Now You Can Legally Defecate and Urinate on Denver Sidewalks (Thanks, Liberals!)

Now You Can Legally Defecate and Urinate on Denver Sidewalks (Thanks, Liberals!) June 15, 2017


Just when you think politics can’t get any more disgusting, it can.  Like, really.

When Colorado decriminalized marijuana, that was one thing.  Whether or not I agree with that decision, I understand the reasoning behind it.  But this?

Hot Air reports that the Denver City Council recently voted to decriminalize a whole host of very disgusting activities — including defecating and urinating in public.  Here are the details to the story:

Democrat Mayor Michael Hancock and city officials explained the new ordinances are designed to protect immigrants — legal and the other kind — from “unintended consequences.” These consequences were fines and longer jail terms, as has been customary in most places for violating the behavioral norms of civilized American society. Our Jazz Shaw explained the puzzling initial city council vote and the media’s slanted coverage here.

The extinct ordinances set all violations of Denver’s municipal code as punishable by up to a year in jail and/or a maximum fine of $999. The new rules, which also apply to homeless, establish two classes of violations: Class I offenses with the same fine and a maximum 300 days in jail. And Class 2 offenses such as public defecation, which are deemed mere “quality of life” issues. They now carry no fine and a max 60 days in jail.

Plus, they decriminalized camping out on public or — get this — private land.  I’m sure this is going to turn out just great.

Decriminalizing crapping in public. 

Seriously? That just happened, and it happened unanimously in a super liberal city. Democrats, behold what your party has become.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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  • RCB

    Denver is going to shit. Literally now.

    • Tom Schutz

      it did that many many years ago just got real bad

  • redheart


  • R.s. Moffatt

    When marijuana was legalized, that attracted a whole bunch of moronic lazy air heads from California to migrate here. Guess why Colorado went blue this past election! Only idiots would EVER vote for that traitor Hillary. Now, those same people can just shit where ever they want??? They might do well to remember that Colorado is a “Shall Issue” state as far as concealed handgun permits are concerned. That means that if you have ANY kind of a police record, or are illegal, you won’t get one….but law abiding decent people (like me) who have squeaky clean records can. Come shit on MY lawn, and I will make sure you have something to shit your pants with. I am so very sick of liberals!

  • tlajj5

    Wont be going to Denver! Gross.

  • Mary Kilbride

    Wow….. Incredible what is happening!! I remember when they used to say the patients are running the asylum. That is what seems to be happening. To the Left, you see people with not a teeny bit of morality, decency, anything that eases us into being able to live in a society that is decent enough for all. Some of the things they are allowing and all in the name of protecting those that came here illegally…. is allowing any kind of filth on the streets. Just goes to show you how great the minds work that allow and even promote smoking pot! Yep! All of your public officials are high as kites and don’t know up from down and you all are walking around in a lawless and filthy society! Keep it to yourselves! Maybe we should build a wall around your city to keep the stench in!!! Please help us God….. those of us who just want to live peaceful lives without this type of horror going on.

  • Joel Hamilton

    One of the reasons why they have decriminalize this is for the fact that you even as an ordinary citizen gets caught urinating in public and you go to court and you are found guilty you then have to register yourself as a sex offender. Yes let me repeat that if you get caught urinating in public you now are considered a sex offender. How many people even to this day when leaving a bar or whatever else realizes at certain point oh my God I have to take a piss really bad what are you do you find an Alleyway you try to hide behind a dumpster in Piss but guess what if you can’t caught doing that and if found guilty you have to register yourself as a sex offender. And that is the truth you can look it up

    • Saundra Buchanan

      Then go pee/poop in a cup! For those “immigrants”, if caught, give them one warning. Send out a flyer to their home. Anything. This is becoming no longer a nation unlike any other…..we’re gonna be like all the others! Lunatics. People should be in an uproar.

    • Lynne Childress Schlaufman

      That is true but defecating is a bit different. When it comes to urinating, each case needs to be judged differently. There’s no judging pooping in public. It’s disgusting. I’m proud to live in Colorado but I would NEVER live in Denver.

  • bowie1

    Are they going to carry around toilet paper after they defecate so they don’t soil what’s still sticking to their behind onto their underwear?

    • texasmes

      The Muslims don’t need toilet paper. They use their hand to wipe the crap from their crack.

      • Ruth Kennedy Williams

        Yeah, cause its so much better to have crap sticking to your hand than your butt!

  • DeeDee

    Thank goodness I moved from that literal SHITHOLE in 2009 ! Look what you stupid people get from legalizing marijuana . The filthy lazy people are arriving into your city because of that . You deserve everything you get .

    • Rich

      Thank California. They’re all moving here, & bringing their sh*tty policies with them!

  • StevieToo

    Open urination and defecation in INDIA…a third world country has taken to water cannon trucks to STOP this troglodyte behavior and Denver is adopting a policy to embrace this behavior?
    The same thinkers that pontificate endlessly to protect the environment is allowing untreated waste to permeate their streets…..say no more.
    Simple madness.

  • Lillie Farris

    Luke 21:11. There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.
    I think what is happening in Denver will multiply to other cities if something isn’t done. End times? I don’t know, no one does. But defecating and urinating in streets will cause pestilence. Disease will dramatically increase.

  • Rich

    Way to go, hickenlooper….. hancock……
    Flaming socialists, all.