr. Tumnus, Elizabeth Swann, Vanessa Redgrave, and then, the #1 reason I’m going to see it…

Romola “I Married William Wilberforce” Garai. I’ve been telling you to keep your eye on her since I Capture the Castle several years ago. She may not get credited in the trailer, but I’m looking forward to seeing what she does here, just as I’m looking forward to seeing what director Joe Wright does with his second outing, after his delightful take on Pride and Prejudice.

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  • I am really stunned by the number of parents that are ignoring the PG-13 rating. This was clearly not going to be a family or kid movie from any number of angles. I certainly agree with the complaint about the objectification of the lead actress as a real problem, but PG-13 has always meant a film could be a bit racier.

    Someone asked me if their young boys could see it. She said they were terrified of Monster House. I said this was not really appropriate for kids.

    My mini-review has been “I would not call it a ‘good’ movie…but I was entertained for the full 2 and a half hours.”

  • Thanks, Phillip.

    Actually, Jeff – the reviewer at Infuze does mention the concerns that I had with the movie. They are just buried under an avalanche of geek-itude. For him, the fact that the robots looked real and acted (more or less) in character with who they were in the cartoon overwhelmed every other consideration. He mentions the foul language, and sexual humor that he called totally inappropriate for kids, but those were in the last couple of paragraphs, after repeated rhetorical questions like, “who wouldn’t like this movie?” It’s a question of priority, I guess. Which is uppermost on your mind? For me, I wanted to see this movie with my son, and every few seconds there was an additional reason why I couldn’t. It felt like the movie was being taken away from CrimsonDash, one scene at a time. I resented it. Perhaps the guy at Infuze has no kids?

  • Couldn’t have been stated better.

    Although its fun, it was an extremely awkward moment when the three little boys in front of me all leaned over to their mother at one point in the film and said, “What’s masturbating, Mommy?!?” She just put her head in her hands.

    They also said “boobs” alot.

  • Anonymous

    I too, loved Wright’s visual sense in P&P, what I didn’t appreciate was the way in which he turned a thought-provoking dramatic comedy into a overly sensual, quasi-Bronte romance flick with some very bad editing. Hopefully he’ll do a better job with Atonement.

  • Phillip

    Looks like another lush, beautiful film from Wright. I loved his visual sense in Pride and Prejudice and his director’s commentary was superb. Can’t wait for this one!