David Foster Wallace; The Curator; Robert Bresson

David Foster Wallace; The Curator; Robert Bresson September 18, 2008


Lots and lots of David Foster Wallace links! Read, be amazed, and be even more distraught over the loss of an imaginative writer. And McSweeney’s is paying tribute as well.


There’s a new batch of articles at The Curator: Here are some teasers:

Caramel is the saddest thing.

Michael Chabon, blogging, writer’s block, and learning to speak the truth.

Can a video game help us regain community?

Vassar Miller: beauty, humor, and poetry in the physically broken.


BEWARE!! At Christianity Today, Eric David has a piece on Robert Bresson.

If you read it, you might find yourself seeking out one of Bresson’s films, like (A Man Escaped), my favorite prison-break film, or Au Hasard Balthazar, which is so full of mystery, poetry, and beauty that I try to watch it every year. And if you watch one of Bresson’s films, you may watch others. And eventually, you might start thinking differently about what makes a good movie. And then your friends will start looking at you funny. And then you’ll be alone.

So please, for your own sake, don’t read Eric’s piece.

And Eric, if you’re reading? Nice work.

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