Southwest Flight Attendant Fired after Speaking Out about Faith and Abortion on Facebook: Will the Left Rally to Her Defense?

Southwest Flight Attendant Fired after Speaking Out about Faith and Abortion on Facebook: Will the Left Rally to Her Defense? October 2, 2017

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The irony here is unbelievable.  If you are a highly paid NFL player, on the job, protesting during the national anthem?  No problem.  But a Southwest flight attendant who is pro-life, expresses her opinions about union support of abortion on Facebook and gets terminated.  (And apparently, she’s not the only one.) According to the FreeBeacon:

Charlene Carter of Aurora, Colo., filed suit against the company and union in a Texas federal court. She said her employment was terminated after she expressed her religious beliefs regarding abortion in Facebook posts and messages to union president Audrey Stone.

The suit alleges that Stone and the company’s actions represented retaliation over her bid to stop paying “compelled fees for its political, ideological, and other nonbargaining spending, and to engage in other speech and activity in opposition to Local 556.” Carter criticized the union for using employee dues to fly two dozen officials and flight attendants to attend January’s Women’s March protest.

She sent messages to Stone objecting to the use of union resources to participate in the march and included a link to a video depicting an abortion, as well as articles about the participation of a convicted terrorist in the March. She repeatedly said “Recall is going to happen,” referring to a decertification campaign Carter supported and later sent an email in support of national right-to-work legislation.

“This [an abortion] is what you supported during your Paid Leave with others at the Women’s MARCH in DC,” she said in a series of Facebook messages. “Wonder how this will be coded in the LM2 Financials … cause I know we paid for this along with your Despicable Party. … Can’t wait for you to have to be just a regular flight attendant again.”

The company fired her in March, citing her pro-life posts as “highly offensive in nature” and her messages to Stone as “harassing and inappropriate” and warned that her activism was in potential violation of its discrimination policy. Carter’s suit says she is the only victim of discrimination in the case, pointing to several union members who were never punished or reinstated following death threats on social media.

So, she — and thirteen others — were posting on Facebook…and attacking her union for their participation in promoting abortion.  In other words, she’s not even doing it on the job like someone like multi-millionaire idiot Colin Kaepernick.  Still, he gets applauded, and she gets terminated because she’s conservative and in opposition to the leftist, union that supports abortion.

You can be sure that if she was posting typical social justice warrior agit-prop on her web page, like rants against Trump, she’d still have her job.  I won’t hold my breath waiting for the social justice warriors to come running to her defense.

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Hat Tip: FreeBeacon

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  • Ellen D.

    Can’t wait for you to have to be just a regular flight attendant again.

    What a thoroughly nasty person. If she feels so strongly about “right-to’work” and is so upset by union representatives supporting the political party that is pro-union, perhaps she would feel more comfortable finding employment with Delta or JetBlue, which are non-union. The Women’s March was not a “pro-abortion” event, there is nothing in the linked union publication mentioning abortion, Ms. Carter was WAY out of bounds attacking the union president with vicious, verbally abusive emails and sending her links to her facebook posts of abortion videos. Framing this as a religious-freedom issue is ludicrous.

    Ms. Carter was not terminated for posting anti-abortion facebook posts, she was terminated for harassing the union president by sending her links to those posts.