Orange Is the New Black Open Thread!

Orange Is the New Black Open Thread! July 6, 2015

Since I devoured the much-awaited third season of Orange Is the New Black, which was released last month, I’ve enjoyed many conversations with other fans of the show. After all, who doesn’t like to talk about their favorite characters, or what show producers got right or did wrong! And so I offer you this thread, so that any Orange Is the New Black fans among you will have yet one more place for discussion.

Orange is the New Black

What went well? What fell flat? What should happen next season? A quick warning, though—you might not want to read this thread unless you have finished watching the third season yourself, as I promise you there will be spoilers. And with that, have at it!

Also, check out how cute this is.

"Lol I’m trying to convince her."

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A Blogger’s Farewell

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