Godly Men Needed – The Manly Training Podcast

Godly Men Needed – The Manly Training Podcast July 13, 2018

Eduardo Quintana, the founder of Manly training Ministries, uses this broadcast to remind us that this world needs Godly men. But men today, even Christian men, don’t see why it is important to live a godly life. Eduardo claims that living this kind of life will make you more manly but how does one go about doing that? Listen to today’s episode and find out.

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Manly Training Ministries is looking for men, women and organizations that believe in what we are doing. Jesus ordained us to go and make disciples. Another way of saying that is to go and teach others or train others. Manly Training Ministries is a discipleship ministry that has as its core mission, to bring men to Jesus and train them to be the men that God created us to be in a world that needs godly men more than ever before! For ways to help Manly Training Ministries, go to this link: HELP

A Note from Eduardo Quintana (founder of Manly Training Ministries):   I am thankful for the thousands of men and women who have been supportive of Manly Training Ministries and what we are doing. Our mission is critical and overwhelming at times. I have created a PATREON account where you can find lots of exclusive material. This new page will not only provide you with exclusive material but will allow you to support us financially if you chose to do so. You can still get all the exclusive material for free if you don’t want to contribute. however, your financial support will allow us to continue to help families all over the world as we Train Men to Become the Men God Created us to Be. To get to the PATREON page, just click on the following link: 



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