Now You Can Legally Defecate and Urinate on Denver Sidewalks (Thanks, Liberals!)

Now You Can Legally Defecate and Urinate on Denver Sidewalks (Thanks, Liberals!) June 15, 2017


Just when you think politics can’t get any more disgusting, it can.  Like, really.

When Colorado decriminalized marijuana, that was one thing.  Whether or not I agree with that decision, I understand the reasoning behind it.  But this?

Hot Air reports that the Denver City Council recently voted to decriminalize a whole host of very disgusting activities — including defecating and urinating in public.  Here are the details to the story:

Democrat Mayor Michael Hancock and city officials explained the new ordinances are designed to protect immigrants — legal and the other kind — from “unintended consequences.” These consequences were fines and longer jail terms, as has been customary in most places for violating the behavioral norms of civilized American society. Our Jazz Shaw explained the puzzling initial city council vote and the media’s slanted coverage here.

The extinct ordinances set all violations of Denver’s municipal code as punishable by up to a year in jail and/or a maximum fine of $999. The new rules, which also apply to homeless, establish two classes of violations: Class I offenses with the same fine and a maximum 300 days in jail. And Class 2 offenses such as public defecation, which are deemed mere “quality of life” issues. They now carry no fine and a max 60 days in jail.

Plus, they decriminalized camping out on public or — get this — private land.  I’m sure this is going to turn out just great.

Decriminalizing crapping in public. 

Seriously? That just happened, and it happened unanimously in a super liberal city. Democrats, behold what your party has become.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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