Oregon rancher receives government request to survey his property – read his brilliant response

Oregon rancher receives government request to survey his property – read his brilliant response June 23, 2016

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So many people cave in and bend over backwards to accommodate the most ridiculous requests of federal and state governments, but this story is a reminder of how we all should respond when bureaucrats come knocking at our doors.

Recently, Oregon ranchers Larry and Amanda Anderson received a letter by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife asking for permission to survey their land in order to track a nearly endangered species. The letter requested use of the landowners’ creek to document the amphibian life represented, specifically the foothill yellow-legged frog which is noted to have recently declined in population. If the Anderson’s agreed to give the department access, they were ensured as being responsible for “the conservation of this important species.”

But the Andersons weren’t exactly interested and noticed an opportunity to turn the tables on the request and apply a little “Golden Rule” justice, or at least doing unto the government as is so often done unto them.

The Andersons constructed one of the best come-back letters of all time. The only way to truly appreciate it is to read it in its entirety:

Dear Mr. Niemela:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding accessing our property to survey for the yellow-legged frog. We may be able to help you out with this matter.

We have divided our 2.26 acres into 75 equal survey units with a draw tag for each unit. Application fees are only $8.00 per unit after you purchase the “Frog Survey License” ($120.00 resident / $180.00 Non-Resident). You will also need to obtain a “Frog Habitat” parking permit ($10.00 per vehicle). You will also need an “Invasive Species” stamp ($15.00 for the first vehicle and $5.00 for each add’l vehicle) You will also want to register at the Check Station to have your vehicle inspected for non-native plant life prior to entering our property. There is also a Day Use fee, $5.00 per vehicle.

If you are successful in the Draw you will be notified two weeks in advance so you can make necessary plans and purchase your “Creek Habitat” stamp. ($18.00 Resident / $140.00 Non-Resident). Survey units open between 8am and 3pm but you cannot commence survey until 9am and must cease all survey activity by 1pm.

Survey Gear can only include a net with a 2″ diameter made of 100% organic cotton netting with no longer than an 18″ handle, non-weighted and no deeper than 6′ from net frame to bottom of net. Handles can only be made of BPA-free plastics or wooden handles. After 1pm you can use a net with a 3″ diameter if you purchase the “Frog Net Endorsement” ($75.00 Resident / $250 Non-Resident). Any frogs captured that are released will need to be released with an approved release device back into the environment unharmed.

As of June 1, we are offering draw tags for our “Premium Survey” units and application is again only $8.00 per application. However, all fees can be waived if you can verify Native Indian Tribal rights and status.

You will also need to provide evidence of successful completion of “Frog Surveys and You” comprehensive course on frog identification, safe handling practices, and self-defense strategies for frog attacks. This course is offered online through an accredited program for a nominal fee of $750.00.

Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you. Otherwise, we decline your access to our property but appreciate your inquiry.

Larry & Amanda Anderson

Pure genius and a testament to the Anderson’s resolve to stand up to an intrusive government.

Here are photos of both letters, provided by PowerLine:

Letter-1-copy Letter-2-copy

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Oregon rancher receives government request to ..."

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  • MichaelNewsham

    P.S. I’m also writing to complain my agricultural subsidy check is late, the postman has been slow twice this week, we need some more publicly-funded below-cost water, and our road didn’t get plowed often enough last winter.

    • David Chapman

      Postman slow? Probably got something to do with firearms training for all that military weaponary the US postal service has purchased between 2006 & 2014.

      • Survey Gear can only include a net with a 2″ diameter made of 100% organic cotton netting with no longer than an 18″ handle, non-weighted and no deeper than 6′ from net frame to bottom of net. Handles can only be made of BPA-free plastics or wooden handles. After 1pm you can use a net with a 3″ diameter if you purchase the “Frog Net Endorsement” ($75.00 Resident / $250 Non-Resident). Any frogs captured that are released will need to be released with an approved release device back into the environment unharmed.

  • realetybytes

    I just LOVE this. Here is your smile for the day! #WakeUpAmerica @realDonaldTrump

  • Blightness

    GOT EM!

  • SFC Kenneth A. Partyka, SR ( R

    That was a great response to our crooked Government. Who knows what that survey would have been really for. I don’t trust the Government , especially with a thief and a liar in charge.

    • AMSilver

      Oh, I’d say the chances are good that the survey would have been to look for the frog in question. Then, when the frog wasn’t found (or was found) the survey information would have been used as an excuse to put the land under federal jurisdiction in order to preserve the frog population – and the landowners would have been deprived of use of the property – probably without compensation.

      • ei-g1

        God said “take charge of my zoo; I made these creatures for you.” So he won’t mind if we wipe out a species or two, right?

        • skelnav88

          And you care more about animals than people and their right. Tell me, how much does the land management people pay you?

        • Marlon Hoeffner

          lol….turn off MSNBC and CNN and start thinking for yourself

      • john

        The bad thing about this is first they look for the species … not there see you later..they find the species they look for critical habitat… if it is there they want some protections… not the land only the idiots that think their phone is tapped and the neighbor across the street is spying on them think that the government wants you to pay taxes on your land…. most land that you hear about being “taken over” is land turned over to the government to avoid taxes and is leased to the ranches (BLM) which is land the normal public is being cheated on…so they own access to the big ranches and no one else can rent it because they dont have a way to get to it… if you work with the regulators they will even come up with ideas to minimize their involvement…. and help the species survive…and it is not normally “their land” it is just they lose access to part of the land they lease from BLM…that they are hosing the public on…

    • Janet Cox Tuhey

      It must be exhausting to carry all of that paranoia 24/7.

      • skelnav88

        Apparently you don’t care about the blm land grab and never heard what happened to the timber industry in the Pacific Northwest because of the spotted owl. That is ok. you can crawl back under your rock. The mean ole rational people will not get you.

        • John Story

          So you consider money worth more than nature and an owl? So you like species being driven to extinction.

          • Smokin steve

            Yes, I consider property rights and an industry nessesary to the US more important the an owl that was used as an excuse by the anti logging lobby to kill the industry. My friend had his family’s ranch taken from them in order to protect an eagle nest. Now there is a power transformer, a freeway,and a housing development, I guess those were better for the land then cows and a farm.

      • Marlon Hoeffner

        probably a good thing you wasn’t around 240 years ago….

      • Negan ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

        It must be exhausting to carry all of that stupidity 24/7.

  • Terry Beer

    Nice !!!

  • Mammaw7

    love it!

  • Samuel Nelson


  • Teerexness

    Pure genius.

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    All they had to do was say no. 2.26 a. is not a ranch. Depending on the slope, if the frogs were found and counted by the time the data was recorded they probably would have already swam off the property.

  • Paul S. Highland

    Wonder what the government’s reaction was. =PSH

  • Bill_Fan

    Great letter and even greater if you have or still do apply for hunting tags in Or.

  • Outstanding! The current government truly needs to be put in it’s place and President Trump is the only person who will do it, certainly not Hillary, she will only make government even more intrusive than it is today! We can see how corrupt and evil both Parties have become, not wanting an outsider to come in, one that they cannot buy off, because they don’t want their corrupt Political Privilege Boat rocked, the only that keeps them out of prison and makes them all into millionaires on Public Servants pay! Time to sink that Boat and the corrupt scum that use it! TRUMP/TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS 2016!

    • LainiKay

      Hillary’s problems are no reason to vote for Trump. He is far from a patriot. Just because what he has isn’t political privilege doesn’t mean he’s not sitting smack in the middle of his privilege yacht drawing up massive tax breaks for himself at everyone else’s expense. Doesn’t mean he isn’t one of the ones that has shipped tons of jobs overseas. Doesn’t mean he is sane enough to walk us through a negotiation with another country. You want freedom? Check out Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party.

      • If you have any proof of the trash your talking, then post them, otherwise, it is just ignorant LIES of a Hater! Gary is a good man but has no chance in hell. A vote for Gary or Jill is a vote for Hillary, simple as that! Course, I have ran across many others who no longer care if our Nation turns into a 3rd world sewer, like yourself. At least Trump has accomplishments, love for our Nation, and backs Law & Order and providing jobs for Americans, unlike any of the others.

        • Witchwindy

          That old saw “a vote for ___ is a vote for ___” is total bullshit, it’s been used again and again over nearly my entire life and it has only gotten us candidates from the duopoly who are worse and worse with each election. A vote for Gary is a vote for ONLY Gary, it will NOT make one whit of difference concerning Clump unless the vast majority of voters decide they’ve had enough of the duopoly and vote for him instead and then at the very least we get a better choice than Clintrump, and at best we get an actual president who believes in freedom over the fascist state we live under now.
          PS, Gary’s first choice for SCOTUS justice to replace Scalia is Judge Napolitano.

          • You sound more like one of Obama’s Butt Boys from his Bath House Harem. Bet you voted for the Queen too, huh?

          • Witchwindy

            Can you read? More to the point do you even comprehend what you read? I have NEVER voted for ANY democrat nor ANY republican, the duopoly has practically destroyed the individual freedom the Founders attempted to create in America, why ANYONE would vote for either wing of that bird of prey is beyond my ability to understand. Obama is just the most recent abomination to hold the executive office, but there has not be a single president or congress in my 70 some years of life that has abided by the Constitution. Had I my druthers government would be abolished, completely and the world would become voluntaryist!

          • Lol, quite a dream you have there!

          • Oh, Gary Johnson also supports Open Borders and supports the UN in forcing the USA to follow International Law instead of American Law. Just another SOB who is willing to sell out our Nation.

          • Witchwindy

            You are, sadly, completely misinformed about Gary Johnson.

          • Simple minds always come up with excuses, but yes, a vote for Gary is still a vote for Hillary, but keep telling yourself that, maybe you can convince yourself, hon.

          • Witchwindy


            When you tell me I’m wasting my vote, or that my vote for GAry Johnson is a vote for Hillary, you’re making a selfish statement.
            You are saying that my beliefs aren’t worth being represented, that I should silence my voice so yours can be louder. F U very much, I’ll be voting my conscience, not your or someone else’s politics!

          • Easy to see that the condition of our Nation doesn’t concern you, hon. Not much of a Patriot, never served in our military, or contributed much to our society, huh? Sad.

      • Greg81

        Gary Johnson isn’t the libertarian you think he is. Krisanne Hall did a constitutional study on him and found he is quite far from being a constitutional and liberty minded candidate.

  • ei-g1

    OK, so he’s both anti-government AND an asshole. And many here cheer him on. Because they too…

    • Hal Spencer

      I guess you’ve never applied for a state or federal permit to hunt, fish, trap or camp, have you?

      • Marlon Hoeffner

        It’s INSANE !!! I took my little boy to Colorado last week to fish, after fishing licenses, habitat stamps, camp fees & day use fees we was about out of money !!!

    • Mark S

      Once again when a liberal lacks the intellectual horse power to assemble a logical and rational statement they revert to castigation.

    • David R Cook

      That frog that important to you or is humor completely lost on you?

    • skelnav88

      You are a true tree hugger who cares more for a frog than a human life. Idiot.

      • Jack

        So, I’m confused. How is searching for frogs, which are declining in many places, hurting anyone?

        …or are you not intelligent enough to understand the importance of amphibians dying off?

        • Marlon Hoeffner

          Jack, the “expert” will discover that the frogs are dying off, next up, they will send a letter telling these folks that they noticed they used a wood burning fireplace and the emissions are killing the frogs, they will then be required to stop heating their house……it doesn’t stop…..best thing is to tell the gubment to go to YOUR house and look for frogs.

        • How is denying their request hurting anyone?

        • onetruepatriot

          Jack, are you familiar with the ‘Snail Darter’?

    • Jeremy Parks

      Found the liberal

      • johnlo

        It really was an A-hole move. I wouldn’t assume this individual is a liberal.

    • Marlon Hoeffner

      why is he an asshole? have you ever tried to camp on gubment land? or hunt an animal in the wild (i’m sure you havn’t)….there are fees after fees, licenses after licenses all required….this guy is just doing EXACTLY what the gubment does

      • Jordan Scheremeta

        I camp on government land (USFS) all the time. There are no fees unless you use a developed campground, in which case the fees pay for operation and maintenance of the campground. The only thing they ask is that you don’t camp in the same spot for more than 14-days at a time (to avoid leaving a scar on the land).

        • SMH

          No place we’ve ever gone allowed free access…

          • john

            your camping in “established areas” Jordan is 100% correct, if you camp in a campground they may charge you for the improvements they made…. you can even park in some campgrounds with water electricity and internet… not kidding… but they charge you…but most places have no way to even charge…

          • Smokin steve

            You need a pass just to park your car in our local NF.

