At Last, The Secret To Being a Man is Revealed

At Last, The Secret To Being a Man is Revealed July 25, 2018

What is the secret to being a man? In today’s culture, we seem to be confused about this. Some will tell you that to be a man you must have a pick up truck with large wheels, you must own guns and go hunting and fishing, you must have lots of women and drink lots of beer. Yet others will say that manliness is subjective and that it depends on how you feel. In this episode of the Manly Training Show, we take a look at what the bible tells us that it takes to be a man.

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So let me ask you some questions?

  1. If the Bible tells us to “Show yourself a man”, how do you do that?
  2. What’s manlier, a good man or a godly man?
  3. Can a godly man be a manly man?

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  • skinnercitycyclist

    Here’s a hint: you don’t learn how to “be a man” from a book.

  • Dear skinnercitycyclist
    You are right! I agree with you. No book is going to teach me how to be a man. I was born a man and having both X and Y chromosomes is what makes me (or any male) a man! But how are we learning to do those things which men ought to do? Who is teaching men how to be a husband and a father? Who is teaching men how to be a brother and a son? We go to schools and read books and train ourselves to become doctors and lawyers and whatever it is that we do to make a living. When you start a new job, you get training on that so you can be successful. Yet how much time do we spend mastering the skills of manliness within the confines of our roles? There are lousy fathers and horrible husbands out there! But you and I don’t have to be one.