My Dad Taught Me to Fight and Never Stop – So I Did!

My Dad Taught Me to Fight and Never Stop – So I Did! May 29, 2019

BIO-23It seems that for most of my life, I’ve had to fight for things, and this stems from my father. He stood for what was right for three hearing impaired children in a public school. Even though the school was not adequately equipped to handle disabled children, Dad fought for us to remain and face the challenges that lie ahead.

His involvement, along with my mother’s, instilled a quit in me that has never ceased. I hear his word echo in my ears, “How are these kids going to learn in the real world, if we send them to a deaf and hard of hearing school? They need to learn to deal with their hearing loss and face challenges.” Boy, was he right on with the challenges part. With speech therapy and hearing aids, I dealt with everyday circumstances like climbing a mountain. And even today, with visual loss, I continue to advocate for my rights. It has truly been a journey, but thanks to Dad, and God, I am an over-comer!

Dad Cried Once

I only witnessed one time when my Dad cried. It was when his father passed away. Yet Mom tells me that Dad cried every night for his children. He would have given us his ears and eyes instead of us going deaf and blind. However, he did give us what my whick2sister calls, “back-bone”, for we are not shy in speaking out for what is right. Although we can’t see or hear very well, it does not mean that we’re invisible.

Paul states in 2 Timothy 4:7 “I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course. I have kept the faith.” Yes, we will face trouble in this world, but with Christ we can overcome (John 16:33). And overcome is exactly what I do because of what Dad exemplified for me. It is like the old saying. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” I have not let my disability stop me for being effective for the Kingdom. Regardless of my limitations, God has none. He is faithful and I continue to soar with the eagles!


Rev. Whick D. Turner is a licensed minister, author, worship drummer, songwriter, loving husband and father. Residing in San Antonio, Texas and a member of Destiny Church, Whick travels to minister and share his words of encouragement to motivate others to reach their fullest potential in God. Visit for more information and to reach Whick. Book-Cover-AdD. Turner. G L O R Y !

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