  • oldhippie

    eI-G1 you are a true liberal retard that should have been aborted . The same way you want abortion and the best part of you ran down your dad’s leg I guess. The guy has every right to not like an intrusive government and no he was not an ass hole like you are. He was trying to charge the same types of fees that they would have charged him . You are a fukin idiot.

  • Jack

    I’m confused.
    Granted, I get the humor…

    But, does no one understand the importance of amphibian decline?
    They’re basically our canary in the coal mine for determining many negative factors in our environment.

    Ohh noo big bag government.

    It would certainly be nice to be offered compensation for time spent on someone’s property, but I’m sure it’s a small grant being offered to some scientists/biologists who aren’t given much in the way of funding.

    But, I guess having some guys walk around is really that much of an imposition.

    • Sheila Orr

      You are obviously living in oblivion. Once the feds are on your property, they aren’t looking for frogs, just has Bundy’s cattle did not interfere in the mouse population that, by the wahy, they had ‘captured for study’ but instead of releasing their study subjects back to their habitat, the captured mice were destroyed. Wake up.

      • gorgegirl

        The Bundy’s lease on BLM property had expired years ago. The Bundy’s were trespassing on federal land with their cattle.

        • Witchwindy

          The federal government was forbidden by the Constitution to own any lands beyond the 10 mile square of DC and forts and ports. So the Bundys were doing nothing wrong, Constitutionally, it is the government that is doing wrong.

          • gorgegirl

            You are a perfect example of idiots not knowing what is in the US Constitution.

            “The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States….”


            The federal government owns or controls about thirty percent of the land in the United States. These holdings include national parks, national forests, recreation areas, wildlife refuges, vast tracts of range and wasteland managed by the Bureau of Land Management, reservations held in trust for Native American tribes, military bases, and ordinary federal buildings and installations. Although federal property can be found in every state, the largest concentrations are in the west, where, for example, the federal government owns over eighty percent of the land within Nevada.

            The primary constitutional authority for the management and control of this vast real-estate empire is the Property Clause. The Property Clause simply allows Congress to act as an ordinary owner of land. It can set policy regarding whether such lands will be sold or retained and, if they are retained, who may enter these lands and for what purposes.

          • Witchwindy


            The federal government has no authority to own any land outside Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, that says the federal government’s only authority to own land is 10 square miles for Washington, D.C., and the amount of land necessary to operate forts and ports at the permission of the states. If the states don’t want the forts and ports anymore, they have the authority to withdraw the permission.

            The only other section that someone could claim is Article 4, Section 3, Clause 2, that deals with territories, and then, further expounds on the application of the ownership of land that we talked about in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17. Let’s be very clear about this territories thing. Go read the U.S. Constitution. “Territory” is capitalized; this is a proper noun with a specific meaning, and the federal government owns no territory within the continental United States.

            Territory is not even land that the government owns; it is land that the government holds in trust for the states. Once a state petitions to become a state and a member of the Union, that is no longer a territory, and the federal government has no authority over it. That state then becomes an independent, free and sovereign government. It’s called “the equal footing doctrine”; even the Supreme Court of the United States upholds this doctrine: it says that every State that enters the Union enters on the same footing as the first 13.

            Go read the Declaration of Independence; you’ll see what that footing is. Independent, free and sovereign — you cannot be a territory and be sovereign. You cannot be a state and still be a territory. The federal government has no lawful control over any land in the states outside forts and ports and 10 square miles for Washington, D.C. Where in the U.S. Constitution is the authority for the Bureau of Land Management? I challenge anyone, because you cannot. There is no authority for the federal government to dictate to the states or the people how they operate their land.

            Do not recite to me “executive order”; there is no phone or pen big enough to alter the Constitution. Do not recite to me “Congressional Act”; Congress cannot pass laws to alter the Constitution outside the Article V amendment process. Article 6, Section 2, Clause 2, says that no law made contrary to the Constitution is valid. Alexander Hamilton said the same thing in Federalist Papers 33: “No law contrary (outside) to the Constitution is a valid law at all.”

            Consider this opinion of the Supreme Court:

            The general misconception is that any statute passed by legislators bearing the appearance of law constitutes the law of the land. The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land, and any statute, to be valid, must be in agreement. It is impossible for both the Constitution and a law violating it to be valid; one must prevail. This is succinctly stated as follows:

            The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it.

            An unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been passed. Such a statute leaves the question that it purports to settle just as it would be had the statute not been enacted.

            Since an unconstitutional law is void, the general principals follow that it imposes no duties, confers no rights, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, and justifies no acts performed under it . . .

            A void act cannot be legally consistent with a valid one.

            An unconstitutional law cannot operate to supersede any existing valid law.

            Indeed, insofar as a statute runs counter to the fundamental law of the land, it is superseded thereby.

            No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.

            – Sixteenth American Jurisprudence, Second Edition, Section 177. (late 2nd Ed. Section 256)

            Keep this in mind when your friends and family, or your elected officials tell you that “it’s the law, you have to.” If that law is arbitrary to the constitution, if it renders you subject to illegal or unconstitutional laws and acts it is in fact, null and void. Keep this in mind when the courts rule in favor of corporate interests knowingly violating the rights and protections afforded the people as described in the Constitution. Almost without exception, every law that has been passed by one administration and congress after another in the last twenty years has substantially violated and reduced the rights of Americans.

            One of the gravest mistakes made by Americans today is the mistake of assuming that because congress passed a piece of legislation and the president signed it, the violations of rights and liberties, the assaults on the American people under the guise of [national security] or other created crisis are justified or legal.

            You have guaranteed rights only so long as you defend them from encroachment by the government.

        • Barry McLawhorn

          Congratulations you just exposed yourself as a troll. No more food for you.

    • Marlon Hoeffner

      Is it possible for someone to be so naive? Do you honestly think it will stop at “some guys walking around”…..wow, you need to turn MSNBC and CNN off and wake up.

    • SMH

      Give them unlimited access to your property (assuming you’re a property owner). Let them tell you that you’re not allowed to water/cultivate/farm, etc. due to some obscure animal/reptile and your use of the YOUR property (whatever it is) must cease because some government dependent “scientist” has deemed it so. Real bright, if you think it doesn’t effect you it doesn’t matter, just wait, they’ll get around to something near and dear to you eventually. Just don’t expect any sympathy from those who were screwed over before you…

      • John Story

        We do. We have natural resources on our land that we understand that needs to be protected. So yes, we dont fucking farm because we’re not assholes out to make a buck.

        • SMH

          Right… what’s that natural resource that’s not being farmed??? Oh, dirt, right, I’ve got that, too,

  • pappymatt

    Perfect response! The waste incurred by the government to conduct these ridiculous studies if profane, especially in the face of the utter failure of government to ameliorate the suffering and decline that is present in American human society from sea to shining sea. If they can’t get ‘People’ right, how can we venture to assume we know what’s best for frogs?

  • Elwar

    The initial letter is basically “The US government wants some of your land so we need to access your property to help prove that we can confiscate it.”.

    • Exactly! This is what can happen – eminent domain after they check it out. Vultures

      • gorgegirl

        Sorry, but that isn’t what “eminent domain” is about. Finding a frog in the creek on your property is not going to cause any restrictions on the use of the property for the owners.
        But, the letter was funny….

        • Enzo Gorlami

          If said frog is on the endangered species list the use restrictions for the land will be so outrageous that the land becomes worthless for resale [until the federal government comes in a lowballs an offer at you to take it off your hands]

          • gorgegirl

            Not true. I’ve been a real estate broker for a long time. I know of property that has the Western turtle around these ponds. People can’t build within 40 feet of a pond or creek anyway, especially if they have a septic tank. It doesn’t diminish the use or value of the land at all

          • Letting gov onto your land increases chance of eminent domain or other problems. What do we want? Dead Whales!. When do we want them? Now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU9wydLxKFQ

          • gorgegirl

            I don’t think you even know what eminent domain is.

          • Excalibur

            We do. That’s the reason the family no longer has our farm. That is also the reason we did not get what the land was really worth. In the process, we were threatened with this > if you fight against this offer we are giving you, we will still get the land for our purposes, and you will get a lot less than what this offer is. This was in the late 60’s, the grandparents owned it.
            *begin sarcasm* Thank you, government, for being so fair. *end sarcasm*

          • gorgegirl

            That is a lot of BS. The US Government always pays the appraised value from an independent appraiser. Like I said, I am a real estate broker in two states which are in a national scenic area. I also know that the government only takes by eminent domain the amount of land they need. If they only need 10 acres, they will try to get only the 10 acres and nothing more. You reek of hate and a bunch of bull.

          • Brian Schrock
          • Brian Schrock
          • gorgegirl

            “It is fundamentally wrong, and contrary to the Constitution for the government to take property from one private owner, and hand it over to another private owner, just because the government thinks that person is going to make more productive use of the land,” says Bullock.

            The republicans on the US Supreme court did make a big mistake when they allowed a private party to claim eminent domain for water front condos in Connecticut. Now, the lots where those homes stood is now vacant and Scalia’s friends didn’t build the condos. It is time for the US Supreme court to correct that mistake. Even Donald Trump couldn’t tear down that little lady’s house in Atlantic City for his parking lot.

          • parkerglp

            Are you really so ignorant that you think the government gives a rats’s a$$ about the Constitution says? Right here in Denver the government closes down mom and pop shops in strip malls so their friends can build a gas station or convenience store because it will ‘ generate more taxes!’ The SOBs take whatever they want and if you don’t like it, they don’t pay you one dime! You are clueless!!!

          • Excalibur

            Sorry, girl…no matter your supposed …ahem…..”high standing”……the family lived through it and experienced it…..it is not bull, it actually happened, and it was much more than 10 acres. We kept the farmhouse and acreage above the road….but the government took all acreage and everything below the road, including the barn, all farm implements except one tractor, dairy animals and outbuildings. Before you start slandering what has been said, understand this…the experience we went through is not fabricated, it actually happened…and YOU were not there, perhaps not even born yet. Then you start accusing me of hate and bullshit?
            My, my what a sorry state of mind you have. Until you live it…do not suppose or imagine you know what happened. Because, my little one…you were not there ….and you are wrong.
            It is not what they “need”…it is what they want…and they will ‘screw you to hellanbach’ in order to get it.

          • john

            There are a lot of people that dont understand the basics… fight the rules and you will lose…. work with them and they will find a way to work it out… they dont want your land they really prefer for you to pay taxes on it…

          • Excalibur

            We understand the basics. You will get what they offer, nothing more if you ask or even try to work with them. This was the answer of trying to “work with them” …..if you fight against this offer we are giving you, we will still get the land for our purposes, and you will get a lot less than what this offer is.
            That’s the reason the family no longer has our farm. That is also the reason we did not get what the land was really worth. In the process, we were threatened with that answer.
            This was in the late 60’s, the grandparents owned it.
            *begin sarcasm* Thank you, government, for being so fair. *end sarcasm*

          • Barry McLawhorn

            #CANTFIXSTUID or liars.

          • gorgegirl

            No matter what someone with knowledge has, people like you will never believe it anyway because you choose to have your head up your butt.

          • Michael Jones


          • Holy Cross

            Since you have been a broker for a long time; please tell me who “owns” the property when someone buys it? If the purchaser “owns” the property after closing, why does it say they are “tenants” (joint tenants or tenants in entirety etc…) on their lawyer recorded deed???? Just because one performs a job for years doesn’t necessarily mean they understand what they are doing to people.

            Did you inform all your buyers that ultimately they are still just tenants??? Time to wake up to the fraud.

          • gorgegirl

            The “Tenants in common” or “joint tenants” just refers to how the deed to the property is taken. A more common language – community property. The death or one of the owners, the ownership passes to the survivor.

          • Holy Cross

            According to Blacks Law dictionary – “strictly speaking, a tenant is a person who HOLDS land;…”

            He has right and use of it unless he does not pay his property taxes (ie:RENT)!

            Yet he paid for right and use of it forever when he purchased it, no?

            So where did he loose the right of ownership/use?

            Was the land/property converted at some point that you or I were not told about?
            Do we actually have a secondary position to the land/property?

            If so, who has first position and why was this not disclosed when we purchased our land/property?

            Or maybe OUR status changed at some point that we were not aware of at some time and this is why this couple can absolutely do what they are doing because they know they are not slaves.

        • If they decide they like your land they can find a reason they have to have it. They can justify this after they’ve done their due diligence by coming on your land. I think it’s best not to let them on, don’t you?

