Robert Downey Jr. is… Sherlock Holmes.

Robert Downey Jr. is… Sherlock Holmes. July 9, 2008

What was rumor is now confirmed. Robert Downey Jr. will play Sherlock Holmes for director Guy Ritchie, reports Variety.


I love Downey, Jr. But … Holmes? Really?

Who would *you* cast as Holmes?

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  • azhiashalott

    Oooh, I would love to see Daniel Day-Lewis as Holmes and Jeremy Northam as Watson.

  • aravis7276

    Holmes – Vincent D’onofrio, Ian McKellan (probably too old), Colin Firth, Guy Pearce

    Watson – Paul Giamatti, Jeremy Piven, Ben Stiller (as long as he is toned down – not too many antics), or Jason Bateman

  • genebranaman

    The article doesn’t say but I’m wondering how deeply this film will delve into Holmes’ 7% solution & his addiction to it.

    I think Downey will be great. He’ll bring just the right mix of gravitas & sparkle-in-the-eye unpredicability (I wanted to write “lunacy” but not in the Daffy Duck sorta way) that Holmes needs. I think Jeremy Brett captured this very well & he’ll remain my favorite Holmes. Unless Downey nails it. Then, I’ll like two.

  • Seth H.

    True, but what I’m saying is that we’ve already seen him do the Holmes thing. Variety is the spice of life.

    Oh well, it’s a moot point anyway.

  • grdthepoint

    I know. That’s why he’s perfect for it. :-)

  • Seth H.

    Laurie practically has a regular gig as Holmes already, albeit not in the traditional sense.

  • grdthepoint

    Hugh Laurie.

  • jenzug

    Ha! Just read this off twitter this morning:

    [“Guy Ritchie to direct Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes.” Maybe they could cast Eddie Murphy as Watson, making it the worst movie ever.]

  • Seth H.

    I would go with Jude Law. It seems he hasn’t done a whole lot lately, and he could use an iconic role like Holmes. The best Watson probably would have been Heath Ledger (to get away from the false idea that Watson is a short, rotund bumbler), but since that is sadly out of the question, I’ll go with Simon Pegg. And to top it all off, I’ll say Gary Oldman as Moriarty, because he hasn’t done a good villain in a while.

  • kylewar

    I like Daniel Day for Sherlock. Not sure anyone will ever match Jeremy Brett though in this role.

    Jeremy Northam for Watson.

    Sir Ian as Dr. Moriarty. Or how about Connery comes out of retirement for a brief cameo to end the movie

  • Both very interesting ideas. Of course, you *know* what I’m going to suggest…

    Daniel Day Lewis.

    And for Watson? Hmmm. I kind of like Ian Hart. Or Gary Oldman.

  • Ian McKellen.

  • Easy, Guy Pierce.