November 3, 2016

With only a few days to go until Election Day, the stakes couldn’t be higher. We’re choosing our next commander in chief, role model, and leader of the free world. Policy making for decades will be influenced by new Supreme Court Justices. The choice is clear, and depending on whom you ask it’s absolutely Clinton or definitely Trump. I’ve never felt this kind of divisiveness, anger, and apathy in this country. So how can the United States of America return... Read more

September 16, 2016

Imagine an evening of spiritual cross training: Committed citizens gather with the intention to shift the way of engaging with the world from fear and judgment to grace and understanding. The celebration of Stephen Dinan’s book Sacred America, Sacred World at the beautiful ABC Home in NYC exemplified that a discourse beyond borders of political affiliation, gender, race, age, and religion is not only possible but a luminous pathway toward America’s flourishing. As evolutionaries who uplift and transcend, rather than... Read more

August 26, 2016

  I fly a fair amount. Experiencing new cities and countries is exciting, but the air travel part has become somewhat unpleasant. Below I outline why I feel some airlines are poisoning their guests in an effort to kill germs in between flights. I usually book United Airlines for domestic flights, and Lufthansa for international ones because I enjoy German engineering and efficiency. This habit has allowed me to see the following pattern: When I fly United I have to... Read more

August 15, 2016

I’m a fan of the life-inviting, ever-green jewels by Florence Scovel Shinn and currently reading The Power of the Spoken Word in The Complete Works. Last night this passage on page 234 struck me: “The first start toward success is to be glad you are yourself.” I find this to be profound. How often have you wished to be someone else? How often have you heard other people say, ‘I wish I was more like her?’ Unless we fully love... Read more

July 27, 2016

Whomever you choose to vote for this November, the fact that last night a woman became the presidential candidate of a major party is historic. This sea change will have a ripple effect throughout generations — present, future and past. A female presidential candidate has shattered the next glass ceiling of what being a woman on this planet has signified. No longer can we say that that will never happen; no longer can we say that women aren’t cut out... Read more

July 14, 2016

I’m thrilled to be kicking off the High Lights interview series with Belinda Womack. You’ll fall in love with Belinda’s story and the gifts she’s got to share! A former cell biologist, Belinda has been working with the angelic realm since Archangel Gabriel drafted her into service straight out of the lab she was doing experiments in 25 years ago. I love the cosmic giggle when left-brain scientists are directed to tap their right-brain powers.   Belinda counsels people individually... Read more

June 28, 2016

  I recently heard Marianne Williamson talk about how we can be humanity’s immunity. She’s spot-on. Just like it’s our innate and adaptive immune systems’ purpose to keep our body healthy, so can we, as citizens committed to health, wealth, and love, become humanity’s immune system. By standing up for what’s right we become rockstars of change. Lymphocytes of love. As we begin to impact our outer ecology, our inner ecology changes too. 80% of our immune system is located... Read more

June 20, 2016

Today, sun & moon shine longest, fullest, brightest. It’s a rare moment in space where solstice and full moon coincide. As above, so below. On earth, we mark the transition from spring to summer, and fall to winter, respectively. Throughout time, souls of all kinds have danced in the light of the longest day of the year, and honored the stillness of the longest night of the seasonal cycle. We’re wired to acknowledge the shifts in consciousness expressed by nature.... Read more

June 14, 2016

  We’re subject to great dichotomy in our society: stand out but fit in; be unique but don’t rock the boat; show your true colors but don’t get the neighbors talking; follow your bliss but make sure to have a safe job. Can you relate? I certainly can. Whether you identify with a defined minority (LGBT, Jewish, African-American, immigrant, disabled…) or your heart simply doesn’t fit the shape of mainstream thinking, living in a culture that’s afraid of transformation is... Read more

June 13, 2016

Rainbows are in our DNA. Whether in politics, culture, science, spirituality, religion, sexuality, or health, we — our ideas, beliefs, and preferences — are sparks in a vast spectrum of the same source. The United States of America is a high-vibe piece of planet earth because her innate vision of freedom, respect, and kindness has the potential to reverberate through every person, every moment. It’s in the United States of America where people from all cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions... Read more

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