          Farrell Apparel
          3553 120th Ave SE
          Bellevue, WA 98006

        • Barry McLawhorn

          Unless you are sarcastic, you are genuinely naive,

          • Marty Ratliff Cornelius

            Barry gorge girl is brain dead no other excuse for her remarks, and her reality license don’t guarantee she knows anything. Don’t forget the Bundy family in Nevada.

        • Chris Parker

          According to the original letter, they seem to think they can, actually….

        • Jim Harvey

          Boy you don’t know SHIT about how the Government works do you?

        • scott young

          Sorry, but you are just plain wrong. If they did find the frog you would be promptly be made a steward of said frog. You would be told what you can and can’t do on your own property and you would be responsible for said frog. If the frog died off you would be held legally responsible. It’s happened before.

        • B Jason

          Don’t be fooled.The US forest service can and have used eminent domion anytime it is to there advantage .I saw my dad lose property tothem way below market value . They told him what they would pay and if he did not take it he would receive way less. Probaly the same where these people live only thing may not be the forest service could be a city county state blm etc.

          • gorgegirl

            Your father probably had an inflated value attached to his property. And, he could contest the appraisal if he was aware of other sales that were comparable that sold for more. But, it is required that the US Forest Service, the BPA or any other government agency pay the fair market value for property they acquire.

          • B Jason

            It doesn’t seem to matter what anyone says you seem to know it all. I wonder if you have ever been envolved with land and imminent domain. If not and your not afederal lawyer you don’t know all that they can do. I witnessed this myself first hand and know how it was done. And no the land was not over valued by my dad it was what he had been offered for the land prior to the forest service taking it. Some in the area hired attorneys and postponed it for a short time but then a federal judge ordered them off the property or go to jail. Some of the people had lived there all. Their lives not only them but parents and grandparents before them

          • Excalibur

            That is exactly what happened to us. That little girl doesn’t know the actual facts.

          • Steven Davis

            No, I think all of your comments actually highlight this situation and others like it. This conversation is highlighting the ability of manipulating media in order to push for a specific outcome verses private people trying to protect what is rightfully theirs. For this gorgegirl, who is commenting on the government can do no wrong is an identification of how they, the government or parts of it who are relegated to an agenda use media comments, editorials, social web pages etc, and especially news, to direct people to how they are working to accomplish their agenda. In this case, she is debating how her perception with being a real-estate agent has been highlighted with following how the managers of local governments, and larger organizations who are willing pay a lot of money to get their way are being put down by individual people due to how they have been manipulated and used/forced to give up what they have worked so hard for. (Mainly property, home, real-estate etc). The frustration for many of us individuals is that when laws are used against us and our hard work, it seems they are manipulating laws and rules of governing for the favor of the few who will benefit. The conclusion is that a few are manipulating agenda’s for their benefit, and to do something about it I have to encourage everyone to look to the 1st Michigan Assembly, to the original constitution which says Government of the people, and not the fake constitution written after the civil war that says government for the people, Judge Anna Von Reitz, and getting involved with this information in order to regain our true indepencence. Because we are not going to get it back argueing about it over social media, however, it is here where will can find others who are interested in learning more.

        • raythemixer

          Wanna bet? I have suffered this once before myself… Now I cannot touch or sell the land… The Government will screw you in a heart beat…

  • Pepperjack

    That was the nicest “go eff yourself” I’ve ever read. Kudos.

    • 5_ever

      If you don’t like the government involved in everything, feel free to move to Somalia where there is no functioning government.

      • Witchwindy

        If you like government involvement in every aspect of your life so much, why don’t you move to North Korea? Or Saudi Arabia? United Arab Emirates? Venezuela? Take your pick they are all more suitable to your way of thinking than the America created by lovers of FREEDOM who wanted individual liberty for everyone without government interference (you do know what liberty and freedom are, right?) in our daily lives and business. And in the meantime, read this:

      • Texas Tin Man

        What part of Constitutionally constrained federal government do you not agree with?

      • Michael Jones

        Where in the constitution does it give government the right to invade your property to look for a flucking frog, hmm?

      • Michael Jones

        The U.S. was established as a result of intrusive government. You seem to have a libtard view of government.

      • Michael Jones

        If you love government so much, feel free to move to Cuba where there is plenty of government.

      • scott young

        Wrong. We believe in freedom FROM government.

      • raythemixer

        You are an idiot… You clearly do not believe in freedom and you have obviously never been to Somalia.. You sound like the asshole you no doubt are!

      • Pepperjack

        Speaking of effing yourself….. you may go.

  • Greg81

    This was awesome.

  • john

    The bad thing is they might have put their land into the critical habitat category by not letting them look… screw yourself to feel like you are saying something cute…

    • Hmm.. So you suggest being victimized by an abusive govt, because you’re just going to be victimized in the end anyways, so you mine as well just give in and submit to govt abuse of power. If you are going to be victimized by an abusive govt in the first place, and will still end up victimized in the end, not taking a stand for your private property rights is not only cowardly, but just stupid. I would rather go down fighting than to be a coward and not even fight for myself. If the Founding Fathers thought like you, there would never be an America. Thank God they did not think like you.

      • David P. Bresett

        Reagan was a huge criminal.

        • Michael Jones


          • Paula Heady

            Adolescent name caller

        • Al Wilson

          Before I respond to such a dimwitted posting such as yours, just so as to not cross the line of your idiocy would please tell me, on a scale of 9-10 exactly how stupid are you? Completely or totally…? Knowing this in advance of my response to you will insure that my words do not permanently damage your psyche…

          • NEBT

            The Franklin Cover Up, Iran Contra, Rex-84, 2 million+ babies aborted from his therapeutic abortion bill, he tripled the size of the government, supported killing American jobs by proposing NAFTA concept, gave orders to make exceptions at the Southern-Border to allow US farmers to use illegal-slave-labor to pick crops, because “Americans did not want those jobs”. That caused massive illegal immigration into the US from many nations through the Southern Border. National debt was $900 billion when he took office. $2.8 TRILLION when he left. Said he was going to abolish the fed education dept and small businesses admin. He abolished neither.
            There’s trading arms for hostages in freeing the hostages from Iran, which VP George H W Bush negotiated with Iran, to hold those American hostages for 444 days, until Reagan was elected. While Governor of California he signed gun control legislation into law.
            62 Americans murdered by the shooting down KAL 007. BUT YOU’RE RIGHT HE WASN’T A TREASONOUS, CRIMINAL POS

          • rockribbedrushy

            Boy are you confused. Does NEBT stand for
            Not Even Barely True?
            Got any sources for your wild assertions? I didn’t think so.
            Maybe Reagan ‘tripled the debt’, but you are fine with Obama doubling the Debt from 10Tr to 20Tr?
            When was that abortion law signed that he was president?
            Since Education and other Dept’s were created by Congress, only Congress can undo them.
            Hostages were allowed by Carter and were released when Reagan was elected. There was no such deal. Prove it!
            And the growth in the federal employment was mainly in the military.
            The rest of your screed sounds like it came from Hillary.

          • Icorps1970

            Were you alive when Reagan was president? You DO remember how the debt REALLY sky rocketed, right? The Democrats in congress refused to cut spending. Do you remember the mess that the US was in BEFORE Reagan? Unlike Obama he actually FIXED the problem and the economy recovered. You must remember that the Democrats and the press and the NWO globalists hated Reagan and have consistently lied about what he did and how he did it and who really ran up the debt… But thats what the left does. Lie. Currently there are many expecting the globalist bankers to crash the tottering economy so they can blame it on Trump. This will then PO people and the left will then be called on to “fix” it like they “fixed” the Great Depression.

          • Paula Heady

            And if ya don’t mind, before he responds to such an arrogant, uncivilized attack on his personal opinion (and mine), on a scale of 9-10 exactly how entitled are you to label other people dimwitted for their opinions contrary to yours? Knowing in advance that your response will be as rude your comment to David P. Bresett, be assured that you will receive nada from me.

          • Al Wilson

            If you have to ask then you are too stupid to begin with. I bet you threw that “nada” in there to try and impress me, huh? Guess what. It didn’t work… Ciao stpido…

          • Al Wilson

            I don’t want nada from you or even por nada for that matter…!

          • EboTebo

            Yuck Fu, Al!!

          • Al Wilson

            Yuck…? Fu…? So you chose a stupidity mark of ten. Just as I thought. Your Yuck response gave you away. So, lets take this a little farther. Does your vocabulary include words more than four letters long. You can use your fingers and toes to help you count. Thank you so much.

          • EboTebo

            Is Al short for Alvin or Alfred, or were your parents too lazy to use more than two letters because they came to the conclusion that through minimizing your name there would be less chance of them forgetting you existed. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/580a88c5aa29a0fe007aaa09e1d1bace922d807a2dfe2de99917571045c8bce4.jpg

          • Al Wilson

            Your lack of gray matter is only exceeded by your stupidity ebotebo. Has anybody ever told you really clever at put downs? No, I didn’t think so.

          • ElmerJFudd

            How would he know how stupid he is?? His mommy made sure he never knew.

        • EboTebo

          That he was!

        • gbp91

          your kidding or just insanely quacked out

        • Icorps1970

          Citations please. Then we will cite Hillary and Obama. Just for a comparison

    • scott young

      Wrong. They told them to get f*cked in a polite way.

  • Michael Reed

    Whatever reason the gov’t may give for wanting access to the land, you can be reasonably certain is not the real reason they want it. They would use the frog survey to get on the land and then once they’re there and “unremoveable,” they will commence surveying for natural resources they can sell to foreign interests at huge profits! After all, the gov’t is really just a for profit corporation!

  • Ja Florian

    I’d like to think Fish & Wildlife have a sense of humor. They charge dozens of fees… the couple was just giving them a taste of their own medicine. What would be hilarious is if Fish & Wildlife would actually add up all those ‘fees’ listed and send the couple a check with a thank-you for the laugh.

  • Woody

    That was awesome, but i woulda just told them to fuck off.

  • John Story

    That man is a fucking asshole.
    …..grr…..it’s too late/early for that shit..

    • gbp91

      you mean the liberal progressive government……

      • Jim Jimjim

        No he means the rancher is a fucking asshole. because he is.

        • Robert Sawitski


          • Soraya Xel

            What did Steve Niemela, a biologist, ever do to him? It’s not like this guy passes laws, imposes taxes, or anything else. This is a guy with a job to count frogs. Presumably he took the job because he needs money to feed is family, and… I guess probably cares at least a little bit about frogs.

            And so he politely asks “Hey, can I come count your frogs?” and gets a spiteful response like this… to things he’s not at all in charge of.

    • parkerglp

      The rancher? Why? Because he isn’t a dickless little pussy who bends over and kisses his own a$$ every time the government tells him to???

    • Derek

      Just because you are a neutered coward, do not expect everyone else to be.

  • Twit Prez Can’t Stop Tweeting


  • JimH

    After the benevolent, Uncle big government takes his ranch, they will offer Larry a job, writing form letters. He is quite good.:-)

    • Jim Jimjim

      Hopefully they will take it.

      • jtak101

        Why are you such a dick jim jim???

      • fourwarschief

        Truly the pure intent of liberals exposed for all to see

      • MoeY

        Change your blog name to Jerk JerkJerk.

      • SteveforAmerica

        Wait till these people start screwing around with your life and property in an arbitrary and dictatorial fashion.

  • Jim Jimjim

    Hopefully he gets charged with a misdemeanor for this cute little stunt.

    • ElmerJFudd

      And what would the crime be?

      • Soraya Xel

        Yeah “being a jerk” isn’t really a crime.

    • Derek

      Hopefully you choke on your tongue in your sleep.

    • wags

      on what charge?

  • Dantco

    President Trump ought to interview this land owner for the lead government position that has oversight on BLM–no, not that blm…the real one!

  • Evelyn Swart

    This is pretty clever. However I am tired of this idea that the government is the enemy. The people who work for the government are generally good people who care about doing a good job. The recipients of this letter probably got a kick out of it, because they are people with a sense of humor.

    • Johnny Thorne

      The current government IS the enemy. Wake up!

    • conservativeguy

      Yeah, and all the guards at Auschwitz were nice guys, too. These people are evil, only too happy to enforce the fascist regulations of this oppressive and ever-growing government. Who do you think came up with the original idea to do this survey?

    • Robert Hoover

      Moron —these drones spend all day all year dreaming up these “schemes”
      to get “paid” by you for their useless invasion and abridgement of your
      liberty and property rights. Some “sense of humor” these slugs.

