J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Sequel is Called…

J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Sequel is Called… September 10, 2012

According to an AV Club report, the second Star Trek movie from J.J. Abrams will be called…

Star Trek Into Darkness.

That’s right… no numbers, no dashes, no colons.

I love it. It’s hilarious. I had so much fun with Abrams’ “reboot” of the series that I have high hopes for the sequel… especially considering they’ve cast Benedict Cumberbatch in a major role. (Here’s my original review of Abrams’ first Star Trek into box office success.)

Imagine the sequels. Star Trek Into Pudding. Star Trek Into the Wild. Star Trek Into the Great Wide Open. Star Trek Into Great Silence. Star Trek Into My Face.

Go for it. Let’s see who can come up with the best Star Trek Into _______________ title.


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  • anonymous

    Star Trek: With or Without Khan :-)

  • Steve

    Star Trek to the nerd squad. Anyone else having trouble with the link to the original Star Trek review?

    • Jeffrey Overstreet

      I’ve just repaired it. Many posts on this blog are offline right now, as I go through a long and tedious process of repairing links that were mixed up in an update. Sorry about that.

  • Brian D

    Star Trek Into Star Trek

  • Star Trek Into the Bank

  • Les Nordman

    Ladies and gentlemen, we must pay homage to our host!

    “Star Trek into a Screen Darkly”


  • Bret

    Star Trekking With the Stars

  • Star Trekking Across the Universe
    Even More Star Trek
    Star Trek In Space

  • Clint W

    Star Trek Into the Final Frontier
    Star Trek Into the Wild Blue Yonder (to the tune of the “U.S. Air Force” song)

  • Mayrock . . .

    Star Trek Across Europe with Rick Steves

  • If Jerry Bruckheimer is producing: Star Trek into Smithereens.

  • Cooper Williams

    Star Trek to Hogwarts.

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    I think this is the one: Star Trek Into the Lens Flares

  • Star Trek into Oblivion!

  • Justin

    Star Trek Into The Woods.

  • John Barber

    Star Trek Into Electric Boogaloo?
    Star Trek Into the Wild?
    Star Trek Into the Sequel?

    • Justin

      Only if the last one is title “Star Trek In2 The Sequel.” That screams marketing potential.

  • Star Trek Into the Garden of Your Mind.

  • The Pachyderminator

    Star Trek Into Great Silence? That’s brilliant.

    How about Star Trek Into Trouble with Tribbles?