Senator says Jewish cemetery vandalized by anti-Semites, but the NYPD discovered who was really responsible

Senator says Jewish cemetery vandalized by anti-Semites, but the NYPD discovered who was really responsible March 6, 2017

Senator Chuch Schumer needs to issue a correction and apology after tweeting this:

New York state assemblyman Dov Hikind had a similar tweet:

I hate anti-Semitism..  Some of you may not know it, but I’m a Jew myself. That means I take accusations of anti-Jewish hate very, very seriously… especially when these accusations come from well-known political leaders.

There was only one problem with the above tweets.  Turns out, the Brooklyn cemetery that serves a large Jewish community wasn’t vandalized at all. After the NYPD hate crimes unit went out there to investigate — no doubt spurred on by the above social media posts — they discovered that these gravestones had not been turned over by hateful bigots.  Instead, they were simply ignored for years… perhaps even decades.

That is actually really, really horrible.  If loved ones place their family members in a cemetery, they do so with the expectation that the owners of the plots will not let that happen. This fake-hate-crime accusation caused Bethany Mandel to ask this:

“Do people care about fallen stones if they weren’t toppled?” she asked.  Good question.  If Schumer and Hikind really cared about this Jewish cemetery, don’t you think they’d have noticed this decades-long corrosion sometime (anytime!) before Donald Trump was elected?

The fact of the matter is this: liberals now love to hysterically talk about all the hate crimes happening in America these days.  But the only hateful people I see are the ones trying to sow discord amongst Americans.

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  • cal_indy

    Schumer and apology in the same sentence. Ya, right. His parents owe us an apology for sure.

  • Barbara Kaufer

    There are cemeteries that are hundreds of years old with no maintenance and the stones have not “toppled”. They need to stop pussy footing. Shame on Schumer and Dov Hikand.

  • AKCat1953

    I’m relieved to hear it wasn’t anti-Jewish bigots that did this. I wonder with if Schumer and Hikand have enough concern that they would be willing to do a fund raiser to have maintenance done on the graves? After all, some of them are so old there probably isn’t a living relative to care for them. I mean I have no clue where my great, great grandparents or other ancient relatives are even buried! Sad but true.

  • Christian Cherniss

    Lots of these attacks are done by liberals like the anti black ones done by BLM and other tards.

  • lgeubank

    Sounds typical. If you don’t dig down and really pour a foundation for something like that, it will shift and get out of level and need constant attention. Like my mailbox.

  • DrEvil007

    Democrats aren’t for or against anything except that which they can use against their political opponents at any given moment. Whatever position can be used against Trump and the Republicans they will embrace in a New York minute even if they have pretended to oppose that position for decades; they will just spin it so that they are for it while being also against it.

    • Larry Sheldon

      Including, it would appear, Jewish Democrats.

  • bubba2001

    I worked in a Jewish cemetery after school when I was 15 in Massachusetts.
    If a small stone fell over the crew righted it right after we found it. For large stones we’d have a crane truck come in and lift it back onto it’s base (sometimes with repair needed to the base) None the less we righted and repaired the stones in a very timely manor.

  • Larry Sheldon

    This needs some serious ink.

  • Katrina

    These fools making accusations against Trump without merit are more and more like the boy who cried wolf. I believe none of it any longer, and look for what is actually true that they are trying to distract us from. BLM tried this with false racial profiling claims. So many false claims I no longer believe it exists.

  • Alma Lawson

    This is true anti-semitism. The Jewish cemetery ignored and allowed to “disintegrate” is by its very nature a hate crime.

  • Here in Poland on All Saints’ Day (Nov. 1), millions of Poles visit cemeteries to bring flowers and votive candles, clean up graves, and pay our respects to our ancestors. Older graves, whose inscriptions fade or decay due to exposure to the elements, are periodically repaired by descendants of the deceased. Well-known actors help lead collections at many cemeteries to pay for the restoration of historic graves and tombs.

    In the meantime, Americans are recovering from the hangover of the cringeworthy Halloween. I wouldn’t be surprised if the creature Schumer hasn’t been to a cemetery in years, let along lifted a finger to clean a spot of dirt from a grave. The archetype of a cynical, evil politician.