      • cheekybroad

        Wow…excellent job leading with an insulting name -call. Makes you look brilliant. And mannerless. Putz.

        • cheekybroad

          See how I saved my name call for the end? Ever so much nicer.

          • Robert Hoover

            Yeh. Now go shovel some more shit in the barn and relax.

          • cheekybroad

            You’re kinda like a little girl, aren’t you….having to have the last word. Well….at least I’m shoveling shit, as opposed to…oh…BEING shit.

          • Robert Hoover

            Wow !! That order from the urine and manure has really affected your senses. So , good night , sweety.

          • cheekybroad

            it’s “odor”

          • Robert Hoover

            “Ouch”–I stand corrected, Getting late back here.

        • Robert Hoover

          New York broad with the “putz” quote. The Deer was roaming free , not an enclosed pet. I live close by lots
          of these “keystone cops” and see first hand their useless
          behavior. I speak from real experience, not NYC vacant
          opinions. Get lost.

          • cheekybroad

            Well see…you’re just wrong on so many points. Because I use a word you assume I live in NY. Actually Colorado. And by the way I have had to deal with BLM and their idiocy on my own property in the past. So I guess that means I have “real experience” too. I’ve raised livestock for decades. Also…my comment had absolutely nothing to do with the actual letter …nor did it have anything to do with the whole thrust of the conversation. It had to do with a man calling a woman “Moron”. Immediately, because she made an innocuous comment about a sense of humor. So I say to you….Your reading comprehension and critical thinking skills leave a lot to be desired…oh, and …go fuck youself if you can find your dick. Betcha can’t.

          • cheekybroad

            PS…you seem extremely misogynistic…picking on women

          • Formally

            You liberals never stop with the “victim card” -The end of PC crap is getting closer all the time. You need to go find the rock you crawled out from under.

          • Robert Hoover

            “Cute and classy”. One doesn’t have to suspend belief
            to catch your “type” .My comment was directed at a “comment”. It had nothing remotely to do with the gender of such. It’s “jobs” like you who read into anything the most sinister , slanderous and inaccurate conclusions that very
            conveniently fit only your state of mind. If you are raising a lot of livestock, go grab a pitchfork and muck out a few stalls to relieve your tensions.

          • cheekybroad

            type? Oh, you mean the humorous type who won’t take crap from people and hates meanness? hahahaha

          • Brenda

            Sore loser.

          • Wulver

            Put the vitriol at the end of the comment. Yes, that seems logical.

    • Brenda

      If they got on their property and decided the yellowbilled frog’s future depended on the 2.29 acres they lived on I can see where a nightmare could develop. Of course there could have been a chemical spill upstream and they want to quietly check the levels of poison in the water. We’ll never know. Good people work there and a lot of bad people work there. Some who want to throw their weight around. I think your smart and you laid it on ole Robert pretty good though, so I like you. I don’t think you’d be the type to let someone take advantage of you. Some people can’t fight the fight when it happens to them.

      • markllar

        No, EVERYONE now working at these agencies, from the top political appointees down to the lowliest field “scientist” are the product of our activist liberal education system. They all want to save the planet, one blade of grass, one frog or one useless fish at a time. Science no longer matters to these agencies in their rule making process. Everything is agenda driven. Reforming the liberal courts will help, but unfortunately, Trump cannot fix this in two terms so hopefully conservatives stay in power for decades to come.

    • mrhdiver
    • mrhdiver
    • Freespirit

      I take it you work for Government

      • Evelyn Swart

        No, I do not work for the government. I do appreciate living in a nation of laws and I am grateful for the services the government provides. I see myself as a part of a cooperative otherwise known as the government of the people, for the people and by the people.

        • Freespirit

          You do NOT have a Government,”of the people, for the people and by the people” so you are either VERY naive or you are a TROLL

          Government IS the ENEMY because it is NOT a Government. It IS a Corporation run by European Bankers, headed by The House of Rothschild Zionists !

          Of course if you are a Zionist you will never admit that. To DECEIVE all Goyim, is in the TALMUD

          Take care now

    • markllar

      Sorry, but the EPA and any resource conservation agency run by the US or State Gov. is out to screw you if you own land containing valuable minerals, water or “endangered/threatened” species. If an endangered frog is found on that small property parcel, it will instantly be rendered useless, uninhabitable (except for the frog) and no longer marketable.

    • Anthony N Kimmie Nichols


      This is what a friend of mine went through…the government is not your friend. They are indifferent and no government has ever had the benefit of a collective as a goal.

  • Lydia Long


  • normanramsey

    I am truly puzzled. How can 2.26 acres be considered a ranch? I appreciate their response but can anyone tell me why this yard is considered a ranch?

    • Jack.Foobar

      The same way 40 year old ISIS members are considered refugee children. Because that’s what the government wants to call it.

    • Negan ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      That’s over 98,000 sq ft. That’s not huge, but it’s not a plot for a small house.

      The definition of a ranch is a farm where cattle or other animals are bred and raised.

    • nerdyredneck

      The same way illegal aliens are called “undocumented immigrants”.

    • JohnL1313

      The same way a man with a penis can call himself a woman.

      • mrhdiver

        I am cracking up. Brilliant reply!

    • Pop_Korn

      The same way Michael Obama can be considered a First Lady.

    • i have exactly that much property at my house and we are zoned for horses, cattle and 500 chickens. i kid you not… 500 of them suckers! but no more than 3 domestic pets, because… this is california. (not kidding at all!).

  • Chris

    I want to shake Larry & Amanda’s hand, well done!

  • jag11

    Well done. Handling bureaucrats with bureaucracy. Brilliant and fighting fire with fire.

  • Cream Of Weber

    Sounds like a real POS.

    • Derek

      You sound like a real moron.

  • Moonflwr

    The scary part was that it said, and I’m paraphrasing, they would be ensured as responsible for those frogs after survey is completed. So thats scary. What if the dang things die from whatever is killing the others? Being responsible for them wouldnt be good. Fines, jail? No thanks.

  • ScroodeMcDuck

    Brilliant !

  • Lophatt

    Beautiful. They may send the money! Me? I’d just tell them no.

  • Paul Lentz

    I love how you MOFOs are so anti-big government/so called ‘self reliant/pull yourselves up by the bootstraps’ type people. However, when it comes to abortion, gay and transgender rights..you support red states regulating/restricting the hell out of them! You MOFOs want less regulations for Big Business…however when it comes to the rights of working people, you want red states to restrict/regulate the hell out of them! ‘The Right To Work’ is really another way of saying ‘Big Business can screw over working people ANY TIME they want’! I HATE Jesus Freaks (any religious person), conservatives, right wingers (basically anyone who sniffs the jock straps of Corporate America/Big Business/Greedy Defense Contractors/Private Prison Industries (ironic that you MOFOs want to see more laws passed that result in locking more people up..which would increase the profits of the private prison industry). Screw you MOFOs!!!!!!! Go suck off your made up Jesus!!!!!!!!

    • Greg Canady

      Why don’t you go stick you little pecker of a dick up your ass and go fuck yourself.

      • Frederich von Stüppel

        In order to fuck himself with his own dick, it would have to be a pretty damn big dick… just sayin’.

        Insult grade: D

      • because he is really a she and has a vagina.

        • Paul Lentz

          Go suck Trump’s wrinkled up cock BITCH!!!!!!!!!!! Better yet…go suck off some wacko preacher who takes your money to live a lavish lifestyle!

      • Paul Lentz

        You’re too busy suck off the dick snot of made up ego driven religious fucks! I tell you what Sling Bade…go pray to your MADE UP GOD for something bad to happen to me. After all….if your MADE UP GOD will not lift a finger while a child of a Jesus Freak family got ate up by an alligator at DisneyWorld last year in Orlando…then as much shit as I talk about your MADE UP GOD….’he’ should have no fucking problem whipping up something special for me, lol! I’ll give you one month for your MADE UP GOD to whip up something special for me (it isnt like I’m asking for a winning lotto number, I’m giving you permission to pray for something BAD/HORRIFIC to happen to me). If this horrific thing happens to me within one month, I’ll come back on this site, eat crow and accept your MADE UP GOD as my ‘lord and savior’, lol! However if your prayer goes unanswered…then MOFOs like you need to SHUT THE FUCK UP about your MADE UP COCKSUCKING GOD!!!!!!!! Deal?

        • Justin Pittman

          Caitlyn Jenner quit using fake profiles to troll!

    • Chuck Breuninger- Rick Charles

      Sounds like you must have had a bad experience in one of our privatized prisons somewhere. Now that you’re paroled, why don’t you go out and take advantage of the “right to work” and get a life?

      • Chuck Breuninger- Rick Charles

        Oh, and God Bless

        • Paul Lentz

          Keep praying to your MADE UP GOD…Sling Blade! There is no SUCH THING as A MADE UP GOD! Study/read up on some actual history MORON! Contrary to what The Bible says…The Earth is at least 4.5 Billion years old. A plethora of life evolved/flourished/went extinct for over a Billion years…before humans finally started evolving from primates in Africa…starting around 7-8 million years ago. In other words…your MADE UP GOD did not pluck a rib from a man and create females with it, lol! How stupid are you people?

          • Chuck Breuninger- Rick Charles

            Why so mad, Paul? Does my belief in God threaten you in some way? Were you dropped on your head as a child? My belief in the Bible is in no way in conflict with the Earth being 4.5 Billion years old. Do I believe that Humanity evolved from Apes? NO. The reason there is a “missing link” is because the link from Ape to Human is MISSING, therefore not proven. That’s the thing about SCIENCE. I might call you a Neanderthal, but only because your brain isn’t very well developed, not because I believe that was a step in OUR evolution. My God be with you and bless you and may his Holy Spirit touch your soul so you may find life everlasting!
            (by the way, no one knows how long a “day” in God’s terminology as recorded in Genesis was, it could be Billions of years)

          • Paul Lentz

            What threatens me..is Jesus Freaks using the law to IMPOSE their FUCKED UP BELIEFS onto The Masses! I’m sick and tired of Jesus Freaks BITCHING about ‘losing their religion’! You MOFOs can still pray all you want/go to church anytime you want. What’s changed over time..is you MOFOs having carte blanche when it comes to using The Law to IMPOSE your made up beliefs onto nonbelievers.

            As far as Neanderthals…..we DID NOT evolve from them MORON (you might want to do some ACTUAL READING on actual science, lol). Neanderthals are COUSINS of humans…we evolved separately (in other words..we share common ancestors). Neanderthals are one of the human-like ancestors who ventured outside of Africa (over 1 million years ago) and dominated Europe until suddenly dying out around 30,0000 years ago (humans venturing into Europe being primarily responsible for them dying out….probably because we outcompeted them for resources combined with killing them off).

            What is it with religious FUCKS being totally incapable of understanding the story that The Fossil Record tells? It’s like you MOFOs totally ignore it, lol! I feel like I’m talking to an uneducated infant, lol!

          • Justin Pittman

            wow you must be a genius to keep spouting almost word for word the same bs that no one gives a rats ass about

          • Glenn Griffith

            I have yet to see any “jesus freak” bitch nearly as much as you.

          • Chuck Breuninger- Rick Charles

            Oh, and by the way, Capt. History/Science…Man, according to anthropologists, at least the credible ones, first came to being *not* in Africa as you stated, but in the “Fertile Crescent” between the Tigres and Euphrates rivers, or what is now modern day Iraq. I guess while you were in that private prison system you forgot to study for a degree, huh? Just remember, God still loves you.

          • Paul Lentz

            MORON….”Civilization” began in The Fertile Crescent around 10,000 years ago (with the invention of farming..along with the discovery that certain animals could be domesticated for farming/herding food). However, humans 1st evolved in Africa..starting approximately 7-8 million years ago. While a number of human-like ancestors ventured outside Africa over millions of years…homo sapiens did not evolve until around 250K-300k years ago/did not migrate outside Africa until less than 100k years ago. Vocal cords evolved sometime within the past 60k-100k years (known as “The Great Leap Forward”).

            It is sickening how STUPID/EGOTISTICAL religious people are! There is no such thing as A MADE UP GOD who created you in your mammy’s womb! It’s painful talking to you simple-minded/validation craving MOFOs! George Carlin absolutely nailed it when he stated that “religion is ego masquerading as humility”, lol!

            There is no MADE UP GOD/no MADE UP DEVIL, lol. Life predates humanity by BILLIONS OF YEARS! Complex life flourished/battled extinction SEVERAL DOCUMENTED TIMES via The Fossil and Archaeological Record for hundreds of millions of years before humans finally appeared in The Fossil Record!

