Farewell, Major Briggs.

Farewell, Major Briggs. July 1, 2008

Don S. Davis, one of the great actors among Twin Peaks‘ fantastic cast, has died.

Davis played Major Briggs, who was a caring father, and a secretive servant of the U.S. government. Nobody could be trusted more completely with classified information.

Davis was also beloved for a memorable role in what some call the best hour of The X-Files.

I will miss Davis. I had always hoped to see him come back in a more prominent role. He was strong enough to be a leading man, and brought a particular chemistry of integrity, authority, and tenderness to the character of Briggs.

I still wish that Lynch would revisit Twin Peaks, preferably while Kyle McLachlan can still portray Agent Cooper. But I know that’s about as likely as Joss Whedon resurrecting Firefly, so… I’ll just have to keep dreaming.

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3 responses to “Farewell, Major Briggs.”

  1. Davis also played a great roll for a number of seasons…7? 8? on Stargate SG-1 as General George Hammond. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to borrow the DVDs from the library. You’re in for a treat.

  2. A sad day. BTW, here’s the conversation I had with Davis and Charlotte Stewart in 1999…

    Me: A friend of mine made me promise to ask you a question, Don. Do you have any idea if David Lynch believes in UFOs?
    Don: Yes.
    Me: Really?
    Don: Well, I believe in trolls and wood spirits.
    Charlotte: He does? I didn’t know that.
    Don: Yes, I asked him about it, and he didn’t deny it.
    Me: Do you have any idea where he was going with the whole UFO subplot?
    Don: No. We were both told we’d be used more, but…. (finishing signing his autograph for me)
    Me: I just have to say that the speech you made to Bobby about the white mansion is one of my favorite moments in the series.
    Don: (smiling) I always have a hard time acting when I have to eat. But my favorite moments were when I got to hold this lady here. (puts his arm around Charlotte)