The Browser: Dobson and the election. Another Top Ten List. O’Connor.

The Browser: Dobson and the election. Another Top Ten List. O’Connor. February 21, 2008
Whitman on this election year’s Dobson¬†factor

Some writers make me nod off. Andy Whitman makes me nod on, and on, and on. 

A Lively List

VJ Morton has one of the most interesting¬†Best of 2007 lists I’ve¬†seen, and a thoughtful trip through the¬†acting categories too. Bonus! Actual scenes from great films!¬†

Falling for Flannery… Again!

And last but certainly not least… in fact, perhaps this should have been first… Flannery O’Connor, via her blog:

What the fiction writer will discover, if he discovers anything at all, is that he himself cannot move or mold reality in the interests of abstract truth. The writer learns, perhaps more quickly than the reader, to be humble in the face of what-is. What-is is all he has to do with; the concrete is his medium; and he will realize eventually that fiction can transcend its limitations only by staying within them. Henry James said that the morality of a piece of fiction depended on the amount of ‘felt life’ that was in it. The Catholic writer, in so far as he has the mind of the Church, will feel life from the standpoint of the central Christian mystery: that it has, for all its horror, been found by God to be worth dying for. But this should enlarge not narrow his field of vision.

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  1. Huh. We saw Control ages ago (in December, maybe?) and that was months after its release at the beginning of October. It’s been here so long that only the second-run theater is still playing it (along with “Across the Universe”).

    I’m used to seeing things early, but not THAT early! It’s a great movie but very depressing. (And we’d just watched “24 Hour Party People”, so it was kind of surreal.)