How to Remember Things Like God Does and Be a Blessing.

How to Remember Things Like God Does and Be a Blessing. December 14, 2018

How’s your memory? Do you remember things? Do you sometimes feel nostalgic when certain memories come to mind? Today we will take a look a what it means to remember. Watch this short video to find out how we are to Remember and Why. Then read this short article that is sure to encourage you today!

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Memory is a marvellous thing. It’s something God gives us, it’s a gift from God if you may! I often fall asleep remembering old houses of the past, the sound of old doors, the places where I played and the people that have touched my life over the past half century that I have been on this planet!

Christmas time is especially overwhelming! The memories of Christmas past inundate my entire being with feelings that cause me to become quite sentimental! And that’s just me at 50! I’m still but a lad (tongue in cheek). What of those who are much older, I think?

At times I feel like there are almost too many memories. But I find in those memories a great blessing! Memories of happiness, of loved ones, of beautiful places and wonderful people! And you know what? God created us in His image so that means that God too remembers.


The Bible tells us that God remembers. He remembers us when we feel forgotten. When we are alone, He remembers us. Let me ask you something! Can a Mother forget? Absolutely not and neither does God! When there is something that bothers us, God knows it and He remembers us.

Isaiah 40 tells us; “my cause is disregarded by my God”

Have you not heard? He is the everlasting God who does not grow tired or weary and His understanding no one can fathom! And not one star is missing because of his attention to detail.

No, God does not forget. God does NOT forget anything at all, especially not anything that matters to us! His word tells us that God remembers everything, even the pain.

Ps 56:8 – records our tears on His scroll, KJV

…put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?

Wartime Tear Jars.

I don’t know if this is still something that people do, but it used to be that the families of the soldiers would store up their tears in a jar and then the soldier would take that tear jar with them to remember!

God remembers. He knows that we are just ‘dust’. We are not forgotten or forsaken, ever!

And to help US remember that HE remembers He tells us to REMEMBER His deeds of the past. He wants us to reflect and remember His faithfulness. Again and again he tells us to ‘remember what I did for you’

Those of you who are Christians, and have been for years, will have SO many examples to look back on and remember. Examples to remind you that God does in fact remember!


It can be a bit frightening when you think that God sees and remembers everything! He remembers everything you’ve done and said. And this is especially scary when you think that we’re all going to have to give an account to God for every word we have said! I mean, it’s a lifetime of things that we have said and done! But here’s the incredible thing! Did you know that God also forgets? He has selective memory! Or, how the Bible puts it, when we say sorry for those things we’ve done wrong:

– “I will remember their sins no more” Jer 31:34

– “ As far as the east is from the west” Ps103

So, our God who has an incredible memory and who made EVERYTHING also forgets. When you go back to Him a second time to ‘confess’ something you did, He says “What?!”

The Story

The story is told of a young girl in the Catholic Church who claimed she was having visions of Jesus, and that He would come and speak to her. The hierarchies of the church were having great difficulty knowing whether they should validate these visions as genuine. They applied many tests to them to verify them- but the result was never clear. Finally, one of the priests decided he knew how he would discover if the young girl really was being visited by Jesus or not. he asked her: ’next time you talk with Jesus like this, ask Him what sin I confessed to Him, secretly, last night!’.

The next time he saw the girl he asked her: ’have you spoken with Him, then”. “yes”, she replied. “So, what did He say when you asked Him what I confessed in secret?

“He said: ’I can’ t remember. I’ve forgotten”.

When we confess our sins God takes them and throws them in the deepest sea and puts up a sign that says; ‘no fishing’. And you know why He can do this? It’s because of Jesus. Because He paid for them. It’s because of Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf that God the Father chooses to forget.


So, today, we remember God’s faithfulness over the years! We are reminded that He remembers us and that He forgets & forgives our sins! We must remember Jesus’ death and sacrifice for us and the fact that it means that we can now  live!

Now, go, and be a man!

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