Only One Way to Survive – The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Family

Only One Way to Survive – The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Family August 6, 2018

This may come as a surprise for many, but every man desires to have the perfect family. It’s no secret that every woman desires to have the perfect family, but so do men! However, if you haven’t noticed yet, there is no perfect family. We are all messed up, flawed beyond hope and very dysfunctional. And unlike popular sitcoms about dysfunctional families, it really isn’t funny! So how can you survive or overcome these flaws?

God Cares about You

What is wrong with your family? How flawed are your parents, your spouse, your kids? It’s almost as if God

Warning: Pride will Destroy your Life
Warning: Pride will Destroy your Life

didn’t care! But God does cares about the family flaws you have to face now And He cares about the family flaws you endured in the past, and the ones yet to come. God wants to help us handle the abnormal things about our family. I want you to know that no matter what your family situation is, God still loves you and can use you.

Remember what I told you before, if we will plug into God’s grace and ask for His wisdom and follow His instructions we can have peace and joy in our lives no matter how tough things have been or are right now in our family! Just remember that no matter what you have done or what others have done to you, God wants to restore your life. And no matter how hard things seem right now, God can and will bring you out of that for His glory.

A True Story

Let me tell you a true story that will bring some perspective to this whole thing. The story is taken from “God Allows U-Turns” and it is titled: “In God’s Eyes,” by Candace Carteen of Portland, Oregon.

“By the time I was ten, I was totally ashamed of my father. All my friends called him names: Quasi-Moto, hunchback, monster, little Frankenstein, the crooked little man with the crooked little cane. At first it hurt when they called him those things, but soon I found myself agreeing with them. He was ugly, and I knew it!

My father was born with something called parastremmatic dwarfism. The disease made him stop growing when he was about thirteen and caused his body to twist and turn into a grotesque shape. It wasn’t too bad when he was a kid. I saw pictures of him when he was about my age. He was a little short but quite good-looking. Even when he met my mother and married her when he was nineteen, he still looked pretty normal. He was still short and walked with a slight limp, but he was able to do just about anything. Mother said, “He even used to be a great dancer.”

It Got Worse

Soon after my birth, things started getting worse. Another genetic disorder took over, and his left foot started turning out, almost backward. My Father’s head and neck shifted

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