Pro-Trump Book Described as ‘Neo-Nazi Children’s Book’ But Guess Who Wrote It?

Pro-Trump Book Described as ‘Neo-Nazi Children’s Book’ But Guess Who Wrote It? September 14, 2017

The Mary Sue, a liberal pop-culture site you’ve certainly never heard of, recently described a pro-Trump kids’ book as “Neo-Nazi,” much to the surprise of its author.  The book featured that weird little green frog that’s been showing up in memes for a long time which has become a symbol of the alt-right.   PJ Media reports, “the book is about ‘Pepe and his caterpillar friend Pede battling ‘Alkah’ the alligator.’ According to the author, Alkah has  an army of ‘pink creatures covered in mud that look similar to women in burqas.’ I guess it’s now considered “neo-Nazi” to make Muslims the villains in a children’s story.”

Of course, if it’s pro-Trump, it’s considered racist and Neo-Nazi by leftist radicals. But the Asian author of the book is not too keen on being called a white supremacist:

More fromPJ Media:


Even if the author, Timothy Lim, wanted to hang with white supremacists, they wouldn’t have him.

Meanwhile, The Mary Sue is doing everything it can to help Trump get a second term as president. After all, one thing people really love is being called racists and neo-Nazis for disagreeing with someone’s political positions. There’s no way that will backfire, right?

Only it did.

And it will.

Say what you want about Trump, but to label all his supporters as racists, misogynists, homophobes, transphobes, and every other kind of evil you can think of won’t demonize them in the minds of your average voter. After all, the middle-of-the-road voters who actually decide elections are watching friends they’ve known for years be slandered simply because they pressed the wrong place on the voting machine. They see it and they internalize it. No one wants to support a bigot, but those middle-of-the-road voters see who the bigots are…and it’s not their Trump-supporting friends.

Why do these new Democratic fascists keep doing this?

“Because they’re all Nazis!” squealed the Social Justice Whiner. 

Will these people EVER learn?  

My guess is no.

Hat Tip: PJ Media

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