BECOME! – Do it Today Before it is too Late

BECOME! – Do it Today Before it is too Late August 3, 2018

Are you a man? Are you a real man? What does it take to become a man? For some men, it’s all about their skill or grit. For others, it’s about their intellect. And for others, it’s about being as perfect as they can be. Most men want to become a “man’s man”, “nobody to mess with”, ” nobody’s fool”. But what does God say about becoming a man? Listen to this podcast and find out.

Today’ PODCAST will leave you pumped up to do everything God wants you to do to become the Man that He created you to be. I hope you enjoy the podcast, but more than that, I pray that God will guide you along this fantastic journey called manhood!

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How to Become a Godly Man

How to Become a Man
How to Become a Man (Click HERE)

God has a specific design for you. To become a Godly man is just the beginning of your journey towards becoming a man. When bad things happen we ask God why it happened! A real man will ask God “What are you trying to teach me here”?


Embrace the journey and deal with the wounds you have picked up along the way. Because real men will deal with the wound and fix it! When a man knows that he is a man (and only God can confirm this) then he will stop trying to prove he is a man.


The Secret of How to Be a Man
The Secret of How to Be a Man (click HERE)

Real men learn to remove all those false identities or masks. Men will become hermetic to cover up those wounds.We put on masks and false identities to protect ourselves. But God wants to restore your true identity. Let God peal off those masks and depend on God. Drop the Fig leave men and let God see you as you are! Let God heal you. Let God make you into a man!

Start by surrendering to God and ask Him to meet you in the brokenness of your life! Finally forgive your father who may have done you wrong! And then ask God to father you as only He can. God wants you to be whole men, strong and masculine. All men have a wound! But only through God’s tender mercy can we be healed! Break the cycle today and become the man that God created you to be. Be man enough to tell yourself the truth.

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