8th State Passes Convention of States Application

8th State Passes Convention of States Application May 26, 2016

Bring out the champagne on Bourbon Street, because there’s big news out of Louisiana!  

This week, on May 25th, the Louisiana state legislature passed the Convention of States resolution on a 62-36 vote!

This makes Louisiana the eighth state in history to call for a Convention of States to finally, once-and-for-all halt the abuses of the federal government.

The bill number was SCR52 sponsored by Senator Dan Claitor with 11 Senate co-sponsors. Once we made it to the House floor, there was rigorous debate. Some members attempted to kill the legislation by inserting “poison pill” amendments into the resolution. However, our support in the House was simply too large for them to overcome.

Now the people of Louisiana have joined with Florida, Georgia, Alaska, Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana, and Oklahoma in this historic fight to restore the rightful authority of the people and the states.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott celebrated with us:

Will you join with Louisiana and help Gov. Abbott get Texas on board? Will you take the next step and become an official member of the Convention of States team in your state? We need to secure even more critical victories around the country.

For too long the “elite” in D.C. have acted with impunity, disregarding the will of We the People and crushing state sovereignty.

Join the only movement that can stop government overreach. Click the button below to support a Convention of States team in your state.


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  • Congratulations, Louisiana. I am so proud of what you all have accomplished. I’m working to that goal for NC. You guys rock. Woohoooo!

  • Samuel Nelson

    Congrats to Louisiana! I am extremely proud of what you did. I hope that California will one day follow in your footsteps. You are truly an inspiration for others!

  • Gary

    Way to Go LA!!! Proud of your history making accomplishment!!! Only 26 more & we will make even more history!!

  • dano

    I’ve been volunteering for Convention of States since sept of last year……at that time we had 4 states pass….well here we are May 2016 and we are now at 8 states !!!
    It will happen folks. Please go to http://www.conventionofstates.com and sign away !

  • Rick Amundson

    we re working hard to add South Dakota next year

  • Shannon Coin Barker

    Congratulations to Louisiana for joining the Convention of States team!! One more state stronger! For those who are reading this and don’t fully know why this is a congratulatory moment, please take a few minutes and go to http://www.conventionofstates.com to get all the details. After reading, sign the petition and join us as a volunteer for the most worthwhile project of our times.

  • Michael Kohl

    Way to go Louisiana, You are an inspiration to the people in states yet to pass a resolution call for an Article V Convention of States.
    The federal government is crippling the American people with massive debt and overstepping its jurisdiction.
    We need 24 more states to step up to the plate and hit one out of the park by passing a resolution as have 8 states.

  • Clyde

    This is great news! Thanks to the Louisiana legislators who have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and fight to save our country from tyrannical federal government expansion. Let’s all get involved in getting educated and volunteering to spread the message of how we citizens in a grassroots effort can help save this great country of ours from centralized federal government over-reach (also known as socialism; Note: see Venezuela).

  • From the Maryland constitution of 1776, “The doctrine of non-resistance against arbitrary power and oppression, is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.” Way to go Louisiana!

  • Congratulations Louisiana. You had proven that in order to win the war against the runaway federal government, the battle is not in DC but rather in state capitals like Atlanta, Tallahassee, Juneau, Montgomery, Oklahoma City, Baton Rouge, Nashville, and Indianapolis.

    Attention Americans. If you want your state capital to join the fight, go to http://www.conventionofstates.com and find out how.

  • Sandy_W

    Only 26 to go!

  • WetlinaWoman

    Yea Louisiana!!!

  • Thank you Louisiana!

  • This is good news for the country. Louisiana is now part of the only solution to our country’s problem with the Federal Government’s abuse of power.

    But there is more work to be done – we need more states to pass the application or else we’ll never have a Convention. Visit conventionofstates.com to find out how you can help save our country!

  • George Gregorich

    All Americans need to get involved to put our country on the right path , conventionofstates.com sign the petition , read , learn get involved . We must fix this broken system .

  • Bob Buckley

    Great going Louisiana! This news far surpasses the news from the Presidential primaries. Wash DC has proven to We the People that elections don’t matter when all the politicians want to do is rule us.

  • Jeff Davis

    Thanks Louisiana! Now help us get more States on board!

  • Kyle Russell

    Great job Louisiana! 2017 will be the year that North Dakota will be the next state to add onto the resolution for the Convention of States. It was defeated in the Senatorial Committee as a result of bad language and people didn’t like some of the co-sponsors of the resolution! Passed the House with flying colors, we just have to get it to the Senate floor. Legislature starts in January of 2017 so lets get ready to push ND into the 9th spot.

  • This is great news! So excited for another state moving forward with the Convention of States project. Thank you to all the volunteers and the people of Louisiana. Lets keep this train rolling!

  • Leonard_Wood

    Bravo Louisiana.. Lets keep this trend rolling. Join the fight. Sign the petition and volunteer to get the word out..


  • Hilarious. All states that take far more from the federal government than they pay in to it.

    • Brent Dunklau

      They’re thinking about the country

  • Brent Dunklau

    Way to go Louisiana !