Winning at the Catch-up Game in NYC

Winning at the Catch-up Game in NYC October 19, 2015


Cash Is King

Ever since the Dutch settled Manhattan, Faith has been playing catch-up on this island. New Amsterdam was founded not by Pilgrims seeking religious freedom (as compared to Boston) or with Quakers seeking freedom of conscious (as compared to Philadelphia). New Amsterdam was founded by Dutchmen seeking the freedom to make money.

When the immigrants from Holland arrived, they built a fort, farms, shops, and drinking houses. Yet it took them 18 years to build a church. Today, when you walk down Wall Street and see Trinity Church—the building that was the tallest in the city for almost 50 years—dwarfed by the Stock Exchange on the left and an office building on the right, it seems to send the same message. Faith here is an afterthought, coming in a distant second to the real driver of this city; making money.

Turning the TablesLamphier

And yet there have been times when the tables were turned and faith eclipsed the rapacious desire to get ahead. The most notable switch took place in the 1850’s when a financial crash combined with the presence of businessman-turned missionary Jeremiah Lamphere, touched off a noontime prayer gathering that in todays’ terms went viral and stayed influential for almost 50 years.

History Repeating Itself?

Today there are quiet stirrings that could be the beginnings of a similar movement. I have the privilege of visiting a group that meets in a basement conference room of the New York Stock Exchange ever Tuesday for Prayer and Bible Study. Recently I was the guest speaker for a network of Christian employees who have a sanctioned fellowship at a Corporate 100 firm.   All across the region, 100’s of believers gathering in various groups: some meant to reinforce faith values near the places they work, some meant to connect the work they do day in and day out to the faith they process on Sunday.


My aim is to increase the integration and impact of faith and work in NYC and beyond.  Reaching this purpose means fostering a greater unity of thought and practice.  To this end, our organization is sponsoring 3 events in the coming weeks.   We’d love to have you join us at one or all of the following experiences:

1. Choice #1: Build Redemptive Culture In Your Work-Place:   On October 28th, we welcome Mike Stallard to the Harvard Club for an evening reception and presentation and interaction around workplace atmosphere called Building Connection Culture:  The details are all found here.

2.  Choice #2: Build Bridges To Accelerate the Impact of Faith on Work: On October 29th, during the annual Movement Day gathering, our guests and panelists will explore how Pastors, Marketplace Leaders, and Nonprofit Leaders can effectively work together.  Speakers include Jon Tyson, Bob Doll, and Dr. John Knapp among others.  Details are found here.

3.  Choice #3: Tune Up Your Navigation Of the External Culture: On October 30th, we host the Executive Summit, a gathering of senior marketplace leaders who are working to honor their faith in the midst of our current cultural climate.  This is an extended breakfast featuring Tim Keller, Dr. Michael Lindsay and others.  See the flier here.


Hope you’ll join us in the race and propel faith forward.




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