Did You Name Your Pet After a Movie Character?

Did You Name Your Pet After a Movie Character? October 28, 2013

Jonathan Mardukas cannot. Not today.

Usually he can, but today he cannot.

Nope, “The Duke”  just cannot deal with it.

He’s tired. His nose is cold. And the day demands just too much of him.

So today, no thank you. He’ll stay right where he is, and he will not acknowledge you even if you hover over him with a camera.

By the way, Jonathan “The Duke” Mardukas is named after a similarly disgruntled, sullen, mopey character from a movie.

Remember Martin Brest’s action-comedy Midnight Run? In that film, Grodin plays a white-collar criminal (and our cat appears to be black, but if you stroke his fur you’ll see that it’s white with black on the tips). Grodin’s grouchy demeanor seems like the perfect reference point for our enormous cat.

He’s not always in a bad mood. When the sun shines on him, he’s happy and lively. He even likes to visit the veterinarian, who calls all of her coworkers around to say hello when he visits. He’s been described as the equivalent of a black labrador.

But not today. He’s having one of those days.

Do you have a pet named after a movie character? 

If so, send me a snapshot, the name of the pet, the movie that the name comes from, and your name, and I’ll include it in an upcoming post.

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4 responses to “Did You Name Your Pet After a Movie Character?”

  1. Our last dog (a golden retriever) was named Gracie – after Grace Kelly (my wife’s choice – not sure if the Princess of Monaco would have taken that as a compliment). After she died, though, we’ve pretty much had little ones in the house who love to grab, tug, and yank on anything with hair – as my bearded self can attest. We’re finally reaching an age where I think a dog will have a chance, but in the meantime we’ve had a vast number of fish that I can proudly say have had names chosen by my daughters that reflect their favorite films: Totoro, Kiki, Ponyo, and even Catbus, among others. We’ve also had an Edmund and Frodo if I remember right.

  2. This is Chewie (when he was younger), our 1 year old Yorkshire Terrier and the greatest dog a person could ask for. The movie he is named after should be fairly obvious to anyone with a moderate knowledge of movies and pop culture.


  3. Three pets, but none of them are named after movie characters. However, all three of my children are. That probably says something about me…

  4. Cute picture of “The Duke!”

    This is Jessie, our chug (chihuahua-pug mix). She’s named after Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl from the Toy Story, because she was the boldest, most energetic puppy in the litter.

    – Chuck Koontz