Created To Be His Help Meet, by Debi Pearl

I write a lot about what I have termed “Christian Patriarchy.” The basic idea is that women are to always be under male authority, and that women were created not as equals to men but rather to be helpers to their husbands. There are numerous Christian marriage manuals, usually written by women, on the market instructing women on how to be proper wives, submissive to their husbands’ commands and supportive of their husbands’ goals. Created to Be His Help Meet, by author Debi Pearl, is one of these marriage manuals, and is especially popular in fundamentalist and Christian homeschool circles.

I started reviewing Created To Be His Help Meet, going through it page by page, in September 2012, and I continue to publish a new installment each Friday. My goal is to shed light on the negative messages promoted in this book and to examine the thought process behind them. You can view my reviews here or click on the links below.

Michael Pearl’s Stamp of Approval, p. 13

Michael and Debi Pearl’s Whirlwind Romance, pp. 13-15

Debi Knows “God’s Plan”, pp. 15-17

The Jezebel Type, pp. 19-20

Women’s Created Purpose, p. 21

In Which Debi Twists Scripture, pp. 21-23

Subordinate, But Not Inferior, pp. 23-24

What Is a Help Meet? (in the KJV), pp. 24

In Which Debi Almost Gets Something Right, pp. 26-27

One Ugly Hillbilly, pp. 27-28

Smile, Giggle, and Simper, pp. 28-32

Contentment Is All That Matters, pp. 35-38

In Which Mike Spills the Garbage, pp. 40-42

On Being Your Husband’s “Playmate,” pp. 42-44

Remember, It Could Be Worse! pp. 45-47

In Which Debi Poisons the Well, pp. 49-51

In Which Debi Reveals Her Mandate, pp. 51-53

How To Be An Abused Woman, pp. 54-55

Be Afraid, Very Afraid, pp. 57-58

Disappointed Old Failures, pp. 58-59

Else God Will Drive You Mad (Literally), pp. 59-63

Debi Pearl and the Sex-Obsessed Babysitter, pp. 65-67

Single Moms Turned Lesbian, pp. 67-72

Michael’s Meat, Sit Down and Shut Up, and It’s All in Your Head, pp. 72-73

Created in the Image of Man, pp. 75-76

The Command Man Tames the Shrew, pp. 77-80

My Mr. Visionary, pp. 80-85

Don’t Take Your Mr. Steady for Granted, pp. 86-92

Debi’s Abuse Meter Is Broken

The Butter Churn, the Carrot, and the Stick

Don’t Resist, Confront, or Challenge

Taming Wild Horses and Lassoing Bears

The Woman Was Deceived

You Only Think You’re Spiritual!

Adam Knew (But It’s Eve’s Fault)

Don’t Take Your Husband to Church

The Proverbs 31 Woman Served Her Husband

An Army of Two

In Which Debi Can’t Read Genesis

Women Can Be Effective Leaders—So What?

In Which Debi Has Scientific Proof

The (Proxy) Bride of (an Abusive) Christ

Only Ever Think Good