Three Images of World Spirituality

Three Images of World Spirituality August 25, 2013

These are the three core images of Unique Self Enlightenment, which is the building block for the Democratization of Enlightenment, which is the essence of an emergent World Spirituality.

Three Images of World Spirituality

First image:
An Orchestra. A great, symphonic orchestra, in which every instrument is playing its music, and the diversity instruments yields the great symphony.

Second image:
Puzzle and Puzzle Pieces. In order to become part of the One, part of the larger seamless coat of the universe, — in order to integrate — I integrate not by rounding out the curves of my uniqueness (through meditation or another practice), but rather by accentuating my authentic uniqueness. Because my true nature is that of a puzzle piece – and a puzzle piece fits into a larger puzzle with the unique curves of its essential identity. My uniqueness is the currency of connection that integrates me into the All, into the One.

Third image:
The Human Body. 50 trillion cells operating uniquely. Each cell is a unique expression – and yet all 50 trillion cells operate in complete, integrated harmony.

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