Don’t Read Roger Ebert’s WALL-E Review!

Don’t Read Roger Ebert’s WALL-E Review! June 26, 2008

Much as I hate to say this about the work of my favorite mainstream film critic…

Don’t read Roger Ebert’s WALL-E review.

It contains a huge spoiler, without any warning!

Go see the movie knowing as little about it as possible!

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5 responses to “Don’t Read Roger Ebert’s WALL-E Review!”

  1. More and more lately I only read reviews of movies I don’t plan to see in theatrical release; with a film like Wall-E, I’m sure I’ll be finding every one I can afterward, to help with digestion.

  2. Stuff like this is why I’ve stopped reading reviews until after I see a film. At that point, the reviewer is helping me process what I’ve seen–which in my mind is the main value of full, written review.

  3. Sigh…unfortunately I already read it.

    I should know better than to read reviews of films I’m really looking forward to before I go see them…

    Why he couldn’t have put the “or was that a spoiler” thing before the actual spoiler I have no idea.