            To be honest, it isnt like I’m against there being a heaven, lol. Who wouldnt want to enjoy ‘riches in heaven’, lol. However I cant live my life living in fantasyland (as much as I would like for Kate Upton to find me irresistible….it’s never going to happen, lol…just like there will never be A MADE UP GOD, lol). I’m a realist…I see things as they are..NOT as I wish for them to be!

          • Tom Waters

            You ever notice that your favorite booty Clinton and her husband pray to that God you yap about? I don’t. They do though. So rant and rave about the Clinton family praying and going to church etc. Hey, take the Carter family to task too. After all Jimmy had to move his pastor to DC while he was president so he could pray with his pastor and get his god’s commands for what to do each day. Remember that? So come on. I want to hear you scream about all the crazy Democrats that pray to their “made up God” as you say. Please, let us hear you scream about how horrible every one of those Democrats is. Scream how Reverends Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King, Jr., Andrew Young, Mason Durell Bertha (aka Mase), Smokie Norful, Anthony Campolo (spiritual advisor to President Bill Clinton by the way), Gerardo, Marvin Sapp, Creflo Dollar, Bayard Rustin, etc. have all been crazy as prominent Democrats that are or were ministers too. I don’t hear you? I guess your real complaint is that folks are not Democrats so this list is all wonderful although they are members of the clergy.

    • highpower3006

      Wow! what got up in your mangina? You seem to dislike the wealthy, but you supported the Hildebeast, who along with her rapist husband were selling access to them via “donations” to the Clinton Criminal foundation. Did you bother to remember that the Clinton Criminal Foundation went into Haiti and ripped off the people there by padding the contracts and then building substandard buildings? Did you remember that they screwed Bernie out of the nomination for the dumbocrap party? How about the damning evidence in the DNC emails, not to mention what came out in those from Podesta? As for your God, the Blessed Obutthole, he has been a disaster for this country, among other things, he is giving 130 tons of uranium to Iran, a terrorist nation. Now he wants to let a bunch of Muslim “refuges” into this country without any sort of vetting process. Look how well that has worked out in Europe. Have a pleasant day and………. MAGA

    • nosocialism29

      Gays and transgenders don’t need rights, they need mental help.

    • Tom Waters

      You been fucked by a lot of guys and had to have an abortion? I’m sorry. I guess they accidently aborted your brain. I do see the public education lessons stayed with you well though.

    • Bob643

      Everybody just stop feeding the troll. That is what he wants. Flag him for hate speech, inappropriate language, and ad hominem attacks.

      • hardh8

        I agree, Cry, whine and be a snitch bitch. Just like the libRETARDS a do do.

    • Justin Pittman

      damn, its ok, there are other men out there, don’t be so upset because of how one guy treated you. There are plenty of fish in the sea and i’m sure your prince charming is waiting for you somewhere!

    • katal1

      Man….you are one fucked up human being……..!

  • Paul Lentz

    By the way….screw The Bundys!!!!!! Free-loading…LEECHING MOFOs!!!!!!!! They expect the government to pay for taking care of the federal lands that their cattle grazed on/crapped on (it cost money to re-seed land that masses of cattle eat off of)…yet they ducked and dodged paying fees (in other words….they expected WELFARE). A bunch of DUMB WHITE MORONS didnt have enough sense to convict them in Oregon (yet masses of White people still are upset over O.J.).

    • TheLight

      You do know they had a LEASE for that land, right? You also know that the land was supposed to be turned over to them at the end of that lease, right?

      • Paul Lentz

        You do know that they had to pay grazing fees over the years for their cattle to graze the land? The Bundys NEVER paid a freaking dime! Freeloaders…..expecting handouts from The Government. FUCK’EM!!!!!!

        • Billie F Smith

          No, F**K you and all liberal asswipes that act and sound like you! You think the NWO or Communism would be much better? Enjoy not owning anything and working for next to nothing? Enjoy being killed off if you are no longer productive? Enjoy having a Government tell you what you are or not going to do? Or do you prefer the Islamics taking over and the idiots killing you because you are white? They are not going to spare you cause you are a liberal, the Muslim savages don’t care, they just want to kill and take your belongings! I’ll take Trump and America and Freedom any day of the week! He will get rid of all of Obama’s stupid, racist laws or orders and he is making America Great Again already!

          • Paul Lentz

            You MOFOs are the racists…..you MOFOs are the leechers of The Federal Government. Blue States like California only get back 80 cents for every $1 we pay in taxes to the federal government…however red states routinely get back $1.20 for every $1 you pay! Red States LEECH off of the taxes the Blue States pay! Only INBRED/JESUS FREAKING/RACISTS want to live in red states.

            Go suck Trump’s COCK!

          • hardh8

            Here you go again saying, cock this and cock that. Suck that scock and suck this cock. You’re a homosexual in denial aren’t you.

          • Paul Lentz

            I’m straight…however I know that to Sling Blade types like you…it is insulting to you!

          • hardh8

            You’re queer as a 3 dollar bill. If you want another mans cock. Go troll the homosexual dating sites you usually frequent

          • Paul Lentz

            I would rather have a government that regulated behavior…than to submit to YOUR MADE UP GOD/give money to a wacko preacher! FUCK YOU..FUCK your MADE UP GOD! If your god is supposed to be so fucking powerful…..how about you pray for ‘him’ to make something bad to happen to me SLING BLADE? If not…SHUT THE FUCK UP about your made up god….because your MADE UP GOD does not fucking exist! I wish that you MOFOs and The Muslims would all get deported to an island and kill each other off! The world would be a much better/safer/fair place without any of you religious MOFOs!

    • katal1

      Free-loading…LEECHING MOFOs!!!!!!!! Like everyone of you taint licking ,toilet sniffing liberal race baiting morons……..

  • Silentnomore.com

  • Paul Lentz

    It is sad how STUPID most poor/working middle class White Jesus Freaks are! Voting for a billionaire who has NEVER gave a flying fuck about you DUMB FUCKS!!!!!!!!! Non-rich White Republican voters are exactly the same as women at a bar/night club who EASY PICKINGS when it comes to being picked up by skilled pick-up artists. Tell them what they want to hear..and they will DROP THEIR PANTIES/SPREAD THEIR LEGS hella wide (DOUBLE Trailer trash wide) and do any nasty/kinky thing you want….then act hella surprised when they fail to call back, lol!

    Trump ran a big time con during the campaign. Dumb ass, gullible poor/working middle class White FUCKS fill Trump venue after venue before the election..then after the election Trump fills his cabinet with nothing but other Rich Prick Billionaires, lol! No jobs are coming back to America, lol. No wall is going to be built, lol. Masses of illegals ARE NOT going to be deported. You DUMB FUCKS are too stupid to realize that rich pricks did not get rich by willingly paying more for labor than they can get away with paying! Big Business is hella addicted to cheap, illegal labor! Trump’s businesses in Florida hire lots of seasonal immigrants..who are only too happy to work on the cheap with no benefits!

    I’m supposed to be patriotic…yet Corporate America will not only hire illegals…but also be hella quick to outsource/set up shop overseas? FUCK YOU!

    You Conservative Jesus Freaks are too stupid to realize that no wall needs to be built to stem the tide of illegal immigration. Only one law would need to be passed….making it a felony, punishable by at least one year in jail (mandatory) for any employer to hire an illegal (business owner AND management). You wouldnt need to employ a mass deportation force NOR build a wall. No one would hire illegals because they would fear going to jail. Cheap/simple solution. However, THE LAST THING that Republican politicians want to do..is lock up their CORPORATE Sugar Daddies! So at the end of the day…NOTHING will change.

    Now how do you STUPID FUCKS challenge that?

    • Anthony N Kimmie Nichols

      It seems that you have politics figured out. Bravo! I hope that you are feeling better now that you have had a chance to vent. It is very unfortunate that Mrs. Clinton cannot be your president, I understand that you are upset. When my children were so upset because they did not get their way, they would violently scream and cry. That was short lived, because they are no longer two and understand that others may not want to play the same game that they like. I am sorry that you are sad. Have you heard about the puppies, stuffed bears, and crayons that the universities are using to calm the spirits of the children that attend those institutions? There may still be enough time to get the government to chip in and buy you a bear to cuddle while you go through this tragic time. Best wishes and as always, warm regards.

      • Paul Lentz

        Look Sling Blade…you Jesus Freaking/Tea Bagging/Conservative Right Wingers did everything possible to block/derail/deny the legitimacy of President Obama’s Presidency. From the Tea Bagging Congressman who yelled ‘you lie’ in the middle of President Obama’s State of The Union Address….to blocking most of his court appointments….to saying that his birth certificate was fake (so what if he was born in Kenya…his mother being A NATIVE BORN White American….made him an automatic America Citizen by birth MORONS!!!!!!!!!). I didnt see you FUCKHEADS getting upset with Ted Cruz being born in Canada to a White Mom/Cuban father (who Trump accused of being a part of President Kennedy’s assassination)!

        Trump will have his 4 years as President to show what a fucked up President he is. I feel that America is strong enough as a nation to survive Trump (we survived Bush the 2nd….Nixon’s Impeachment/efforts to fuck The U.S. Constitution). In fact, I’m look forward to a Republican Congress giving Trump carte blanche to implement his FUCKED UP POLICIES that will only make rich pricks richer while masses of poor/working middle class people of all races suffer and get poorer/have less opportunities to succeed!

        It’s The Era of Big Business/Corporate America having free reign (backed by courts that will no doubt be stacked with Jesus Freaking/Right Wing Conservatives who will rule in favor of every Big Business initiative while ruling against any workers and consumers rights!

        Sometimes, The Masses have to reach a point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. Then again, maybe they will be ever slow reaching that point (I’m just thankful that I live in California…a HEAVILY Democratic State that is FLOURISHING economically since Jerry Brown took over for The Terminator! We are running Tens of Billions of Surpluses…our tech industry is BOOMING……rich people/corporations are getting richer DESPITE having to pay taxes and adhere to state regulations! Workers make decent paychecks…gays and transgenders have rights here in California…as a straight White man myself….I find plenty of opportunities to mingle with straight women (the more men who are gay, the less competition for the females out there, lol…however you HOMOPHOBES could never see that, lol). There is so much to do out here in The San Fran Bay Area! Life is FANTASTIC out here! We do not need any of you Jesus Freaks coming here to RUIN Everything. We WILL NEVER be in any hurry to go to wherever you MOFOs live to try to change your way of life! If you MOFOs want toi pray 20 times a day and go to church 4 times a week while giving you wacko pastor 20% of your income…more power to you MOFOs! Just keep that shit away from me! I’m watching FOOTBALL on Sunday Mornings (heck…all day on Sunday…into the Sunday Night NBC Game of the Week!).. Fuck going to church at 11Am…..and Fuck going to church at 6pm Sunday Night!

        You MOFOs in The South/Red States can go to all the churches you want! Those of us in California…will continue doing our own thing that brings us TRUE HAPPINESS! Our state, if it was a country on its own…would be the 6th largest economy IN THE WORLD, Sling Blade!!!!!!!!! How do you like them apples? In fact…..while Red States routinely get back $1.30 for every $1 they pay in federal taxes……California routines SUBSIDIZES Red States (we only get back 70 Cents for every $1 we pay in Federal taxes……that 30 cents that we should be getting back…goes to pork barrel projects that fills the coffers of Red States! I’d love nothing more than to see Californians put to vote the right for California to secede from The Union! We can be our own country…build out own weapons…..feed our own people….entertain our own people. We dont need anything from you Red State/Inbred MOFOs!

        • Jrad

          that’s enough, now you go sit in timeout after we wash your mouth with soap and water. If you sit quietly and contemplate your rude behavior you won’t have to go to bed without supper.

          • Paul Lentz

            Go suck some MADE UP JESUS COCK….Sling Blade!

          • wrestler79

            Sounds like you have a little butt hurt going on, may want to get some medication for that.

          • hardh8

            I notice all the homosexual references in your comments. Are you a faggot?

          • Paul Lentz

            I’m straight…..however I know that telling you to suck on YOUR MADE UP GOD’s cock is highly insulting to you!

            To be honest, if there was really a man named Jesus who lived….dude was gay! He had 13 disciples who he routinely SUCKED OFF (it was custom for religious leaders back then to marry……evidently “Jesus” was into sucking off the wee-wees of his disciples).

          • hardh8

            You’re an under cover homosexual. That’s why you’re spewing all this hatred about Christians. Because they oppose your homosexual agenda

          • Jrad

            nothing original to say?

