Episode Two – The Quizzical Bible Man

Episode Two – The Quizzical Bible Man October 11, 2018

Every man should be well educated and have basic knowledge of his culture…. Let’s see how much you know! It’s question and answer time with Eduardo QuintanaThe Quizzical Bible Man – All about Adam

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“I hate sin when I see what it does to human beings. I hate sin most when I see what it did to Christ! It turned His fair face into a bruised and bloody thing. When sin did that to the Son of God…how can you ever play with it again?”

-Ian MacPherson

Sad but true…if you want to get a CHILD to DO something…tell them not to do it!

If you want a TEENAGER to do something…tell them how RISKY it is.

If you want an ADULT to do something…make it AGAINST the LAW

There is something in our FALLEN HUMAN NATURE that doesn’t want to be told “NO”!

-Have you ever said (or had your child say to you) “You just don’t want ME to have fun!”

(You had your fun when you were a kid…but now you tell ME no…)

-I need to find out for MYSELF…your experience is your experience…I need my own.

-That won’t happen to ME.

(other people might get HURT or PREGNANT or ADDICTED or ARRESTED…not me)

If YOU have said any of those things (and I’m pretty sure you HAVE)

Welcome to “Club Adam”



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