Leftist Embarrasses Himself by Accusing an African Woman of White Supremacy

Leftist Embarrasses Himself by Accusing an African Woman of White Supremacy October 17, 2017

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Tariq Nasheed is a generally rude person we should all ignore except that he constantly trolls on social media.  This time, however, he picked the wrong person to troll.  Recently, Nasheed mocked President Trump’s ambassador to the Vatican, Callista Gingrich, because of her appearance.  Because apparently, that’s what “woke libs” do these days:

But Twitchy has the story on what happened when “Pro-life warrior and all-around badass Obianuju Ekeocha understandably took issue with his tweet and tried to appeal to him as a public personality.”  She wrote, “The mean-spiritedness that I am seeing among American public personalities is heartbreaking. Tariq u should be more dignified than this.”

Nasheed’s racist response was this:

Um, what does that have to do with anything?  Turns out, she has no husband.  But Nasheed pressed on, with another “allegation.”

So, he believes her opinion on civility is not worth anything because she posted a photo of her and white people on social media?  Once again, she owned Nasheeed:

Finally, she decided to end this conversation once and for all.  In a series of ten tweets, she absolutely demolishes this troll:

Ok! Let’s end this little soap opera. 1/

No one gets an award for their skin colour or race 2/

No one has the patent to virtue based on their race 3/

All I tired to do tonight was to point out the level of venom in public discourse 4/

And I was put on Twitter Trial on charges of “white supremacy” 5/

I who was born and raised in Africa. I who never stepped out of Africa until I was 24. A white supremacist . 6/

What is more is that the last few years of my life has been lived in service of the African people 7/

I have put my life on the line and I have risked more than I thought I could in opposition to neo-colonialism of my people 8/

When all is said and done, I would like to point out Tariq that I am more African than you could ever be 9/

Peace unto you 10/

Image Credit: Screen Cap from Twitter

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