A Charlie Brown Christmas Podcast

A Charlie Brown Christmas Podcast December 6, 2007

Nuclearity has just posted a very special podcast. I had the privilege of contributing to this, but that’s not why I’m linking to it. I was moved as I listened to a wide variety of people share their views on why A Charlie Brown Christmas stands apart as a treasure of holiday storytelling.

Take a few minutes and listen to this remarkable program.

[2013 UPDATE: The recording has been moved to this location.]

The other guests include:

  • Robert Short, author of The Gospel According to Peanuts
  • CeCe Winans, recording artist
  • David Crowder, recording artist
  • Article One, recording artists
  • Linford Detweiler, recording artist with the group Over the Rhine
  • Phil Vischer, animator, author of Me, Myself and Bob
  • Steven James and David Thomas, authors of Yup. Nope. Maybe and Does This This Dress Make me Look Fat?
  • Carolyn McCulley, author of Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?
  • Beth Maynard, author of Get up off Your Knees
  • Mark Pinsky, author of The Gospel According to Disney
  • Don Bluth, animator
  • Dick Staub, author of The Culturally Savvy Christian
  • Kelly Monroe Kullberg, editor of Finding God at Harvard

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2 responses to “A Charlie Brown Christmas Podcast”

  1. Boy, you can sure tell how much influence the media has over perception. When I read your description, my brain turned “podcast” into “protest.” I then spent a few moments wondering why anyone would protest old Chuck. I blame the near ubiquitous fervor over a certain fantasy movie that folks are talking way too much about.