        • Justin Pittman

          ha ha little snowflake wants to secede from the union…..good luck with that troll.

        • You really DON’T belong in OUR country, Lentz. Given the recent sea change, you should leave before you’re dealt with.

          • Paul Lentz

            Dude…..who the fuck are you to proclaim who belongs in this country? You are only here…because your ancestors FUCKED OVER The Native Americans….who lived in The Americas for over 10,000 years (living a relatively good/leisurely life…while masses of White people were STARVING/working for peanuts/treated like poor White trash by The Royals throughout Europe). White People who came over here in the 1500’s…..got lucky that they were able to wipe out most of The Natives….because of their lack of immunity to diseases that the ancestors of White Euros had already developed and passed onto their decedents. 10,000 years of Native history wiped out in less than 100 years….by greedy, supposedly ‘enlightened/religious’ White Euros! Exactly what were The Euros trying to ‘save’ The Natives from? Study some history Sling Blade! The Natives had it going on prior to Columbus! While not as advanced as Euro society…..they didnt have nearly the problems that Europe had (war being a big part of it).

            Yet MOFOs like you walk around believing that you are ‘entitled’ to be in America…that you can pick and choose who you allow to come into here. Dude, both of us GOT HELLA LUCKY and was fortunate enough to be born in America! While I have issues with America…..that does not mean that I dont recognize that we are the greatest country in the history of civilization. We have a system of government that has allowed for eventual change. When America was 1st formed….the only people allowed to vote…were White Male Landowners (in other words….being a White guy wasnt good enough, lol. You might want to think about that…..and realize that just because a MOFO is White…DOES NOT mean that powerful White people give a fuck about them!). Yet MOFOs like you cant comprehend that!

            Go suck on Trump’s cock! Better yet…goi suck on your MADE UP GOD’s cock!

      • Glenn Griffith


      • Paul Lentz

        By the way….go suck your MADE UP GOD’s cock!

        • Willie Brown

          Anthony BURIED you! HAHAHAHAHH! LOSER!@

        • Lela Madera

          Do you know that you are named after the most prolific writer of the New Testament? I’d change my name if I were you!

    • nosocialism29

      You are obviously a product of public education and have been properly programmed but haven’t been taught to think.

      • Paul Lentz

        You are obviously a product of some DUMB ASS CHURCH who brainwashed STUPID MOFOs like you into believing in A MADE UP GOD that DOES NOT exist!

    • Mary Rose-Smith

      you think Hillary cares about you?

      • Glenn Griffith

        Actually, I do think this idiot is actually stupid enough to believe that.

        • Paul Lentz

          You call me stupid? I’m not the MOFO who believes in A MADE UP GOD! That’s fucking stupid!

          Believing that women came from a man’s rib…is downright FUCKED UP!

          Religious people are simply TOO STUPID to understand science/The Fossil Record!

          • hardh8

            You have smoked yourself retarded. Pass the pipe before you smoke yourself into an asylum

          • Paul Lentz

            Uh look Sling Blade. Any MORON who believes in A MADE UP GOD….should check themselves into an asylum! History/The Fossil Record has clearly shown that humans got here last…not by the hands of a MADE UP GOD…but by evolving from primates in Africa…starting around 7-8 million years ago! Dinosaurs DOMINATED The Earth for over 160 million years…..they just got hella unlucky that an asteroid wiped them out around 65 million years ago….which led to our ancestors (who were small, fury little rodent-like creatures who scavenged for food) evolving into a variety of mammal-like animals. The diversity of mammals you see today…all came AFTER The Dinosaurs died off!

            I bring all this up…because most of you are simply too blinded by religion/YOUR MADE UP GOD…to comprehend/understand that your MADE UP GOD did not create your dumb asses, lol! There is no such thing as a heaven/hell. There’s no god/devil duel, lol! However, many of you MOFOs vote for politicians who pass laws that reflect your FUCKED UP beliefs! That…is what pisses me the fuck off!

          • Lee Evans

            Hey dumbazz, GLENROSE TEXAS!…Human foot prints in the same rock as T-Rex tracks, they still cannot explain it…what is your oh so smart explanation? By the way, I am a GEOLOGIST, and understand the passage of time on this planet wayyyy better than you ever will, and I can tell you that what you are spewing makes ZERO sense. WE(Mankind) honestly has NO IDEA where or WHEN we came from, and the only credible story we can find is looking at HISTORY books like the BIBLE among other books, that tell the story of our creation. try having an open mind, and looking at things from an intelligent perspective, instead of just being a ranting TROLL. Look at the BIBLE again, and SEE it for the way people back in those days would have been able to EXPLAIN things they did not understand…If you saw a BEAST with the body of a horse, the tail of a scorpion, the teeth of a lion, the face of a man, and it made a sound of a THOUSAND Chariots as it rose above the ground, to spit death on all the living things, but not harming the green things of the earth…what kind of BEAST would that be?…draw it…it is a HELICOPTER..people in the day of the bible had no way of describing things they did not understand, unless they put it into terms they did understand…so to me the BIBLE is no fairy tale, it is ALL true, you just have to figure out what was actually going on!…so please stop your rant about Christians, they(including myself) believe in a series of writings that were written many thousands of years ago and then made into a book, a book that was written many hundreds of years ago, and even tho, it seems like a fairy tale to you, if you were smart, you would open your mind and figure out what those people were actually seeing and writing about…maybe you would not be such a skeptic…again check out Glenrose texas the human tracks along side the T-rex tracks…somebody somewhere got history WRONG!

          • Paul Lentz

            Anyone who believes in A MADE UP GOD…is a STUPID MOFO who cannot be reasoned with. Again, I challenge any religious person to pray for something bad to happen to me (I’m giving them permission to do it, lol). Unlike most people..who want something good to happen to them before they will believe….I will come on here, eat crow, and bow down to your MADE UP GOD…IF something horrific happens to me within one month! Pray to your MADE UP GOD for something horrific to happen to me within 30 days…and I will bow down.

            However, if your prayer goes unanswered…then SHUT THE FUCK UP about your MADE UP FUCKING GOD! Ok Sling Blade?

          • Lee Evans

            you got a real thing for sling blade don’t you numb nuts!, bet you masturbate to him!

          • Paul Lentz

            MOFOs like you must masturbate to your MADE UP GOD! Go suck off your MADE UP Jesus’ cock!

          • Lela Madera

            It doesn’t work that way, Paul. God isn’t a machine you put a quarter in and get your prayer answered. But I WILL pray for you.

    • Willie Brown

      Pauly…. you just outed yourself with the comments you made about easy women and their spread legs……….
      you really are one screwed up puppy. Sick puppies are cute, but still sick. I see now why Mom wants you out of the basement………
      Take your meds before you hit the bricks, PLEASE!

  • Kevin SugarBear Kling

    I think this is awesome, just sayin, BTW, what the heck does anything this pie hole is spewing have to do with THIS post? V V V He is underneath me!!
    Just saying, there are people who do not appreciate all the foul mouth talk, that you do not have any business spewing about something OTHER than commenting on this post!!
    SERIOUSLY? Grow up, grab your bottle and take a nap! Rant over, now! This property has this frog. And I was just inspired by their witty come back!!
    Need more People like them in this country. Less people like that paul fellow!! Cherrio!

  • Bill Boinkr

    This is lesson for all on how to handle government!

  • destravlr .

    This is not a lesson on how to handle government. Tea Party folk are deluded into wanting power for whatever favorite issue they dream up.
    Now, the land owners were correct to discourage/prevent DFW to conduct a survey on their 2.6 acre spread. Doing so opens them to being sucked into findings of FYLF habitat that will take all control of the land from them. The Center for Biological Diversity has been known to plant yellow legged frogs in previously areas previously uninhabited by YLF in order to get legal control for pushing to have USF&W designated endangered habitat.

  • Cowboss

    I’m trying to decide if Paul Lentz is 2 different people using the same computer, or one person with multiple personalities. If you read his disqus profile that has his past postings on various subjects, he actually has some that are coherent. But then this, that we read here. I feel sorry for him.

    • Paul Lentz

      i just HATE religious people…because history has taught me that virtually every war, slavery, racism, sexism, homophobia, child labor, etc. can be attributed to religion! Despite the fossil record being CRYSTAL CLEAR that life existed for HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF YEARS prior to the evolution of humans….religious fucks still believe that The Earth is only 6,000 years old/that females came from a man’s rib (how fucking dumb do you really have to be to believe in that shit)/that The Universe was created in 6 days/that some guy stuck a staff into the ground, resulting in The Red Sea being parted (really Sling Blade, lol?)….I could go on and on about how PAINFULLY STUPID it is to try to reason with masses of deluded/egotistical religious fucks who have a crack like need to elect politicians who are hell bent on passing laws that force/punish nonbelievers!

      Religious FUCKS can still pray/go to any church they want. There are THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of churches in America. You MOFOS still have freedom to worship. However, it pisses you religious FUCKS off that the government has strived to take away your ‘freedom’ to impose your FUCKED UP BELIEFS onto nonbelievers!

      I tell you one thing….if Trump and his RELIGIOUS FUCKS ever pass a law that says that I have to pray/go to church…I will exercise my 2nd Amendment Rights and CHALLENGE any of you religious FUCKS to come to my home and MAKE ME obey such a law! Please…..try and make me!

      • Cowboss

        I see. So this ranting you are doing has nothing to do with the actual article, you just hate religious people and religion and assume that all of us commenting here are religious. I certainly understand where you are coming from now. You must rant like this so everyone understands you here, but you feel that on sports sites, etc., there are no religious people commenting or reading the articles or comments and so you don’t feel the need to post this there. MMMMKAY. . .

        • Paul Lentz

          I assume that all right wingers are wacko jesus freaks. Tea baggers are known for being gun totting jesus freaks who hate gays.

          • Clint Norwood

            “assume that all”

            That’s called prejudice.

          • Willie Brown

            Careful Clint…… the dude is a fruit-loop……

          • Paul Lentz

            I’m a “fruit-loop’? I’m not the one praying to MADE UP GODS! Anyone who believes in A MADE UP GOD is a STUPID MOFO who is devoid of the ability to think logically!

            Go suck off your MADE UP Jesus cock SLING BLADE!

          • Willie Brown

            Sorry, your mom has that market cornered, along with the football team and half of congress

      • Victor Vandiver

        “Encyclopedia of Wars,” authors Charles Phillips and Alan Axelrod document the history of recorded warfare, and from their list of 1763 wars only 123 have been classified to involve a religious cause, accounting for less than 7 percent of all wars and less than 2 percent of all people killed in warfare. While, for example, it is estimated that approximately one to three million people were tragically killed in the Crusades, and perhaps 3,000 in the Inquisition, nearly 35 million soldiers and civilians died in the senseless, and secular, slaughter of World War 1 alone.

        History simply does not support the hypothesis that religion is the major cause of conflict. The wars of the ancient world were rarely, if ever, based on religion. These wars were for territorial conquest, to control borders, secure trade routes, or respond to an internal challenge to political authority. In fact, the ancient conquerors, whether Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, or Roman, openly welcomed the religious beliefs of those they conquered, and often added the new gods to their own pantheon.

        Medieval and Renaissance wars were also typically about control and wealth as city-states vied for power, often with the support, but rarely instigation, of the Church. And the Mongol Asian rampage, which is thought to have killed nearly 30 million people, had no religious component whatsoever.

      • Victor Vandiver

        Slavery enters human history with civilization. Hunter-gatherers and primitive farmers have no use for a slave. They collect or grow just enough food for themselves. One more pair of hands is one more mouth. There is no economic advantage in owning another human being.

        Once people gather in towns and cities, a surplus of food created in the countryside (often now on large estates) makes possible a wide range of crafts in the town. On a large farm or in a workshop there is real benefit in a reliable source of cheap labour, costing no more than the minimum of food and lodging. These are the conditions for slavery. Every ancient civilization uses slaves. And it proves easy to acquire them.

        War is the main source of supply, and wars are frequent and brutal in early civilizations. When a town falls to a hostile army, it is normal to take into slavery those inhabitants who will make useful workers and to kill the rest.

        There are several other ways in which slaves are acquired. Pirates offer their captives for sale. A criminal may be sentenced to slavery. An unpayable debt can bring the end of liberty. The impoverished sell their own children. And the children of slaves are themselves slaves – though with a cheap supply of labour available through war, not many owners will allow their slaves the diversion of raising a family.

        Read more: http://www.historyworld.net/wrldhis/PlainTextHistories.asp?historyid=ac41#ixzz4Ve1v5gC8

      • Victor Vandiver

        Please explain how Religion = Racism, since EVERY religion has people of all races in it.

      • Victor Vandiver

        Causes of Child Labor
        Child labor persists even though laws and standards to eliminate it exist. Current causes of global child labor are similar to its causes in the U.S. 100 years ago, including poverty, limited access to education, repression of workers’ rights, and limited prohibitions on child labor.

        Poverty and unemployment levels are high.
        Poor children and their families may rely upon child labor in order to improve their chances of attaining basic necessities. More than one-fourth of the world’s people live in extreme poverty, according to 2005 U.N. statistics. The intensified poverty in parts of Africa, Asia, and Latin America causes many children there to become child laborers.

        Please Site HOW religion is cause of Child labor!!

      • Victor Vandiver

        Everyone that just read your rant just got a little more ignorant. There is so much ignorance in your post I don’t know where to even start.

    • Glenn Griffith

      Ignorant pussy it appears, although multiple personality is a possibility.

      • Paul Lentz

        You call me ignorant…yet I’m not the mofo who believes in A MADE UP GOD! I’m not the one who believes that females came from a man’s rib…Im not the mofo who believes that a virgin gave birth to A MADE UP GOD’s son, lol!

        So please….save your insults for some other DUMB FUCK! Go pray to your MADE UP GOD Sling Blade!

        • Willie Brown

          By suggesting he go see some “Other” dumb F%$#, you just admitted that you are one.
          Thank you for that amazing revelation…….. we never would have guessed………

      • Paul Lentz

        I tell you what Sling Blade: I’ll challenge you to ‘a duel’.

        1. you pray to your MADE UP GOD for something horrific/bad to happen to me (it isnt like I’m asking for a bribe/winning lotto numbers in order to be ‘a believer’, lol). I give your MADE UP GOD one month to make it happen (after all, didnt your MADE UP GOD ‘allow’ an alligator to eat the child of a devoted Christian family near DisneyWorld last year (google it Sling, lol)? Given the amount of shit that I talk about YOUR MADE UP GOD…..’he’ should have no problem whipping up something special for the likes of me (whatever, lol).

        2. I’ll sit and wait for this ‘horrific/bad’ thing to happen to me in the next month.

        If anything like that happens to me in the next 30 days..I’ll come back on here, eat crow, and bow down and accept your MADE UP GOD as my ‘lord and savior’ (I’m trying to say this with a straight face, lol).

        However, if this horrific thing DOES NOT happen….then you have to get on here, bow the fuck down to ME, and apologize for believing in A MADE UP GOD!

        Either put the fuck up (you know, show some faith in your MADE UP GOD)…or SHUT THE FUCK UP about your MADE UP GOD!

        Do you accept FUCKHEAD? Show some fucking balls…..after all, if your MADE UP GOD can ‘move mountains’….then whipping up something horrifically special for me should be NO PROBLEM for ‘him’, lol!

        • Fred L Anthony

          Where, Pray tell, did Glenn say anything about God? I think you might want to see your primary care practitioner and have them up your medicines dosage either that or maybe you should start taking what was prescribed as it was prescribed

        • Willie Brown

          Well, my “Made up God” made YOU, so at the very least, he has a heck of a good sense of humor!
          A duel? Ok, Show me real scientific FACTS about how your evolution works and we will tell all the brightest minds in the science community that they should stop admitting that they now agree that none of life on this earth could have happened accidentally. You did notice that more and more of them are coming out of the closet to admit that this was intelligent design, …………. right? Oh, sorry, that word intelligent threw you for a loop. Srry.

          Mama needs to wash your pottymouth out with soap and kick you out of the basement. She knows what you have been doing to the dog, by the way…………

  • 0bsoleteMan

    The sad part is the government will most likely ignore this letter, proceed with the land survey, and then declare that most of these people’s land is off limits for any kind of use because this endangered species is far more important than the well-being of the humans who own the land.

    If there was truly environmental justice, the government would use its power of eminent domain and buy that chunk of the land off the people instead.

    • BST

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. Allowing the government onto their land to do a survey would almost certainly result in areas of their land being declared off limits for any sort of development or use if it was found to be a habitat (or potential habitat). They’d be shooting themselves in the foot.

  • The_Dadster

    Once again, government jackboots try to intrude upon the life of private citizens and impose their will upon them.

    I once had a CA Dept. of Fish & Game wildlife biologist tell me that if they had the money and a big enough staff, they could find some kind of “endangered” species of animal, fish or bug on every square mile of CA.

  • David

    If I wrote the letter, my fees would have been way, way higher.

  • Rocking-M

    just curious, what does anything this Paul character has written have to do with the above article?

  • Buford ButtFish

    The government will try to catch 22 them on “collecting rainwater” and fine them.

  • Katie Sterling


  • Drew Brenneman

    I love the response given to the state. Except the Anderson’s should have quadrupled the prices just for state use. And all permits are one day use only. And the next day the prices double to allow the state to get access to the property. Don’t forget to make the state pay cash first and take a training course that costs $5,000 per survey person and add another $1,000 per vehicle driven to the property. And just keep on going with fees and deny access to private property.

  • Daniel A. Erskine

    They wrote their response in jest.

    • Vicki

      You think?

    • ozlanthos

      If I got any further notice or inquiry on the subject, I would use that opportunity to let them know I’m armed, and I expect full and complete compliance with the established regulations for entry/activities to my property. They were warned, that’s the best I can do.



        STAY OUT!
        STAY ALIVE!

        • Willie Brown

          Dude……… take yer meds!

  • Leon Shisler

    I believe that all rural citizens should build their own farm to market roads and quit sucking off the city folk’s taxes for this purpose

    • Glenn Griffith

      I believe you are quite possibly the most stupid individual I’ve seen in a LOOOONG time. 1. Rural citizens pay taxes too. 2. Rural roads are financed by counties not cities. 3. Farmer’s most often haul their crop, via rural roads, to a small rural town elevator where grain is stored and later departs via rail. 4. Try putting food in that incredibly ignorant mouth without rural citizen farmers.

    • Herbie Barquist

      What an idiotic response

      • Leon Shisler

        It may be that you have no Cities where you live but where I live there are more people in one city than all the rest of the County. There fore those people build most of the roads. The other part is that it seems that citizens like to comply with the rules and laws that help them but all others are for the other people to obey -not them. Your people may own the frogs and wildlife where they live but we don’t here.

        • hardh8

          “But where I live there are more people in one city than all the rest of the country.” Wow are you delusional.

          • Leon Shisler

            that was supposed to be County

          • Darren Wilkens

            You lack basic English comprehension. It says county, not “country”. You’re a special kind of stupid!

        • JJ

          you’re Retarded.

        • DavStp

          Would it be possible to shut your gaping pork trap so that no more hog squirt can shoot out?

      • Smokey

        It’s what happens when you do to many chemicals in high school. It all catches up eventually…..

      • Darren Wilkens

        You know all about “idiotic responses” since you just posted one…dumba–!

    • Bob Loblaw

      Farmers keep their food and urbanites keep their taxes, see who starves first. Like Hank said, a country boy can survive. Can you, once you’ve eaten all the rats and your neighbors?

      • Jack Sprat

        heh heh heh…I live in the heart of soy and corn country and you’re absolutely right. There’s also a giant wind “farm” out here and we all know how you city folk love “green energy”…so we’ll make them gone as well as your food….dumbazz.
        BTW…most of the “roads” in the rural areas are GRAVEL…something else urbanites don’t know


          DIRT roads, GRAVEL roads are a way of life for free people. City dwellers do not get dir on their new cars, they buy the expensive trucks with lift kits, winches and NEVER TRAVEL TO AREAS WHERE WINCHES ARE A WAY OF LIFE!! PATHETIC creatures, these city dwellers are!
          Shiny paint, NO scratches from ranches or even cactus spines in their sidewalls!

        • Lela Madera

          Many country roads are not much more than a cow trail that only a Jeep or horse can traverse. Been there, done that!

      • Leon Shisler

        Unsubscribe this address—–you’re to rabid for me.

        • Bob Loblaw

          I shot a skunk once that was displaying the symptoms of rabies. A bullet was a more humane death than what nature had in store for it.

    • hardh8

      Leon shisler, what the hell are you blathering about?

      • Leon Shisler

        within 100 years neither you nor I nor one you are praising will own anything including land, frogs, or breath——we’re transitory

        • Huskergram

          In 100 years you nor I nor one you are praising will care. 😉

        • hardh8

          So die already. Let the rest of us make our lives here as good as we can

        • hardh8

          IF we don’t save our country now. Who the hell cares what happens in 100 years.

    • Waldo

      The nation’s roads are the ONLY socialist item listed in the constitution… and once the post office goes away, that clause won’t even apply anymore.
      It’s time people stop saying “You accepted socialist roads, you should accept more socialist shit!”

  • Glenn Griffith

    The next move is that the government will just force the issue. It’s not right but government agencies like the EPA and Fish and Wildlife have godlike powers.


      Once they are shot dead for acts of criminal agression, their Naxzi tactics will stop!

      • mbsouthpaw

        Take a deep breath, it’s a fucking frog survey. Jeezus. And they asked pretty politely. A simple “no” would suffice.

  • Rhondalee

    perfect way of fighting back with an invasive government

  • Deplorable Lance Corvette

    Oh man, they are *so* getting a lawsuit, search warrant, arrest warrant, cease and desist Order, massive fine with no chance to appeal …


      Then, by the action of the people planning an assault, they are free to be fired upon, killed and taken captive for acts of terrorism against the people. FAIR GAME to be ELIMINATED BY FORCE, no different than EMPLOYEE TERRORISM by POLICE!

  • Leon Shisler

    A little like Trump and his wall. Hot air—–

    • Smokey

      more worthless blather

    • Darren Wilkens

      You’re a typical liberal idiot!

      • Fred L Anthony

        would that make him/her a libiot

      • Priscilla Claire Barry-Gillila

        You know them??? I mean I assume so since you claim to know their IQ lays within the ‘idiot’ range.

    • William

      Piss off.

      • Mcporkens

        hahahahahahaha…..replying to a 3 month old post. Way to zombify the thread! LOL

        • William

          You can piss off, too. I’ll reply to any damned thread I please, if I think it’s relevant, which you are not.

    • a person

      Hot air, like whatever the chimp used to spew. Nothing but hot BS

  • Smokey

    I’ll bet they had fun writing that!

  • Richard Hidalgo

    OTFLOL !!! You go Andersons!


    Time to ACT on removing THIS government! It has become tyrannical and oppressive, and it MUST be EXECUTED IMMEDIATELY for the SAFETY OF THE NATION!
    You are NOT free to act and do as you please, that is OUR job, again, YOU WORK FOR US!



    • Grundune

      If this government was as “THIS government” was that bad you would already be in the gulag.

    • Steven Davis

      Look up the first michigan assembly, The New Republic, review the writings of Judge Anna von Reitz, as you will see the current government is not what we expect it should be or was designed to be. For instance, prior to 1867, the Constitution read “Of the People,” then after it was rewritten, and the 13th Nobility amendment was removed, from the new re-written currently fake constitution, it says Constitution “For” the people! The original which was being acted upon by Abe Lincoln is still in action, “We the People,” have to return to activity to make it happen! Otherwise, we will continue to pay taxes for a “foreign entity owning our IRS and have all our banks owned by foreign corporations as well.

  • Also, do not make direct eye contact with the yellow-legged frog as it makes them speak like Jerry Lewis.

  • Darren Wilkens

    This story has been floating around for awhile. It’s still good though!

  • Emmanuel Truthseeker

    When some state policy enforcement Israeli trained order taker creates an issue for you in order to generate business for the fraudulent jewish JUST US system and you are inconvenienced; invoice the court for your time and expenses. File it with the court clerk. Also, ask the judge to see his or her license and oath of office. And, ask the judge straight out to verify whether it is true that he or she is receiving 30% of the days take directly into his or her pension fund. Do that and see what happens. It is all such a pile of jewish malfeasance. That and the taxation systems.

    • Priscilla Claire Barry-Gillila

      Wow that is some aggressive and public antisemitism… I didn’t think people with such low IQ’s still existed. Good for you, hold on to that hate and completely unsubstantiated bias until you die. That way, it hopefully dies along with you.

  • You want self-governance, then restore your State Militia. See my “Landholt for Congress” page on FB.

  • Heather

    I loved the part about taking the “Frogs Survey and You” course online. lol.

    • Steven Davis

      Not only that, but all the individual items which had to be reviewed and paid for to proceed. It was nice to note also, opening at 800am but couldn’t proceed with the survey until 0900 and open till 3pm but survey could only happen until 1pm… (-;

  • DJEB

    It must be an American thing to hate amphibians, and to write passive aggressive responses to polite and reasonable requests from agencies trying to preserve the natural environment.

    Edit: Digging the responses. Some of them are going into my example folder for psychological projection and cognitive dissonance.

    Edit 2: I don’t owe Americans shit, Steven. Get back on your anti-psychotics.

    • Smith Jones

      Yeah, it’s an American thing to want to keep an intrusive species (or government) off your property.

      • whoops123

        Yeah, those damn invasive frogs. How dare they try to exist!

    • whoops123

      It is a Republican thing. Some Americans still care about things other than themselves.
      Unfortunately these people are not in power at the moment.
      Sorry, world.

      • White Hetero Male

        You need a crying towel? A binky?

        • whoops123

          You need a dictionary, a thesaurus, a textbook?

      • a person

        Sorry, but Americans are in charge again, Thank GOD for the GOP

      • kay

        Be honest. The government doesn’t care a hoot for the frogs they just want an excuse to cease these ranchers water rights and land. I can tell you to go to DE and check out how well they took care of their water. Oh, that’s right, you can no longer swim in most of it because the government owned ponds and water ways are too polluted.

        • whoops123

          If the feds wanted to cease the water rights, they would just do it. They wouldn’t need the pretext of frogs. They also wouldn’t ask for permission. They would just use eminent domain to take it if necessary.
          And again, the unbridled greed of the corporations, Millionaires and Billionaires that have bought our government are the cause of the water pollution, along with a bunch of ignorant f**cks who dump oil and toxic household waste down storm sewers (because who is the government to tell them they can’t?)
          8 billion people on a planet capable of sustaining 2 billion people. Of course the waterways are getting polluted. And it is going to get worse unless we address the root of the problem – humans.

          • kay

            Not hardly, under Obama yes, Under President Trump no.

          • whoops123

            Keep drinking the Kool-aid and put your tin foil cap back on

          • Lela Madera

            Horsefeathers! We’re not the USSR — yet — but with people like you around, it could happen. Private property owners take much better care of their property than the government could ever dream of!

          • raj

            Dirty kuffar natanyahoo’s dikk likker Muslim hater

          • Steven Davis

            And who is the deciding factor about the planet only being capable of sustaining 2 billion? Seems to me the biggest issue here is your information, where are you getting it from, and who is paying for the research to publish it! With such a drastic difference between 2 billion and “8 billion” seems to me if the world wasn’t capable of sustaining more than 2 billion a lot more people wouldn’t be able to be alive! 6 billion people between the two numbers, that’s an awful lot of food, water, and other resources which are being used rather well in effectively keeping people alive, given enough water, food and the resources to survive. If they would have had more Money, which is controlled by politics and bankers, then they would try to imporve their quality of life. However with people who are determinate to “depopulate” the earth, to a level where the politicians, bankers and criminally rich elite want to have more land to themselves, then they push for too many people. Reality is with more people, they may not be able to retain elite control over the masses without culling parts of the population, you know, using the poor as cannot fodder! Goes back to the 1600’s that when a population is on the verge of taking back its true freedom, the elite start a war to decrease those who are willing to stand up and fight for true freedom. Every 60 to 80 years since approximately halfway through the 1600’s, there has been a world wide catastrophe relatign to decreasing the world population. We are again on the verge of that right now, and your comments about this planet is only capable of sustaining 2, is really unacceptable. Unless of course your are talking about he original Oregon Rancher trying to protect his own property from being taken over by the government, passively, saving his property while protecting the amphibians on his property from eventual extinction after having his property taken over…

          • whoops123

            The exact number is not relevant. The fact is that we keep producing people while billions are starving and our planet is dying under the weight of the existing population and their insatiable greed. http://www.worldpopulationbalance.org/3_times_sustainable

          • Steven Davis

            the greed unfortunately comes from those who have the enormous financial assets to push their agenda. (Just look at how much money is put into ever election here in the USA). For instance the World population scare started only after there was a larger political imprint placed in the late 1950’s early 60’s. It stated world overpopulation will drive nations around the world to have starving people, people dying of dehydration due to contaminated water, and not enough natural resources to support their current population growth by the end of the 1970’s and toward the end of the century, (year 2000). Thus this world population issue is older than I am, and I do not know your age but probably older than youself! The elements came to light only after truthseekers back then identified the politicians who were pushing for decreasing population numbers were all affiliated with support groups of the 13 noble families, who are all pushing for a one world government! However, this one world government must limit the population because if it doesn’t, they may rebel or revolt against their controlling financial empires thus trying to return to a state of freedom of individual persons rather than continue to live under colonial control, as we are still apparently a british colony, paying money to the crown… (look up 13th amendment-nobility, then how the constitution was re-written in the aftermath of the Civil War, 1st Michigan Assembly, judge Anna Von Reitz has a lot of research and information about this!

      • K Morgan

        yeah you are a special type of stupid aren’t you….the same government that allows illegals to kill their tax paying citizens, the same one that foisted a BS health care system on its constituents…..yeah surprised you can type on the PC with Obama’s dangly bits in your mouth….

        • whoops123

          Yes, it is a BS health care system. But what has it been replaced with? The rep. house voted how many times to repeal it under Obama? Yet somehow the GOP doesn’t mind it so much and can’t repeal it now that they don’t have Obama to veto it.
          Were you in love with the health care system that it replaced? What have you done to fix the system in any way? If you aren’t part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.
          The unbridled greed of the corporations, Millionaires and Billionaires that have bought our government are the problem, not the people. It is not a liberal vs. conservative thing. It is a selfish greed thing. To believe otherwise is the “special kind of stupid” that you are referring to.

      • Jeff Hart

        Just a shocking post. Please study the democrat’s agenda as they could care very little about anything besides a one world government and suppressing the people they wish to rule.

    • a person

      Liberals kill and destroy everything they come across.

    • ConcernedinNEFL

      Apparently what you do not understand DJEB is that had the owner granted the access to his property, as of the commencement of that survey he would have lost all control of it as well. If the frog was shown to live on his property he would have been prohibited from making any improvements, construction, and in some cases to even be outside in the area where the frogs lived because the government would have declared his property an endangered species habitat and virtually any action he would take on his own property would place him in violation as a threat to the species. He would lose all rights to the streams and waterways where those frogs live.

      • ludwigtr

        Like they said, passive aggressive response to polite and reasonable request, also hating natural environment.

        • Steven Davis

          It is a simple identification that those who are in support of world depopulation, and moving people into megacities to further control them are using sustainable living, endangered species, and requests such as these to eventually remove people from their homes. However most people respect the land and their property well enough to sustain it in the long run.

          • JL Straight

            I will add, its a proven fact the private land owners with “pride of ownership” take far better care of land (with $0 cost to taxpayers) than the over reaching Feds. This BS letter from the Gov was just the 1st step in seizing their land. The leftist corrupt Dems despise the flyovers and want to move as many people as possible to big urban cities where they can be more dependent and controlled my gov

    • ConCynic

      Looks like we’ve got a mentally ill poster on this site. For you up is down, wrong is right, black is white etc. Sorry you didn’t get enough attention paid to you as a kid. If you go back to school, you’ll probably find others to whom you can relate.

    • Steven Davis

      Please do not direct comments like “it must be an American thing” to hate amphibians. In the past the government has taken property from private citizens via usage of preservation, and proliferation of agenda’s. The native americans were torn off of their property due to not having ownership of their land legally in terms of Admiralty law, in the name of preserving the natural environment. Only to almost wipe out the American Bison, Buffalo, after they kicked the indians off their land. Under Gods law, or the law of the land, they would have been entitled to keep their property. The same thing is going on with agencies trying to preserve the natural environment. It will be returned to its natural state when private property owners are kicked off their property in the name of preservation. (That’s another Agenda 21, sustainable living matrix). I served in the infantry to defend the constitutional rights which you practice, your free speech, but I didn’t serve so you can insult other people based upon lack of support for people to own their private property. How about you take my response and add it to your edit, identifying you are pushing your own psychological projection upon us stating we as Americans have this thing for hate. How about you surrender your property, and leave the country for your insults. How about you go live in Iraq where if you insult your neighbor, or yell about someone’s else freedom, that they cut off your childrens body parts in front of you for being insulting and then decapitate your wife in order to ensure you respect their rule of law. You need to apologize to Americans who have the right to say no to uncalled for surveys and unwanted searches of private property.

  • Suzy Selvidge

    Bravo I must say very well done. Hats off to you for being so creative in sending your reply. I doubt it had anything to do with frogs but more to nose around for some reason yet known… I would give this more attention as well as alert!!

  • MobyJack

    Much more creative then F off.

  • Kay Blackstock

    I would have loved to have seen the look on their face when they received this letter.

    I wish I could have done that to various government inquiries that I received. My question is, have they heard from them again since this was mailed? And what was their response?

  • Will Hunt

    Do you do the Rolling Coal thing, Mark? Pretty funny, eh?

  • Resonant Frequency

    SO when are they sending the swat team in to shoot his dog and brake his legs?

    • Jeff Hart

      Soon, I am sure.

  • JJ

    I can appreciate the humor in the letter, but I have to ask, why is this being championed? There’s nothing “invasive”, “intrusive” or “overreaching” about this! It was a simple request, not a demand, and that from a relatively benign branch of STATE government whose sole purpose is to protect wildlife and prevent poaching / environment destruction. The landowners of course have the right to refuse the survey, but…….why?

    • Steven Davis

      The move for further surveys has been identified by a lot of private land and home-owners as a means of taking over their private property through an agenda associated with Agenda 21. Moving mass amounts of people out of the country and into Mega cities. This would allos them to better control the masses of people. The problem is, according the the Deagle documents, when these moves begin to happen, they are going to have to cull a lot of people. The world population they have listed with the Georgia guidestones and then supported by the Deagle future trends. (No I am not a conspiracy theorist, as the Deagle documents is a CIA supported organization, thus calling them fake, or made up is a widespread falsity. Someone is paying for the research to have the Deagle information match other information, and it is being done on purpose). One world government ‘s push for centralized control, and the misinformation they follow it with is that it is about cultural and economic migration. The reality is that it is about monetary control of the population, and it begins with surveys, visitation trips to look over your private property, looking for how are you not doing your part to take care of the their earth’s land. As soon as they find something that can be used to take your private property from you they will and push to either “cull” you or re-educate you in a megacity for futher slavery purposes. (look up the true meaning of CITIZEN in the new constitution written after the civil war. You know the constitution that is “for the people” and not the original constitution which was worded “of the people.” The new constitution is written specifically about how they are going to govern us rather than “We the people” are identified under the Declaration of Independence to be independent of
      your foreign government. Hisstorically, the sovereign people of the country didn’t have to pay taxes unless they volunteered to, as well as you were only a citizen if you were to mandatorily pay taxes or if you were an employee of the occupying british monarchy government. But I will leave that for other discussions.

    • JL Straight

      If you cannot see the humor of the LANDOWNERS request, then you are part of the problem of how the government has become way to big and intrusive on top of corrupt.

  • Steven Davis

    Seems there quite a few insult people on here. I really like to engage and inform, but when the insults begin upon each other, it becomes apparent national interests are not taken into account, but instead it becomes distraction and political stuntworking! I like to maintain an interaction with those who refrain of attacks because they are not guiding us into the future of positive change, instead they continue to push us apart! Please do not insult me, or others on these forums as that’s how people die, wars have been started in this manner. As a nurse who has been in combat, seeing so many young people die for a position taken by government leaders who are pushing an agenda, rather than standing up for humanity, insults really upset people and I look at those who throw the insults, as political lobbyists who have an agenda rather than those who are interested in the betterment of humanity.

  • Jeff Hart

    I would be fearful that they might stop my personal uses of my land or even steal my land from me which is happened in the past. So, I would decline also. I understand the owner’s point, and I do not like being sold my right to hunt but I do think that some of the hunting fees are needed to fund the policing of legal hunting and stop illegal hunting.

    • Heartland Patriot

      Oh, yes, they would stop you from using your land. Remember, these are leftists, and to them, the government actually owns everything, and just lets you use it. They have no belief in property rights.

  • JL Straight

    1st of all, WTF & an epic waste of taxpayer $. This is the crap that needs to be cut. People who care can raise $ for worthless crap like this. This is what bloated out of control gov looks like.

  • Seems like the Anderson’s are just as reasonable and sane as our government.

  • Steve